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My Dreams are fading

Novel By: PushingUpDaisies

Lindy hasn't had the best self confidence, and when she finally ends it with her current boyfriend Matt, things take a turn for the best. She leaves her abusive past behind, and takes on a whole new persona, following her dream of becoming a world famous Artist and finding true love. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 21, 2014    Reads: 112    Comments: 12    Likes: 8   

Chapter 1: A new beginning.

"I'm going nowhere." I whispered.

"Nowhere?" A voice questioned.

"Nowhere." I confirmed, I arose from my corner and slid on my converse heading for the door.

"Where are you going, Lindy?" He became desperate. I continued to walk out the door and down the stairs. "Lindy!"
I rushed out of the front door, straight into the crisp winter air. I needed to get away. I started walking to the park, snow crunching beneath my feet, and my red wavy hair whipping my face.

Is this the man I want to marry? A man with no emotion, no heart or soul, a man who's past is still a complete mystery to me. I don't know anymore. I used to be in love with his smile, and gentle hugs, but now we've moved in together, I've started to realize he's not the man I was in love with. He's cruel and possessive; he has no concept of right or wrong. He's scary now, like something in the past two years has changed him, taken over him, his body his mind. Matt is no longer with us.

A hand gripped my arm tightening into a bone crushing grip, I squealed in pain and whipped around staring at Matt, his sandy blonde hair, flowing in the wind and his dark vicious eyes peering from under his fringe.

"Come back at once." He threatened, tightening his grip. I looked him in the eye, terrified of the man stood before me.

"This isn't right anymore Matt, we can't keep doing this we're hurting each other we're not the people we were before." I reasoned, but Matt wouldn't let go his eyes sparkled, and a single tear dripped from his left eye.

"Please don't do this, we can work it out I swear I can promise you I'll change, I'll do whatever it takes just don't leave me…" I could hear his voice breaking with each word he spoke. I just can't do this anymore.

"No Matt, it's time to let go." I tried pulling my arm free, but his grip was too strong and now his facial expression was menacing, dark, cold, it made goose bumps erupt all over my skin made me shiver, I let out a small whimper and tried again to pull free, "Matt please, it's for the best."

I looked him once again in the eyes, and before I knew it I was slapped to the floor. A hot sting grew on my cheek, burning me. The shock made me stay fixed in one place, until again Matt ripped me up by my hair looking at me dead on.

"You're mine Lindy, nobody else's!" My eyes flooded with tears as I realized this man, this man will never be what he once was, he can never change, and he won't ever be my Matt again. "Now, we can either both head back to our home together, or I'll make a scene and carry you over my shoulder, which is it?"

"It won't be neither of them choices, get your filthy hands off her." An unfamiliar voice called, Matt spun round, loosening the grip on my hair. "I said let go!"

I ripped myself free, and backed up against the brick wall. The snow began to fall all around us, and Matt stared down the shadowed figure. His low sexy voice sent shivers down my spine, and kind of gave me the butterfly feeling. The man slowly approached, making Matt back away.

"Look man, I don't know about you but that's not how you treat a lady." The man pulled his hood down, showing black shaggy hair, and sparkling blue eyes that captivated your entire focus. His lips were rosy pink, and his cheek flushed with the harsh winter weather.

"Don't tell me how to treat her! I've given her nothing but love and attention I care more about her than anybody!" Matt was beginning to grow worse with agitation. His fists balled like he's ready to put up a fight at any moment. The man shook his head and laughed, putting one hand behind his head.

"Hate to break it to you pal, but grabbing your girl by the hair? Slapping her to the ground, boy you sure showed me! See, I should really take some relationship tips from you!" He chuckled, and stared right at me, "Lindy is it? D'you need to call anybody? A relative? Friend? Somebody who can give you a place to stay?"

I nodded, Matt glaring at me. The man walked over, held out his hand and grabbed mine. "The name's Loki. It's nice to meet you, take my phone and dial as many numbers as you need to find a place to stay, ok?" I looked at him thankfully, and smiled. Why is he being so kind to me? Most people just drove past, not giving a care for me… But him? Why did he bother to help?

Loki and Matt stared each other down, whilst I frantically dialled, my best friend and Mother.

"Lindy you don't need to do this, think of us!" Matt desperately fought to change my mind. Loki smirked.

"I think you need to leave her alone pal, it looks to me like she's made up her mind." Matt snapped, and lunged forward to Loki, punching him in the face. Loki stumbled for a second, and then swung at Matt, tackling him to the floor and repeatedly punching until blood covered his hand. Matt coughed, and struggled away, whilst Loki spat blood out on to the once pure white snow.

"Just fucking go!" Matt yelled, "You dirty whore! I can't believe I ever fucking thought I loved somebody as lowly as you!" Loki gave him a filthy look, and put his hand around my shoulders and led me to his car. He opened the passenger seat and smiled.

"I'm not going to kill you, I'm dropping you off to whoever you called!" He said with a grin, I sat down and put my seat belt on. He slid in to the car and started the engine. He looked at me with such intent, "so, where we heading?"

"My… My, erm. Anywhere please, anywhere away from here." My eyes started to flood, and sting. My throat began to ache and I got stomach cramps. "Take me away."

"Sure thing sweetheart…" Loki whispered, as he drove out in to the city.


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