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He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

Novel By: RamonaWriter

15 Year old Summer seems like the typical 15 year old girl. She seems strong and confident but from inside she's very fragile. When her cildhood best friend Landon leaves, things start to change. She falls in love and thinks it's just a crush than she goes through life changing experiences. So what will be her ending? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 9, 2011    Reads: 81    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I walked out of my Science class and met up with Olivia by my locker.
"Hey Ollie" I said smiling at her while opening my locker.
"Hi" she said "Listen, do you mind coming to my house after school?".
"Actually, I have plans with Ronnie" I said as she looked bummed "But why do you want me to come to your house? We always go to Ronnie's house".
"I'm in a bad mood because of what happened with Drew last night" said Olivia shrugging as I felt sorry for her.
"Well I'll cancel with Ronnie" I said.
"No, she's coming too" said Olivia.
"Well text her and tell her to meet us at the car, my battery is dead" I said, Ronnie's parents brought her a Porsche because the truck keeps getting in the workshop.
"Why is your battery always dead?" asked Olivia as I shrugged.
"I keep forgetting my ipod so I listen to music on it" I said.
"Well you should stop that" said Olivia "One day someone's going to really need to tell you something and they won't be able to".
"I hate technology" I whined "If someone wants to tell me something they should come say it in my face".
"Word" said Olivia in a gangster tone as I high fived her.

"I love my car" sighed Ronnie as she drove her car on the road. Olivia was sitting in the front seat while I was sitting in the backseat.
"I love your car too" said Olivia "I wish I could live here".
"Hey, why don't we skip Olivia's house and go out of town?" asked Ronnie.
"It's Tuesday, it's a school night and who knows how long it'll take us to get back home" I said.
"Yeah Ronnie, lets just go this weekend" said Olivia "We can invite a couple of people and go camping somewhere".
"And by camping you mean sleeping in the car, right?" said Ronnie as Olivia laughed and nodded while a cell phone rang.
"Who's cell phone is this?" asked Olivia holding a cell phone.
"Mine" said Ronnie "Who's calling?".
"Raymond" said Olivia.
"Just close it" said Ronnie "We're trying to make you get over Drew, we don't want any distractions".
"Not saying his name would be a good start" I told Ronnie.
"Right, sorry" said Ronnie looking at Olivia than looking back at the road.

I walked with Ronnie and Olivia through the front door of Olivia's house.
"It seems like forever since we've been in this house" said Ronnie looking around her casually.
"Mum, I'm home" called Olivia.
"Your mum's not here" called a guys voice that sounded like Henry.
"Who's that?" asked Ronnie confused.
"Probably Henry" said Olivia as we followed her upstairs into the guests room where Henry was lying on a bad listening to his ipod.
"You're still here?" I asked confused.
"Right, I forgot to tell you guys" said Olivia remembering while Henry stood up and walked to us "Henry's moving here".
"This is Henry?" hissed Ronnie in shock.
"You're moving here?" I asked surprised.
"Yeah, my parents loved the town" said Henry "They say it's a great place to raise my little brothers and sisters".
"I'm sorry but didn't you have braces last year in Olivia's party? And weren't you shorter and well…a lot fatter?" said Ronnie interrupting him.
"I guess" said Henry shrugging.
"But how?" said Ronnie confused "Last year you were nerdy and now you're a-".
"Hotty" I said interrupting Ronnie without thinking as everyone looked at me surprised.
"I guess" laughed Henry as I felt so embarrassed that I wanted to bury myself.
"Well since you're here, you can hang out with us" said Ronnie.
"No" said Olivia quickly as Henry looked offended "No offence Henry but I'm really trying to move over something and they're supposed to help".
"Well he can help" argued Ronnie.
"It's girl stuff" said Olivia as Henry looked like he just wanted to leave this whole discussion.
"Well lets start doing the girl stuff" I said pulling both Ronnie and Olivia from their wrists outside the guestroom.

"This is boring" said Ronnie as we sat in Olivia's room listening to Firework/Katy Perry from Olivia's laptop.
Ronnie was lying on Olivia's couch slipping through a magazine, Olivia was lying on her stomach on the bed while playing music from her laptop and I was standing by the door watching both of them.
"Why? This is an exciting song" said Olivia.
"Listening to an exciting song won't make me excited" said Ronnie in a duh tone.
"But it makes me" said Olivia "And I don't want to sound selfish but this is about me".
"You're right" sighed Ronnie.
"I'm hungry" I said out of the blue.
"We have frozen pizza" said Olivia.
"Do you have ice cream?" asked Ronnie.
"A lot actually" said Olivia.
"Ok pick something" I said.
"Ice cream" they both said at the same time.
"Flavor?" I asked.
"I want strawberry" said Ronnie.
"We only have chocolate" said Olivia.
"Chocolate it is" I said walking downstairs and opening the fridge to find three buckets of chocolate ice cream. Wow, she's right, they have A LOT of ice cream, suspiciously too much.
"Hey" said Henry walking in the kitchen as I looked up at him surprised.
"Oh hi Henry" I said smiling.
"Mind if I ask?" he said pointing at the ice cream bucket in my hand.
"We're gonna eat" I said "It's what girls do when they're depressed".
"Really?" he asked confused as I sighed.
"Well no, we eat because we need a distraction" I said shrugging "At least that's why I eat, I also help friends when I want to be distracted".
"And what do you need a distraction from?" he asked confused.
"Well it'll sound weird" I said as he raised an eyebrow "I'm having a feeling since this morning that someone I know is going to die, it might be because of a dream I had last night but…I can't help but feel that".
"Who is that person?" he asked curiously.
"He's my friend" I said shrugging "He's in a hospital and…I think he might not be there for long".
"Are you going to tell him that?" he asked as I raised an eyebrow at him confused from his reaction.
"Of course not" I said in a duh tone "I mean what is he supposed to do after it?".
"Make that day count" said Henry moving closer to me.
Henry's looked deeply at me, he looked like his head was somewhere far away from here. Physically Henry was there but his head defiantly wasn't.
"I don't think I can tell him" I said as he kept looking at me straight in the eye while moving more closer "I can't tell anyone that".
"Life's short, isn't it?" he said moving a lock of my hair behind my ear as I nodded slowly. He was leaning closer and unconsciously I was leaning further.
"Summer?" called Olivia walking in the kitchen and freezing in her place when she saw Henry literally all over me.
"Olivia" I said surprised as Henry quickly moved away "I was getting the ice cream".
"I know, you took long so I came to see you" said Olivia than she turned to Henry smirking "And what are you doing here?".
"I was helping her find the ice cream" said Henry trying to not laugh as I looked at him and noticed how cute he was "I'll go upstairs now".
"Yeah, you should do that" said Olivia smirking as Henry nodded and walked away. She looked behind her to make sure he was gone than turned to me quickly.
"Oh my god, were you going to kiss him?" she asked excited as I stood speechless.
"Yeah" I said realizing how bad that sounded if I was supposed to be in love with Raymond "I was just about to kiss him".


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