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Being a rock star is every kids dream. But every kid doesn't know all the draw backs that can come from not having any privacy. Damien Lewis is the lead singer for the band, Fame, and, even though he's living the dream, he still left a lot of people behind when he moved up in the World.
When Damien's mom orders him back to school, he dreads all the drama that will come along with trying to get an education like any normal teenager. He doesn't know how bad things can get when someone from his past attends the same high school. View table of contents...


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**I'd like to give a shout-out to my fwiend Alex who helped me write this!!! Because I was having issues! Lol thanks Alex! I love you, like legit! Hioe you guys enjoy it! Peace Out! ~ PossiblyMine**

**Damien's POV**

"You can't do this!" I scream at my parents. There they were, standing in front of me, thinking they know what's best for every god damn person on this planet just because they're older than us. They're not even that old, they had me young, in their early twenties which mean some people still found them attractive.

My mom was the typical Barbie doll. She had the blonde hair, the boobs, the plastic face and the dazzling dresses that everyone gushed over. She thought keeping up appearances were one of the most important things in the world. Well it sucked for me when my own friends were hitting on her and her face was plastered in magazines calling her a MILF.
My dad was the most normal out of all of us. He had an okay build except for the beer belly starting to come through, with brown hair turning to grey and laugh lines circling his eyes. He was a good dad and looked really strange next to my mom.
My mother glared at me, the look she gives me when I raise my voice. When I was younger that look would have made me shut up immediately, but now I just didn't care. I had gotten use to raising my voice, had to do it to address the crowd every time we got a gig.
"You are a role model for all those kids out there and you failing most of your high school classes is not acceptable. Kids are going to drop out of school and think they can become a rock star. You have to set an example." My mother says as she scolds me.
She was being an idiot. Sure I was behind on my school work but it's hard to focus on Math and Literature when you have screaming fans to entertain. Cancelling the tour would make a lot of people's lives a hell. Tickets would need to be refunded, the police would have to get involved to handle protestors, flights would have to be rebooked and I couldn't even imagine how my band mates were going to handle this. We were all young, living the dream nearly every teenager wanted but legally we were still inclined to finish our high school degree. Nathan was the only one of us who is old enough to drop out and he doesn't have to worry about anything except coming up with new tunes and rhythms on his drum set. He was the one in the band that all girls seemed to adore. He had the leather jacket, the punked up hair that was always a different color every concert. He wore the glasses and was just quiet and mysterious enough that girls went wild whenever he addressed the crowd in a small nod when we introduced ourselves before we started playing. I knew he would take this news the worst, since he didn't understand why I wouldn't just ditch school like he did. I knew if I did it would break my mother's heart.
"Fine, but once my grades are up, my tour is back on and you have to tell my band mates that you're forcing me to cancel the tour. Deal?" I say, attempting to plead with my mother. I defiantly didn't want to tell my band. I knew I was being a bit of a wuss, making my mother tell them for me, but I couldn't handle the disappointment on their faces when they find out.
My mother thought about it for a second and then nodded, making her hair shake like a tambourine. "Deal, but you have to be the one to tell your fans." And then she walks away and just like that the argument is over. She always get the last point in.
Damn it.
My dad was the only one left and I could tell he didn't approve of what my mother was doing. He was my manager and I was glad to have someone close to me handling where I have to go and what I would be willing to do. My dad always wanted to be famous but never accomplished his dream, saying to me that sometimes dreams aren't meant to be accomplished. He instead settled on a job that paid well and married my mom and had me. My parents had divorced when I was eight. I didn't really understand why then, my dad going off to live somewhere else was strange, but I took turns going between houses and now I don't know any better.
When I was eleven dad said he saw himself in me when he was a little boy and he pushed me into the music business where we discovered I had a talent for singing. I had kid concerts and choirs and sometimes landed in commercials to play a cute charming kid that sung a little duet to the camera advertising something stupid like juice or noodles. When I became a teenager everything seemed to come together.
I met Wilma first and she had a real talent for electric guitar. (She changed her name to Peyton shortly after I met her.) I first heard her playing outside of a movie theatre on the main street. Then we became friends, when I jumped in and sang along. I use to listen to her play it when I hung out at her place, we were both fourteen at the time, old enough for her mom to order the door open at all times, but Peyton managed to get it closed when she turned her speakers up on the notches. We didn't do anything, anyway. Peyton was never interested in guys and believe me when I say Todd and Smith hit on her day after day when they first met. It wasn't until we landed our first gig in our band that she came out as being gay and gained a whole bunch of lesbian fans. Now she was a gay teenage icon and she couldn't be more proud.
Todd and Smith were best friends and most people even thought they were brothers. Smith plays Bass and Todd handled keyboard and sound effects. Then we met Nathan who was the last piece to our puzzle and Fame was created.
The band name was decided over a drunken night when someone agreed to see us. They told us we needed to come up with a cool original name and Peyton stood up on the table, drink in hand, and slurred out, "I propose we name ourselves 'Fame', since we are fametabolus!"
It seemed like an excellent idea at the time and we all drank to it. Then we overslept and by the time we made it to the studio the guy asked for our name and we spit it out with no second thought or time to come up with something more meaningful. Now it was stuck forever but a lot of people did seem to approve of the band name. Fame, the band that's fametabolus.
We had been going on for a few years and had gained nearly the entire teenage fan base, most being girls since most of our band contained men. Guys still fantasied and loved Peyton, but knew they didn't have a chance with her.
Now the name, Damien Lewis, lead singer of the band Fame, is known mostly everywhere. Now going back to a mainstream school I was going to get even more famous. Girls following me around, asking me to prom, guys giving me looks to back away from their girlfriends, when all I did was breath. Maybe I could plead with my mom to keep me homeschooled but, like she said, I was failing most of my classes.
Sometimes I loathe I ever became famous. I never get to see my family, only talked to my dad a lot on the phone since he was my manager, but that was mostly business. And my best friend, Leo Blair, was off living a normal life and getting an education. I hadn't seen him in months and I missed him. I missed a lot of people.
Sure, you have money, screaming fans and Fame. That stupid F-word.


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