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Reia thought that her life sucked, now discovering that she must work as a maid in a Foreign home and place, her fathers boss has requested this and to make matters worse he has 3 sons...what will she do and how will she live in this type of situation. View table of contents...


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At first I thought my life sucked, but I new that one day it would suck even more. Around school I'm known to be quite the downer, a loner, loser, gloomy girl that just sits in her desk all morning and all afternoon long during school hours moping about. Not that it matters to me, I don't mind being teased...well in reality I do mind however I only mask my emotions, not to allow anyone to know the real me. You know in the beginning I said my life totally sucked well I'm about to tell you why...starting...now!

"Hey Tachibana..." Ugh, I hated this rude greeting from higher grades. Always pretending to say hello in a somehow nice manner in front of the teachers and other students, especially this senpei in particular.

"Ta-Chibana-san how come you never say hello to me, even though I always say my morning greetings to you...such a meanie you are Ta-Chibana-san".

This is the time were I, and yes I mean me, would like to smack the living hell outa senpei right now...but I can't do that I really don't want to get in trouble, these days I just sit back and watch the school day go by without a thought or wonder how it ended anyway.

"Ta-Chibana-san is always alone at lunch, how come you don't eat with anyone else?"

I really wanna slap her right now but I can't afford the trouble right now. My mom is giving me a hard time anyways. Besides all I have to do is shut up and ignore the "slut faced senpei" she really is one though no lie. But before I knew it people in the class room started to whisper...friggin idiots thinking I can't hear a damn thing their saying, the best thing to do in a situation like that is for me to take out my small notebook and start drawing...I like to draw since I have nothin else to do.

"Ta-Chibana-san ooh you draw thats pretty cool...although I bet you draw lewd things when know one is looking right?" she said this to me in a whisper so that know would know what she said. I got bored of the whole aura goin around so I decided to change it a bit.

"Sen~pei I don't draw such stupid and meaningless things, are you a dumb-ass why would you think that of all things and another thing the names Tachibana not Ta-Chibana...you don't have to try so hard on the "T" and "ch" only DUMBASSES would say such ridiculous things". Oh my god I can't believe I actually said something like that...i feel like I shouldn't have said that...now senpei is just standing there dumbstruck.

"ooh Tachibana!" someone shouted in the class room.

"Tachibana your a bad-ass!" Another person yelled outa the blue.

Senpei just stood there...suddenly her face turned red with rage...i really regretted saying that-that stupid retort I'm so stupid right?

I'm stumped, guess what happened after I said those things...i got punched in the face and slapped at the same time, a "slap-punch" I guess ha ha I'm so funny. Oh and my mom ya know just decided...to..send me to England, mhmm ain't that a nice thing to do...

"Reia you know, I didn't decide this all by my self your father also decided this. You are to become a house maid; chosen wisely or rather (one of your fathers workers...his main bosses home)".

I cant believe she, no my father put me up to this first I got "slap-punched" by my senpei now this, what is wrong with the world or rather my family...they totally suck.


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