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Alice who was once an orphan was adopted by a couple she just met on the streets of Italy, the couple were Japanese so they brought her back to Japan. Alice doubted this life to last forever being called "The devils spawn" she too agrees with these words. having been made fun of due to the strange color of her eyes and hair she hates all, even she doubts the fate god has given her. But all that changes on her 16TH birthday... View table of contents...


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Dark Land


Honestly, a child like me...couldn't possibly be adopted. I appeared to the adults as if my soul was condemned, or tarnished by some hellish aura. At the time I didn't fully understand those words.

My name is Alice, as you might have not known I'm an orphan. I currently live in an deserted church in Italy. I have no recollection of who my parents were or who I really am. All I remember is my name. I suppose I was abandoned as a baby. Maybe my parents didn't want me. I used to live with the nuns at a regular orphanage but, frankly I was too much for them to handle. They took care of me since I was a baby. Its been 5 years since then and well...lets just say I was " un-adoptable" it might not be a word but it makes sense for someone like me.

Living in a deserted church calms me. The nuns did not favor me. Or, like what they have told me " You are the devils spawn" or " God will never favor you, indecent soul".

To tell a child such harsh words is a little...cruel wouldn't you agree. But, that doesn't matter now since they are true. I then thought about how I would never experience the lifestyle of having a family. Things like that aren't meant for children like me. To be called the devils spawn, only shows that I could never gain a family. And so what if god does not favor me. Does it really matter. I will grow older in this church and I will die...alone.

But one day it seemed that god had pitied me.

while I was gathering food for myself. A couple had spotted me in an alley. They asked whether if I was a alone or not. I told them I was alone. They looked at each other and back to me. The man gave me a big smile. And the women giggled. They looked nice. And so the women asked... " Would you like to, be our child"? This question made me froze. And so I asked them,

" Why me"? They looked back at each other. The man crouched down and patted my head.

" How could we not choose you to be our child when you have such beautiful eyes".

I blushed at his comment.

I told them how could that be such a possible explanation for them wanting me to be their child. The women went into her purse and held out a piece of candy. She smiled at me handing the candy to me, placing it on my palm.

This situation became odd. How could I " The devils spawn" be treated so well by a couple I have just met.

" Its not right for a child your age to wander the streets by yourself. And who could have possibly left you like this"?

I thought about it some more and decided that if god wanted this for me then I should take advantage of this shouldn't I? I should try to live a happy lifestyle with them. And once they grow tired of me then...I'll...

" Lets go shall we, lets be happy together". The women said as she gently grabbed my hand. Personally I think of this situation to be rather weird but, I should thank god for giving me this one chance to experience what a real family life feels like. But as fate would put it, my happy family life would only end in disaster.


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