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Novel By: RedIvy

High school is hard enough for your typical teenage girl and it doesn't get any easier for Scarlett. After years of living in the same town and halfway through her high school career, Scarlett learns that she will have to finish it at boarding school. The pressures of starting high school comes back to haunt her and leaving her love behind, Scarlett finds that attending Ashton Academy may not be as easy as she hoped. View table of contents...


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Chapter one:

There was something about going to the beach at night that felt refreshing. Everything was so dark and so different than what it's like during the day. I guess that is the beauty of it. The deep blue sky was almost always lit up with the glow of the bright stars and radiant moon.

The feeling of sand slipping between the crevasses of my toes was almost relieving. The air carried the ocean's salty scent as it danced through my nose. I looked towards my hand intertwined with Myles'. I was happy and upset at the same time. I was happy because I was with the most important guy in my life but I was also upset because this was the last night that we were going to spend together in a long time.

Tomorrow I will be going to finish my last two years of high school at a boarding school and that means leaving Myles. This year that we have spent together was filled with good days, bad days, more good days, and even more bad days, but if there is anything that I have learned in the past fourteen months, it's that love knows no limit and I believe that our love can survive these next two years.

"I am going to miss you, you know," I stated, looking at him.

"Yeah," He smiled. "I'm going to miss you too."

I looked out towards the ocean, a feeling of content washing over my entire body. Nights like tonight always remind me of how much I love him. I was going to miss everything; every moment, every sentence, every word, and every breath. For the past fourteen months, I had known nothing but him. Most of my days were spent next to him and to think that I'm going to go away for so long almost breaks my heart. There are so many what if's to think about. And it scares me. But I trust him.

"Scarlett," Myles whispered. "I love you."

I smiled. "I love you too."

I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug. "I have to go now, but I'll call you when I arrive."

"Okay," He nodded.

With one last kiss, I walked away. It took everything in me not to cry; I really didn't want to cry about this because it wasn't the end of the world.


The flight to the school was only four hours long but I could swear it was the longest hours of my life. I gathered my bags and caught a quick taxi out of the airport. The closer I got to my destination, the more I realized how excited I was. I had lived in that little old town of mine for almost seventeen years and it was kind of refreshing to know that I wouldn't know anyone at this new school.

"I hear good things about that school, you know," The taxi driver informed me, speaking with a heavy Spanish accent.

"Have you?" I asked.

"Yes," He answered. "Everyone that goes there seems to almost change into a new person and most of the time, it's a good thing."

"Most of the time?" I asked in confusion.

"Every now and then you hear about a kid who does something stupid," He said. "They usually end up in jail. It's a rare thing so you have nothing to worry about."

"Oh."I remained silent for the rest of the car ride. I wasn't really sure how to feel about this new information. I'm not sure whether I should be feeling scared or relieved.

I stepped out of the taxi and grabbed hold of my suitcase. I paid him the appropriate amount of dollars with a five dollar tip. I stopped in front of the huge building and took a moment to let my surroundings sink in. I'm not sure if I was expecting something that looked like my former high school but this definitely wasn't it. Ashton Academy was a huge brick building and it measured pretty far in width. Its windows were tall and white, almost sticking out. The front doors were quite possibly the biggest doors that I had ever faced. It looked like it would make me crack a sweat just trying to open them.

"Excuse me," A woman said. "Would you like some help?"

I looked down at my crimson suitcase and carry-on bag. Seeing as I'm new here, I don't think that asking this lady for help would be such a bad idea. "Yes."

"Have you been here before," She asked.

"This would be my first day," I answered. "Do you know where I should go to get to my room?"

"The office would be your first choice." She said. "I can take you there if you'd like."

"Thank you," I smiled.

I followed her through the Academy and towards the office, trying to ignore all of the eyes staring at me. As we got to our destination, I met a short chubby lady with bright brown eyes. She offered her hand and I took it. She handed me a map of the school and gestured for me to follow her.

"It's very nice to meet you Scarlett," She began. "You're going to love it here."

She lead me into a long hallway with a bunch of doors and handed me a packet. "This is going to be the room that you'll stay at. Everyone is assigned to one roommate and everything you need to know will be in the packet I just handed you."

She knocked on the door and a girl with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes answered the door. She looked to me and then to the lady I was walking with. "Yes?"

"Ms. Miller," The lady said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Mrs. Avery," The girl smirked. "What can I do for you on this terrible afternoon?"

"Ask not what you can do for me," Mrs. Avery said. "But what you can do for your new roommate."

The girl looked at me, her eyes repeatedly tracing over my body. "Your job for this first week, Ms. Miller," Mrs. Avery started. "Is to be her guide at Ashton."

"No problem," The girl smiled.

"Get to it,"Mrs. Avery ordered and walked away, leaving me with this girl whose first name I still didn't know.

"Hey," She offered her hand. "I'm Ivy."

I took her hand and instantly felt relieved. "Scarlett."

I stepped inside the room and saw two twin beds sitting on opposite sides of the room. They were covered in white sheets and sat next to the walls, two windows in between them. Ivy's side of the room was filled with different posters of different bands and clothes on the ground next to her bed.

I placed my suitcase on my bed on the right side of the room and sat down, taking a deep breath. I watched Ivy close the door and sit crisscross on her bed. She picked up a bag of pretzels off of the nightstand next to her bed and started eating them. From the looks of it, Ivy seemed like she was pretty cool. She was wearing a white long sleeved off the shoulder shirt with light blue skinny jeans that had a tear where her left knee is.

I looked down at my outfit and began to feel a little weird. For my first day, I decided to wear a small grey t-shirt with dark blue skinny jeans. Ivy's outfit made me feel so ordinary. I may be ordinary and like ordinary things but everyone likes to feel like they are different.

At my old school, things made me feel so unordinary. I felt comfort whenever I was with the school band because things were so relaxing. As unordinary as I felt, I still remembered what it felt like to have the scoop about everything. During my freshman year of high school I knew who was dating who and when they broke up and why, but as soon as I met Myles, all of that changed, not that I cared much, anyway.

"I like your hair," Ivy said, removing me from my thoughts. "Red is a wicked color. I've been thinking about dying my hair again."

"Thanks." I smiled. "What color?"

"Hmm,"She looked towards her bag of pretzels and knitted her eyebrows together. "I was thinking maybe something like a light blue, kind of like a faded effect. But I was also thinking that I wanted the top of my head, my bangs included, to be a light purple and then the rest of it to be light blue."

"Wow," I said. "And I thought I was cool having red hair."

"You are definitely cool." Ivy closed her bag and grabbed the bottle of water that was lying next to her. "Everyone at Ashton Academy has either blonde hair, brown hair, or black hair. I'm different just because mine is platinum."

I laughed, glad that I wasn't stuck with some stuck up chick for a roommate. Something tells me that if I stick with Ivy this school year, I will be just fine.


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