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He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

Novel By: RamonaWriter

15 Year old Summer seems like the typical 15 year old girl. She seems strong and confident but from inside she's very fragile. When her cildhood best friend Landon leaves, things start to change. She falls in love and thinks it's just a crush than she goes through life changing experiences. So what will be her ending? View table of contents...


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I stood in the hotel lounge with the rest of the students waiting for Mr. Fredrick to sort us into our rooms.
"Ok kids" said Mr. Fredrick taking a deep breath "Every two girls in one room and every three guys in one room".
He started calling out names while I stood with Ronnie waiting for our turn.
"Ronnie Rivers and Nicole Roland" called Mr. Fredrick.
"Fuck" muttered Ronnie "we're not in the same room plus I got stuck with the only girl in our school that eats spicy tacos for breakfast and lunch and dinner and everything in-between ".
"It's fine, we'll hang out the rest of the trip" I said shrugging as she shrugged too.
"Summer Russo and Jessica Michaels" called Mr. Fredrick.
"Oh hell no" I said as Mr. Fredrick continued calling names "It's like I haven't had enough from Jessica already".
"Roommate" called Jessica walking to me with the key in her hand and with her big smile from ear to ear.
"Welcome to hell" muttered Ronnie under her breath.

I looked out the hotel room window after I hanged up with my mum on my cell phone while Jessica was in the bathroom.
"How's Landon?" asked Jessica from behind me as I turned around and found her standing concerned.
"Umm…Landon's fine" I said taking a deep breath "He's out cold and he's in the hospital and a little hurt but he's…fine".
"Basically in a coma" said Jessica as I nodded "That must suck".
"It does" I said sighing "But it's fine…I mean…What can I do?".
"I wish I can help you" said Jessica sitting on her bed.
"I don't need help" I said putting on a fake smile.
"Everyone needs help" said Jessica "No man's an island, everyone needs a rock to lean on them and yours was Landon right?".
"Landon was my friend" I said.
"A really good friend as I hear" said Jessica as I shrugged "And if anything happens to that rock it's natural to panic but find someone else to lean on".
"Like?" I asked.
"Ronnie?" she suggested "A hot stranger in L.A?".
"I think I'll do fine on my own" I laughed.
"No you won't" said Jessica shaking her head as I shrugged "I'm lucky to have Raymond, I mean…If it was anyone else but Raymond, he wouldn't put up with me and he wouldn't do third the things that Raymond did".
"Most of the things that Raymond did was because his parents pushed him to do it" I said as Jessica chuckled.
"I know" said Jessica "And I know he doesn't like me but now he's stuck to me or something".
"Raymond loves you Jessica" I said as her faced turned suddenly sorrowful and she started crying.
"No" she said as she started to sob "Raymond doesn't love me, he never did and he never will, I'm simply just wasting his time".
I didn't know what to do. I've never had someone cry to me before and I was at the point that I'd look weird if I just stand there.
"Jessica" I said sitting next to her not sure what else to say "Raymond is…. Your boyfriend….He loves you or he wouldn't be with you".
"You really think so?" sobbed Jessica.
"Yeah of course" I said putting on a fake smile and feeling really awkward.
"You're a nice person Summer" said Jessica as I put on an awkward smile.
"Thanks Jessica, you're not that bad either" I said trying my best to be nice to her which was very hard.

"Jessica? Nice?" said Ronnie while we sat on the beach's shore on a red blanket.
"I know, I couldn't believe it either" I said "It's probably the pregnancy hormones or something but she was super nice, she was even crying".
"About?" asked Ronnie.
"She thinks Raymond doesn't love her" I said as Ronnie burst out laughing.
"Well of course he doesn't love her" said Ronnie in a duh tone "No one loves Jessica and my brother isn't that dumb".
"Well if he doesn't love her than why is he still dating her?" I growled confused.
"Hello? Baby?" said Ronnie in a duh tone "That baby is the chain Summer, without it Jessica and Raymond are over".
"That isn't a strong enough reason to keep two people together" I said.
"It's a strong enough reason for their parents" said Ronnie shrugging as I nodded in agreement.

At night, I felt a cold breeze over me and slowly opened my eyes since I'm awake, I should just go to the bathroom.
I stood up and noticed Jessica wasn't in her bed weird but I guess it's pretty normal, everyone sneaks out after curfew.
I walked to the bathroom door which was next to the hotel rooms door and I was about to walk in when I heard voices outside the hotel room door. I put my ear on the door and it was Jessica talking to a guy.
"Please just leave" I heard Jessica tell him from far away.
"I'm not gonna leave Jessica" said the other guy "stop lying to yourself, you know how you feel about me and I feel the same way".
"Mark it's too late" Jessica told him "I'm with Raymond now and we're going to have a future together".
"Based on lies" yelled the guy "I'm the father, I should have this, I should be with you and not him".
"Than what?" said Jessica "Spend the rest of my life living in a trailer parking lot with your mother and your 7 other sisters?".
"We'll live with your parents" said the guy.
"My parents don't want me anymore" sobbed Jessica "Why do you think I asked Raymond to live with him? Raymond is my future now and without him, my whole life is ruined Mark, so leave".
There was a moment of silence when I noticed that Jessica left him and was heading to the room. I looked around me panicking but than walked in the bathroom and shut the door quickly.
I heard Jessica open the rooms door than slam it shut. There was a moment of silence than she knocked on the bathroom door.
"Summer are you in there?" called Jessica.
"Yeah" I called back "Where were you?".
"I went to see my friends" she called.
"Ok" I called back.
"Good night" she called.
"Night" I said looking in the bathroom mirror. I had a decision to make.


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