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He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

Novel By: RamonaWriter

15 Year old Summer seems like the typical 15 year old girl. She seems strong and confident but from inside she's very fragile. When her cildhood best friend Landon leaves, things start to change. She falls in love and thinks it's just a crush than she goes through life changing experiences. So what will be her ending? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 18, 2011    Reads: 431    Comments: 7    Likes: 10   

No more loneliness and heartache, no more crying myself to sleep, no more wondering about tomorrow. Won't you come back to me? Come back to me. Do I ever cross your mind anytime? Do you ever wake up reaching out for me? Do I ever cross your mind anytime? I miss you.

"Summer, stop thinking about Landon like he's never going to come back again" my best friend Ronnie told me while we walked in her house "He's gone to Saint John for a couple of months and he's coming back in a couple of months, it's not like he's dead or anything" 10 months aren't 'a couple of months.'

"I'm not talking about him like he's dead" I said as we sat on the living room's couch "I'm just angry that his parents decided to take him away in a fragile time like this".

"Fragile time?" she asked confused.

"He just had a surgery" I yelled "He only remembers me as a kid he used to play with and everything that happened to us these past years NOTHING".

"Well at least he doesn't remember all the fights you both had" she said as I sighed "But why can't he remember you? He remembers me and my brother while we talked with him only a couple of times".

"I know" I said "he hated me so bad he remembers everyone but me".

"No, I'm sure he didn't……".

"Where's my black shirt?" said Ronnie's older brother Raymond while walking in the living room. Raymond was a nice guy, he was a little bit of a nimrod with me whenever Ronnie's around, but most of the time…. He's nice.

"What the hell Raymond? I'm busy" yelled Ronnie "we're talking about something very important".

"I have a date, which is more important than whatever you're talking about" said Raymond "now where's my black shirt?".

"It's in the laundry" said Ronnie.

"Why the hell is my shirt in the laundry?" yelled Raymond as I rolled my eyes and so did Ronnie.

"Maybe because you've been wearing it for every date you've had this month?" said Ronnie in a duh tone.

"Hater" said Raymond before walking out of the living room.

"Douche bag" I muttered under my breath.

"You don't still like him, do you?" she asked in assurance.

"Of course not that was 4 months ago" I say putting a fake smile as she sighed in relief.

"Anyway, back to our point" she said but it hurts when I see him going on a date

I sat in my bedroom studying on my bed while listening to She will be loved / Maroon 5 on my ipod with one earphone.

"Summer?" said mum knocking on the door while opening it as I looked up at her.

"Hey mum" I said forcing a smile on my face.

"Honey, we need to talk" she said closing the door as pulled out the earphone and shut my book.

"What's going on?" I asked curiously as she sat on the edge of my bed.

"Last night, you were screaming in your sleep" said mum what's new? "It really scared your brother and sisters".

"I know, I'm sorry" I said.

"I don't want you to apologize, I just want to understand" said mum "What's going on with you, Summer? What are you keeping a secret from me?".

"There's nothing…. It's just been a hard time" I said "And I'm going to the psychologist like you told me so I'm going to be fine".

"I know it's not easy for you to say goodbye to Landon, we've been friends to them in such a long time, but he'll come back in just a couple of months" said mum "There's no need to waste that time hurting over him".

"I'm not hurting over him" I said "I'm fine, I don't even care if he doesn't remember me any more because Landon was just a friend and I have a lot of other friends, now if you excuse me I have to study".

"Of course" she said smiling "I'll be downstairs if you need anything"









Sorry this chapter is a little short but I was too excited to publish it :D


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