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He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

Novel By: RamonaWriter

15 Year old Summer seems like the typical 15 year old girl. She seems strong and confident but from inside she's very fragile. When her cildhood best friend Landon leaves, things start to change. She falls in love and thinks it's just a crush than she goes through life changing experiences. So what will be her ending? View table of contents...


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.:. Summer's P.O.V.:.

I sat on my bed with my legs crossed doing completely nothing. This is how I've been for the last two days. I was waiting for something…I don't know what I was waiting for but I wasn't planning on stopping.
I haven't slept, I haven't eaten anything and I haven't stopped silently crying. I didn't want to see anyone, I told them I wanted to be alone and they respected that but this was the one time I didn't mean it. I needed to talk to someone.

"You called?" asked Ronnie while closing my bedroom door. Ronnie looked different, she looked dead.
"Yeah" I said in half a whisper.
"Your mum's panicking" she said slowly walking to my bed and sitting on my bed's edge "You need to get some food and you need to fall asleep".
"I need to talk to you" I said as she looked at me concerned "I know I told everyone that I wanted to be left alone but….I don't mean it".
"I know" she said nodding slowly as I sighed "Still can't stand up?".
"Yeah…I don't know what's going on with me" I said "I hope it ends soon cause I really don't want to be in a wheelchair"
"Did you try standing up?" she asked blankly as there was a moment of awkward silence after that stupid question and we both burst out laughing at the same time.
"That was stupid" I said as she slowly stopped laughing.
"Got to admit, it cheered you up" she pointed out as I nodded.
"Thanks Ronnie, I don't know what I could've done without you" I said as she sighed.
"You would've done fine" she said as I shook my head "Yes and don't argue with me, I'm too tired to do that".
"I'm tired too" I said yawning.
"Than sleep" said Ronnie "You need it….. and you need food too".
"How's Raymond?" I asked changing the subject as she rolled her eyes.
"You're dying and you're asking about my brother?" she said in disbelief as I shrugged "Well…He's in his room 24/7 and no one has a clue what he's doing in there but clearly no one cares".
"Is he ok?" I asked.
"Yeah, he didn't know Landon that much" said Ronnie as I nodded in agreement.

.:. Raymond's P.O.V .:.

I walked in the hospital room where Landon was lying there between zillions of tube looking…well sick.
"You wanted me?" I asked closing the door.
"Yeah, Where's Summer?" said Landon as I rolled my eyes.
"L.A" I said "The school made a trip".
"Why didn't you go? I'm sure you'd like to use that trip to make a move on Summer" said Landon as I rolled my eyes.
"You should shut up cause you don't know what you're talking about" I said as he laughed weakly.
"You like her don't you?" he said smiling as I rolled my eyes.
"You have a lot of nerve for a sick guy" I said walking to the tubes by him "If I pull one tube out, you'll die".
"We both know you won't do that" he said as I rolled my eyes.
"What do you want, Landon?" I asked throwing myself on the edge of his bed.
"Don't you want to know who did this to me?" he asked.
"I couldn't be less interested" I said as he chuckled "But you look like you want to tell me so go ahead".
"I don't remember" he said as I laughed.
"Of course you don't" I said sarcastically "Who can remember the person who beaten the crap out of him and unleashed wild dogs on them?".
"I'm serious" said Landon as I sighed.
"Than what do you want from me?" I asked standing up "You know, I'm a really busy person too. I can't leave my life and come talk to sick people".
"I need you to do something for me" said Landon.
"No shit" I said sarcastically as he couched while struggling to breathe.
"My diary" said Landon as I raised my eyebrow at him "It's in my bedroom back in my house here".
"You keep a diary?" I asked confused as he nodded slowly "That's gay".
"Shut up" he said as I sighed "Break in the house and take it, don't ever let anyone see it ok?".
"Dude, once you get out here you can do whatever you want with your diary" I said as he smiled.
"We both know I won't be able to get out of here" said Landon as I rolled my eyes "I know it's the end, I've known it for so long but I didn't prepare…God I'm so stupid".
"Landon, don't say that" I said trying my best to be sensitive "You won't die… at least not now".
"Just do it…For me" he said as I sighed "And for Summer too".
That caught my attention "What does Summer have to do with this?".
"Just trust me" he said as I took a deep breath and closed my eyes "I know you care about her".
"Once you get out of this hospital you can take it from me" I said as he smiled "And quit faking a coma, your parents are freaking out".
"It's for the best" he said as I rolled my eyes and his mum walked in as Landon quickly closed his eyes again.
"Finished?" asked his mother looking at me in disgust
"Yeah" I said "Talking to him even thought he doesn't answer really helped".
"Magic of comas" said his mother sarcastically.
~End Of Flashbacks~

I looked away from the mirror and looked at Landon's diaries thrown on my bed than sighed….What to do? What to do?


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