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The Promise

Novel By: raindancer97

The legend of "The Promise" all begins in London, England, around the early 1800's. The Fallen Angel, Cassian makes a poker bet with the Demon, Dask. Upon loosing the bet Cassian has to give up his first born child. To make the win complete, Dask makes the Fallen Angel seal the deal using an immortal spell. The spell is called "The Promise". Cassian leaves after the deal is complete not thinking that one day he might actually fall in love. Not thinking that he may bare a child one day, and love that child unconditionally. What will happen when all hec breaks loose, and a Nephilim( half human-half angel) is dragged to the pits of hell? This is the story of "The Promise", and of a forbidden love. View table of contents...


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Cassian slid down into the open poker seat, and pushed his shoulder length blonde hair behind his ears. The smell of rank demon was present all over the green walled casino.

"What are you doing here angel, or should I say fallen angel," a demon with spiked jet black hair sneared as he took his seat next to Cassian. The demon had deep green skin, a sharp nose, pitch black eyes and six arms. The teller handed the demon his cards.

"I'm just hear for some fun" Cassian smiled folding his burned wings in closer.

"How about we make this game a little more interesting?" the demon suggested looking through his cards before looking over at Cassian.

"Just what are you suggesting?" Cassian asked feeling invincible.

"If you win, I'll give you what ever your heart desires. But if I win, I get your first born child. My wife is swollen with child, and she thinks our unborn son will need a play thing. What better than a half angel child?" the demon grinned, hoping the fallen angel would take the bet.

"As odd as that sounds I'll make the deal. But if you loose I want you to surrender your soul to me. I think having someone to wait on me hand and foot would be just the thing I need" Cassian smiled foolishly.

Cassian was given his cards from the teller. Smoothing his red lips into a thin line, the demon laid down a straight flush. Anger quickly rose over Cassians face.

"I'm Dask, demon of persuasion" Dask smiled getting up from his seat. Cassian stood up as well, and turned around to leave.

"A deal is a deal Fallen Angel!" Dask yelled charging after him, "You must do a spell with me to make the deal permenent." Cassian turned around and rolled his eyes.

"I'll never fall in love you stupid demon. If I have a child I'll hand it over happily, I promise," Cassian told him. Dask stalked up to him and grabbed the fallen angel with all six arms.

"Just perfect the spell called 'The Promise'." Dask smiled as he carryed Cassian into a back room.

***** 20 years later *****

~ Why does everyone always break their promises? Your crush; your lover tells you he promises to love you forever, but breaks your heart instead. Or when your parents promise to take you somewhere, but instead never do. Even if you're promised a dang cookie, alot of the times you won't get it! Well, this is the story of how 'The Ultimate Promise' got fulfilled, and changed Trinty's life for forever. ~

"You're so short Trinity." some girl running up the stairs beside me smirked. Yeah, I'm short. Like five foot off of the ground short, but why does it matter? I held onto my math and science books as I asended the stairs, just to make sure no one knocked them out of my hands. I entered my first block math class and sighed. Another year to be tortured and laughed at. I set my books down on the first available desk, and sat down.

"Trinity Sky, report to the front office please." the head princible called over the intercom. I threw my long blond hair over my shoulder as I stood up and exited the room. What could it be this time? There hasn't even been enough time for someone to blame something on me yet! I turn the next corner and see my dad with tears in his eyes through the glass door. What happened? I mentally inquire.

"Trinity, I need you to come with me quickly sweetie," my dad sobbed taking my hand and rushing me to the front door.

"Mr. Cassian, you haven't signed her out yet!" I heard Mrs. Galbert yell after us. My dad ignored her completely and hauled me out the door. Neither of us said a word as we jumped into the silver 2000 Jeep Wrangler. It smelled heavily of smoken cigarettes, which only deeped my worry. He never smokes! The only time I've ever seen him smoke was when his mom died. His blond, short cut hair is astray, and his crystal blue eyes has bags under them. What had happened?

"What happened Dad?" I asked frantically worry written all over my pale facial features. He glanced at me once before turning his attention back to the road.

"It was a stupid promise. I'm going to take you somewhere safe." he mummbled to himself under his breath. I turned my attention to the road as well and noticed ice covering the roads. No one else could be seen anywhere. Panic slowly crept over me and I began to sweat through my pink t-shirt and skinny jeans. Something very wrong is going on, and he won't tell me. I thought.

Hours passed by as we passed many towns. The look of confusion and panic covered my dads face.Where's my mom? Where's my little sister? Tears of confusion and frustration quickly fill my eletric blue eyes. Why do bad things keep happening to me?

Suddenly my dad turns down a dirt road covered in snow. A cabin at the end could be seen. It looked pretty old with moss growing up over the sides, and vines covered the cracked windows. A smile slowly crept upon my face at the realization that I was about to possibly get some answers and finally get to stretch my legs. He turns the car off and looks at me. His face is stained with tears and stress. I reached up and touched his face to try and comfort him a bit. I felt the stubble of his beard on my hand. He sighed and grabbed my arm.

"Whatever happens just know that I love you," my dad told me crying again.

"I love you too, but whats going on?" I questioned trying to smooth his blond hair down.

"The Promise," he sighed before turning around and stepping out of the car. I turned around and did the same.

"What Promise, Dad?" I asked almost freezing from the ice cold air.

Suddenly something steped out of the woods, and I screamed loudly. My dad raced over to stand infront of me. This thing walked slowly over and stoped twenty foot infront of us. It's a dirty green color with black eyes, and six muscular arms ripping out of his sides. I almost faint when it takes another step closer.

"You can't have her!" my dad yelled at the monster.

"You have no choice Cassian," the thing said, "you accepted the bet, and lost."

"Take me, but don't take Trinty," my dad begged.

"You named her Trinity? As in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost?" the demon laughed, "you truly are a fallen angel." My dad growls, and pulls out a long knife.

"You will not take my daughter!" he said before rushing at the monster. Right before the blade came swinging down my dad just disappeared into thin air. My oxygen got caught in my throat, and I couldn't breathe.

"If you come with me no harm will come to your father, and he will awaken at home. However, if you fight he will die." the monster threatened.

I stood still as it walked over to me, and took my hand in his bottom hand. It was rather rough, and I could feel small bumbs covering it. The thing smelt of smoke and burning hickory wood. He said a couple of ancient words, and then everything went black........


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