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A Getaway

Novel By: randergal

Kiara is finally in Holland, and she is visiting Adam, someone she met through an online video chatting website. Follow Kiara through her adventures and her steamy encounters with Adam! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 24, 2011    Reads: 101    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Hey guys! A new story! I really have a good feeling about this one and I already have a few chapters written out. Hope you guys will enjoy it and thanks in advance for reading! Tell me what you think about it. I really appreciate you guys reading it. Really. Thanks and lots and LOTS of love!

Kiara stared at the computer screen, mentally debating if she should enter the website. She wondered what kind of people lurked behind those screens, and what their intentions were. Yes, she was going to go to a video chatting website which allowed you to have a one-on-one video conversation with a random stranger.

Kiara was extremely bored that night, and decided to venture into this notorious website. Finally, with a stubborn nod of head, Kiara clicked the "video chat" button and entered into the realm of old, disgusting pedophiles and stark naked penises.

Kiara was shocked- flabbergasted. She wondered why people would show their intimates when they just were not even that magnificent. Kiara shook her head in disgust and disconnected and skipped to another random stranger.

This time the man was more creative. He showed her Pikachu picture and hinted to her, " Let me peek at 'chu." Kiara laughed and thought that at least this was a notch more unique than "want some entertainment?"

Kiara talked to a few more people but mostly the conversation went like this :

"Hello ."


"What's up?"

"Nothing… Just bored."

"Want some entertainment? ;) "

Kiara would then hit the disconnect button and move on to the next stranger. Kiara was half-expecting the next stranger to be another bald-headed old man with a huge beer belly or a hormonal teenage guy that was naked.

However, Kiara did not expect to meet him. He was dashing in his own sense. Strong face bone structure, playful eyes and a toned body. The only thing was that he was very gloomy.

"Hello", Kiara typed out on her keyboard hastily, unable to contain her excitement.

"Hello there. What is someone like you doing on a website like this?" The man asked.

"I could ask the same for you. I'm just bored, is all… " Kiara replied.

"Oh, me too. So how old are you?"

"19… And you?"

"I'm 21. "

"Oh, uh cool. "

"Is there anyone else at home? You keep looking around."

"Just my sibling."

"What's a sibling? Is it a small dog or something?... " The man asked, and raised an eyebrow peculiarly. Kiara laughed and mentally noted that he was from another country.

"A brother, you know. Where are you from?"

"Oh… I see! I'm Dutch, lieveling. From Holland. "

"Ah, so that's why… Holland is a beautiful country. I wish I could visit it . "

"Maybe you should then. When you're older. "

Their conversation carried on and Kiara realized that they had been talking for almost two hours. Kiara found that she was very intrigued by this man whom she could not put a name to yet.

"I just realized I don't even know your name!" Kiara said to the man.

"It's Adam, lieveling. What is yours?"

"That's a nice name. Mine's Kiara. "

Kiara then proceeded to ask for his email. She felt a little desperate being the one asking first but Kiara really wanted to keep in contact with this man, Adam.

Kiara sent an MSN request to Adam and Adam giggled when he saw her email . She had warned him before that her email was made when she was seven, thus he should not expect anything more.

HoneySweetCutiePie427@ hotmail.com

Kiara was slightly embarrassed by her email but she would not change it as all her contacts were in it. Furthermore, Kiara thought it was too much of a hassle to do it.

*** Months went by and Kiara and Adam continued talking. They did not speak every single day but somehow they would manage talking to each other at least twice a week. Slowly, Kiara and Adam got to know each other better and both confided in each other when they had troubles.

Kiara found out that Adam was more or less a reserved guy who did not like to mingle much with crowds. He much preferred sticking to the people he knew and trusted than to make new friends every day. He would rather stay in his comfort zone than to leap into something that he was unsure of. He hated drama, the arguing and making up. He was the complete opposite of Kiara but somehow they managed to click. Kiara was a passionate, fiery, open and sociable individual. She was the type who liked to meet new faces, to see new things, to explore the unknown, to leap into the dark.

Despite of their differences, the two managed to get along with each other just fine. Along the way , they both grew feelings for each other. However, Adam was one who tried stubbornly not to acknowledge the feelings he had grown for Kiara. He was not willing to risk the chance of liking her more than she did him. He did not want to allow himself to be hurt, and thus he created a barrier and hid behind it. He assured himself that whatever feelings he had for Kiara was just lust.

Adam did not bother hiding his sexual feelings for Kiara. In fact, no one would. Kiara was a stunning lady of her age. With exotic features, a knock-out body and a great personality, no men would think of resisting Kiara. Kiara was like a fantasy girl made real and men willingly fell at her feet.

Adam was hoping one day he would be able to meet Kiara in person. Although they had many video conversations with both showing more skin than deemed appropriate, Adam wanted to meet Kiara in the flesh. To touch her, feel her, pleasure her.

Kiara was no different. Although she had seen a lot from Adam through their video chatting, she wanted to really meet him. Thus that day, Kiara decided, she would go see Adam. She would take a little trip around Holland and Adam would just conveniently be her guide.


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