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He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

Novel By: RamonaWriter

15 Year old Summer seems like the typical 15 year old girl. She seems strong and confident but from inside she's very fragile. When her cildhood best friend Landon leaves, things start to change. She falls in love and thinks it's just a crush than she goes through life changing experiences. So what will be her ending? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 8, 2011    Reads: 90    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

This is My Favorite chapter so Far, hope you like it....actually hope you LOVE it as much as I do and pleeeeeease leave feedback :)

I parked Ronnie's pick up truck in front of a filthy bar called Wolf Strike.
I walked inside the bar and Raymond was right where I expected him to be. Beating old men on the pool table.
I shook my head in disbelief "Raymond" I called walking to him furiously as he looked at me looking really drunk than sighed and gulped a large glass of beer.
"How did you find me?" he said annoyed than signaling the bartender to bring him more beer.
"This is the closest place to sell beer and the only place with a stupid bartender that gets convinced with your fake ID" I said as he raised an eyebrow.
"You're annoying" he said as I rolled my eyes and the bartender brought him another glass while I looked at him in disbelief.
"Are you kidding?" I said glaring at the bartender as he raised an eyebrow.
"He asked" said the bartender in a duh tone.
"Obviously he had enough" I said as the bartender looked at me confused than walked behind the bar again.
"I'm not going home" said Raymond playing pool as I stood next to him.
"I know you're angry" I said as he gave me his famous 'no shit Sherlock' sarcastic look "But you should be relieved that Jessica turned out lying".
"I am" he said "As you can see, I'm playing pool like an irresponsible person that I am, a person that can never have a kid obviously".
I looked at him confused than sighed "You're drunk and I'm tired so you know what? I'll just wait for you to pass out or something".
"Smart decision" he said playing again while I sat on a rusty old wooden chair. I sat looking at him waiting for him to play but he seemed uncomfortable because I was looking at him "Can you stop looking at me? It's making me uncomfortable and I can't play".
"Do I seem like I care?" I said as he sighed and walked to me.
"Ok lets leave" he said as I rolled my eyes "But we won't go home".
"Than where do you want to go?" I asked.
"The forest" he said widening his eyes as I looked at him in disbelief.
"It's midnight and you're drunk" I said "The forest is dark and creepy, and it's a long way there".
"You'll drive" he said simply "Come on Summer, lets go to the forest" He start jumping up and down like a kid while I looked at him in disbelief,
"Raymond stop" I said as people start looking at us.
"Please" begged Raymond kneeling on the ground as I started getting pissed off because there was no point arguing with a drunk or sober Raymond.
"Fine, you know what? Lets go to the forest" I said jumping off the chair "So I can murder you and dump the body".
I didn't notice I said it that loud but I did when I heard a couple of gasps and people were looking at me in shock.
"I'm not gonna kill him" I yelled as they looked at me confused "It's a joke people".
"Yeah, she doesn't have the tools anyway" called Raymond calming the people down while I pulled him away from his arm.

"This is a stupid idea" I told Raymond driving Ronnie's truck on the highway while he sat in the front seat.
"Come on Summer, chill out" said Raymond turning on the radio while Dancing With Myself/ The Donnas was on "Oh, I love this song".
"I bet you do" I said bored out of my mind.
"You don't want to listen to music?" asked Raymond as I shook my head and he sighed and turned off the radio "Fine we'll do what girls like to do, we'll talk".
"I don't want to talk to a drunk" I said as he laughed.
"Well there's no one else but me so you take what you get" said Raymond "How's Landon?".
"I'm so not gonna talk to you about him" I said.
"I know why" he said in a childish toneas I ignored him and focused on the road "You think he's going to die, right?".
"Raymond shut up" I snapped as he laughed.
"I love road trips" he said laughing as I sighed.

"But overall, I'm relieved" said Raymond as we walked in the forest "So what the baby isn't mine, right? At least now I can date other girls and this time I'll be careful....and I mean really careful".
I started to get worrying when I noticed I didn't know the way through this forest and I was walking behind Raymond….The drunk Raymond….I was walking behind the drunk Raymond. What the hell was I doing?.
"Umm…Raymond?" I said as he stopped walking and turned around to look at me.
"Yeah?" he answered.
"Which way did we come from?" I asked knowing he doesn't know the answer as he raised an eyebrow at me and spun in three circles confused than looked back at me.
"Pretty sure that it's this way" he said pointing behind him.
"How did we come from this way if we're heading to it?" I asked as he chuckled.
"Good point" he said squeezing his eyes in thought.
"Raymond, we're lost" I said as he burst out laughing.
"This happens to us too much" he said as I rolled my eyes.
"I'm calling Ronnie" I said putting my hand in my jeans pocket but the cell phone wasn't there "Of course I forgot it on the kitchen counter".
"De je vu" he said widening his eyes as he looked at me sickly "I don't feel so good".
Before I knew it Raymond threw up right in front of me but luckily nothing came on me.
"Oh god" I said looking at Raymond in disgust.
"Ok, now I feel a lot better" said Raymond.
I got ready to leave but than my heel broke and I fell on my back right in his vomit. Raymond froze in his place and so did I than he burst out laughing.
"Fuck" I muttered as he helped me stand up.
"You gotta admit, it's pretty funny" said Raymond as I sighed than looked at him laughing and he looked pretty funny so I chuckled too.
"I'm covered in your vomit, my heel is broken and we're lost in the middle of this forest, I hate you" I said as he nodded.
"You know you love me" he said as I rolled my eyes.
"That doesn't mean I can't hate you" I said.


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