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Love is Found in Strange Places

Novel By: Rat

Maria Sulaven is a 16 year old girl. When she goes on a road trip with her mom's friend Gary (and yes Gary is a girl) and Gary's 2 sons to California,tey get in an acident and Maria is the only serviver. She then wonders onto this house in the middle of no where and meets ths boy named Jake. To top that a off she is prenant and she is the only one that knows it. Well if you want to see what happens to Maria then to read the story:] View table of contents...


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Chapter One:
"Hey, Mia are you ready to go on the trip with us?" Tom asked in his small voice.
"Yes Tom." I smiled at him.
"Mia, can you sit by me in the camper?" Cole asked.
"Yes I would love to sit by you." I looked down at him.
Hi, my name is Maria Sulaven and this is my story about how I found love in the strangest of places. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 16, I live with my mom, I have no siblings, and I'm going on a road trip with my mom's friend Gary and her two five year olds. Oh, yeah and I'm pregnant and I'm the only one that knows it. Well that is enough about be lets get back to the story. Where were we oh that's right I'm getting ready for the trip.
"Hey, Maria do you have everything ready?" I heard Gary yell.
"I just have to go and get a couple more things. I will be right back." I ran across the street to my house and walked in.
"Maria is that you?" My mom yelled from the kitchen.
"Yeah it's me." I called and started walking up to my room.
I opened the door to my room and walked to my computer desk to get my cell off of it. Then I waked into my closet and got my suitcase.
"Maria do you have every thing?" My mom stood in my door way.
"Yep, I'm going to miss you mom." I walked over to her and gave her a hug.
"I'm going to miss you too." She hugged me harder.
"Mom, you are crushing me." I whispered.
"Sorry, oh I almost forgot," she reached into her pocket "I got this for you."
I took the black IPod out of her hands.
"Really!? Thank you." I kissed her cheek.
"Your welcome…I already downloaded the songs you like." She said sheepishly.
"Maria it is time to go." I heard Gary yell from down stairs.
"Ok, I'm coming!" I gave my mom one last hug and kiss goodbye and then ran out to the camper.
I stepped into the camper and was greeted with smiles.
"Sit by me Mia." Cole patted the spot next to him.
I walked over and sat down.
"No far I want to sit by Mia." Tom whined.
"I asked her first." Cole stuck out his tug.
"Cole that's not nice," I scolded "Tom I will sit by you after out first rest stop."
"Ok," He smiled "did you hear that mommy? Mia is sitting next to me after are first rest top."
I smiled at him. I absolutely adore it when they drop some of there letters when they speak.
"Well that is good." Gary said from the drivers spot.
I rested my head against the window. We drove for several hours before we made our first rest stop.
"Remember Mia you said you would sit with me." Tom reminded me.
"Ok, I did." I smiled at him.
I walked into the gas station and started to look around. Then I saw what I was looking for. I walked to t he cooler section and grabbed a bottle of water.
"Are you ready to pay miss?" the cashier asked.
I nodded my head. He rang up the total and I paid for the water, and then walked back out to the camper.
"Come on Mia lets go back inside." Tom was waiting outside the camper for me.
"Ok." I took his had and we went inside.
I sat down on the bench that was around the table. After awhile Cole and Gary came back in.
"Ready to go?" Gary looked back at us.
I nodded my head and then we where off again. Tom and ole looked like they where getting board.
"Hey guys do you want to play a game of go fish?" I asked.
"Yeah!" They both jumped up and down in there seats.
I got up and went to my backpack and grabbed out a deck of cards. I started to shuffle the deck a couple times and then dealt them out.
"Ok, now Tom pick a number 1-10." I told him.
"Ok I want number 8." He said.
"Alright, Cole your turn."I turned to Cole.
"Two!" He smiled.
"Ok, Cole you where the closets my number was three." I said.
"Cole turned to his brother and asked,
"Tom do you have any Sevens?"
"Go Fish!" Tom yelled.
"Aw man." Cole took a card form the pile.
"Mia do you have any fives?" Tom looked at me.
"Yep, here you are." I gave him the card.
We played three rounds of go fish and we all won one round.
"Tie breaker round!" Cole bounced on his seat.
"Ok, guys for the tie breaker round we are going to play a game of old maid and who ever wins this round is the ruler of go fish." I smiled at them.
Once the game of old maid was done Tom kept bragging that he was the ruler of go fish.
"Ok, Tom that is enough bragging I think we get it." Gary said for the front.
I saw Cole yawn.
"I think it is time for two little boys bed time." I looked at them.
They both whined but went to the back of the camper. I helped them get into there Pj's and then tucked them in.
"Goodnight guys, see you in the morning." I smiled ant then shut the door.
I walked up to the front and sat in the passenger seat.
"Maria, why don't you go to sleep too you look beat." Gary looked at me for a second.
"No I'm fine and besides it looks like you could use the company." I smiled at her.
We sat there just talking. I started to feel my eyelids get heavy.
Stay awake.
Everything started getting dark and then I was asleep.
"Mia? Mia wake up." I felt someone shaking me awake.
"What I'm up." I opened my eyes to see Cole staring at me. "Where are your mom and brother?"
"They went into the gas station." He told me.
"Oh, ok do you know when they are coming back?"
And right on queue they walked in.
"Right now." Cole answered my question.
I smiled at him and then walked to the back where the table was. Tom and Cole came and sat across from me.
"So what do you want to do?"
"We're hungry." They whined.
"Ok, I will go make you guys a sandwich." I got up and walked over to the fridge.
I made them PB and B sandwiches.
"Gary do you want a peanut butter and banana sandwich too?" I yelled to the front.
"Yes that would be awesome." She called back.
I gave the boys there sandwich and then gave Gary hers.
"Do you want me to drive for a little while?" I asked her.
"Would you mind?" She looked at me for a split second.
I shook my head and then she pulled over. Once I got situated in the drivers seat we where off again.
I wonder how long till we get there?
I looked down at the map and saw that is was a three to four day drive.
"Wow!" I mumbled. "Hey, Cole, Tom are you guys ok back there?"
No answer.
I looked back at them and saw that they had fallen asleep. I turned my head back to the rood and then the camper went rolling down into the ditch. I felt blood running down my face and my arm had a huge gash in it.
What just happened?
I pushed the clutter away so I could get to the back and then I saw the real damage. The side of the camper was smashed in and I saw…I saw Tom and Cole lying on the ground with blood all over there faces. Then I looked toward the room Gary was in and saw a piece of metal threw her neck.
"Tom, Cole?" I crawled over to them.
I put a shaky hand to my mouth. They where all dead because of me. I started to sob.
"I'm sorry." I whispered over and over.
I don't know how long I sat there crying but by the time I when out of the camper it was dark. I started to walk.
Where am I? What am I going to do? How am I going to get back?

I kept asking myself more and more questions. All of a sudden I felt myself fall to the ground. Once I felt the cold ground touch my face everything went black.



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