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Stuck in a love time warp

Novel By: Reylene Abbott

This story is about a high school senior who doesn't believe in love and commitment. She gets sucked into a time warp that brings her to medieval times. There she is forced to marry a Prince, but will this relationship become true love? View table of contents...


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*Chapter one*

My alarm went off a little to loud and early for my liking. I just stayed in bed thinking of this crazy day ahead of me. First I had school, then a graduation meeting, and of course my brothers birthday party. On top of all that I would have to study for finals. Being a senior is stressful! I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I should tell you a little more about myself. Well my name is Miranda VanHoover. Clearly I'm a senior in high school. I'm seventen and live in Idaho with my mom, dad, and little brother. I know a lot of you are saying, "where the heck is Idaho?" Well it's somewhere between Canada and Mexico. It's a big state with nothing much in it. I come from a really small town. Our population is nine hundred people, twenty tractors, and a lot of horses. Sure I take pride in my small town, but I have a feeling I won't be here long after high school.

"Miranda, you're going to be late."

"Mom I'm ready you can calm down now." I made my way down the stairs, taking my sweet time. I've noticed I go really slow when I'm headed to something I don't want to do. "Oh morning Jake, happy 13th brithday.'

"Thanks, now can we go I don't want to be late."

"It's just school."

"You're a senior, you guys don't do anthing, but us 8th graders spend our school time wisely."

"Oh please, half of you still pick your nose!"

"All right kids, that's enough get going. Miranda, don't forget after your graduation meeting you're meeting us at the party center."

"I know mom."

"What is that smell?"

'Oh it's probably my football gear."

"Nasty! I need a coffee before school."

'You clearly don' t care about education.'

"Oh please you know that's a lie." As I waited for my coffee I thought about it. Did I care about my education? I got straight A's, but those weren't too hard to get. I was accepted into some pretty great colleges. If only my mother knew that I even applied. She wants me right by her side at home, in a small town. Everyone knew that my mother would blow up if she found out I was looking at out of state colleges. I finally got my coffee and headed off to school. We rode the rest of the way in silence...just the way I like it. When we pulled up to the school my brother was greeted by his friends. A bunch of 8th graders hanging around my truck didn't exactly scream "I'm cool." My brother was pretty popular because of football, but it was still wierd. I grabbed my bag and coffee and started to walk away. Hopefully he remembers mom is picking him up. As soon as I walked in the bell rang, yes right on time. I walked into literature and took a seat.

"Miranda, are you alright?"

"Yes, just a little tired and cranky." She must have gotten the hint because she left me alone. I watched as the students began to file in. I couldn't help but think how different our class was. Not one of us was exactly alike. I think this worked better for use. If we had cliques we would have drama. We allhad one thing in common, we were all ready to graduate! Only 55 more days.

"Good morning class. I hope you did your reading assignment." Truth was I did read, it just not with a clear head. It had to do with some guy getting lost in a time warp. He ended up in medieval times or something like that. Mr. Drimy went on and on and on about the story. You could tell he was excited about the story. I don't know why. It's not like that could ever really happen. Finally after what seemed like ten hours the bell rang. Only three more periods of school today. Unfortunately the next was gym. I'm not sure how I got stuck with all the juniors.

"Miranda how are you?"

"Zack I just saw you yesterday not much has changed."

"True." He paused as if he had no idea what to say, which was a first for this kid.

"What's wrong? You ran out of cheesey pick up lines?"

"Yeah basically, i was wondering if you wanted to, you know,maybe go out?"

"i'm sorry but I'm just not looking for a relationship right now." I walked away hoping he wouldn't follow me. My hoping paid off I was Zack free. The rest of gym was boring and I was pretty happy to hear the lunch bell. I was starving. I grabbed lunch and sat at the all to familiar lunch table. I couldn't help thinking about how bad my case of senioritous was. Luckly I had great friends to help me through it.

"Hey girl.'

"Hey kate, what's up?"

"After our lame graduation meeting want to go shopping?"

"Can't, it's Jake's birthday party."

"Oh wow, that will be fun."

"Yes, it's always been my dream to party with the 8th graders."

"Isn't it everyones? So anyway I heard Zack tried to ask you out."

"News travels fast in this school."

"Why didn't you say yes? He's adorable!"

'I don't want a relationship."

"Why are you so afraid of commitment?"

"I'm not afraid of it, I don't particularily like it.'

"Why not?"

"Where's the point? Why spend your entire life with one person? Marriage and commitment is just a waste of time."

"Or you're just afraid of heartbreak." Yes she guessed it. Can you blame me? No one likes getting their heart broken.

'Kate! Just drop it okay? Let's go, we're going to be late to 3rd hour." I was so glad she didn't mention anything about it the rest of school. After 3rd hour I stopped by my little brothers locker. I only did this when necessary because the jr. high hall smelt really bad.

"Hey big sis."

"how's your birthday going?"

'It's been pretty good. What's up?"

"I just wanted to remind you that mom was picking you up."

"Oh right! I sort of forgot."



"I'm your sister, I'm not supposed to be nice." We smiled and both walked away to class. Fourth period was the longest class. it was government. As soon as the bell rang I was so relieved that this part of the day was over. I grabbed my stuff and headed to my truck. I saw my mother waiting in the pick up section. I made the mistake of waving to her. She instantly called me over.

"How was your day dear?"

"Horrible and boring are the only two words I have."

"Oh stop it! You are almost done. Where's your meeting at?"

"Coffee shop."

"Okay, well try not to be to late to the party."

"I know. i will see you there."

I was the last senior to get to the meeting. Remember what I said earlier about going extra slow when I don't want to be somewhere? This is that same concept. I have been dreading this last meeting. All people do is fight. Nothing ever gets done. I took my seat next to my friend and pretty much zoned out the entire meeting. Before I knew it I had to leave to the party. I said my half hearted goodbyes and left. I was going to be late and that was the one thing that drove my mother crazy. I stepped on the gas and finally arrived. The party center was packed. I found a parking way toward to the back. I sat in my truck for another five minutes thinking of a way out of the party. This was the last place I wanted to be today. What was wrong with a simple birthday dinner? The whole family was here too. After about another five minutes I dragged myself out. I walked in only to be attacked by all my family members. I attempted to answer all their questions. They were all the same...when are you going to find a good guy and settle down? How's this, NEVER! I finally found my mom in the middle of all the noise.

"You're late." Seriously? She couldn't cut me some slack.

"I know I'm sorry my meeting ran late."

That's fine, go find your dad and help bring in all the presents." This kid was spoiled. I probably brought in over one hundred presents.

The party was going by insanely slow. They all ate cake, Jake opened all of his presents, and I got the biggest headache of my life. All I could hear was my head pounding. I was so sick of everyone. "Mom, I'm going home. I need to study."

"Okay be safe driving home it's dark and stormy.'

"No problem." I couldn't run out fast enough. My house was about a thirty minute drive from the party center. It's basically in the middle of a thick forest, and you can only get there on a dirt road. On nights like this is was near impossible to get there. We get the worst floods. As I made my way into the forest it was getting harder and harder to see. I had the thick forest on both sides of me and the rain was falling so hard. As soon as i thought this couldn't get any worse it did. My truck stopped going. I was stuck. I tried to get it out of course, but nothing happened. It was hopeless. I took out my cell phone and of course I didn't have service. I looked at all my options. I could sit here and wait or I could start walking home. There are never any cars on this road, and I couldn't expect my parents for a few more hours. I guess I was going to walk. The rain was starting to let up which was nice. It was still almost impossible to see. The dirt road was all mud. This made walking really difficult.

My house was another five miles from here. I got exhausted fast. I figured it wouldn't hurt me to rest on a bolder. I took our my phone and saw I had service! I put in my parents number and all I heard was beeping. *Phone dying, powering down.* just my luck! I got angry and threw my phone. I'd worry about that consequence later. I just couldn't hold back these tears anymore. Here I was sitting on a bolder with no phone, stranded five miles from my house alone. Pretty soon I was sobbing so hard everything went blurry because of my tears. My eyes started getting heavy and before I knew it I blacked out.


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