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Live the Unexpected

Novel By: Rhency

Madeline Brooke has it all; the looks, the money, and the education. To top it off, she has the guy of her dreams literally drooling over her.

Davvid Cooper, the boyfriend she finds so spectacular, isn’t exactly Mr. Popular with her parents or her friends. Dav comes from a lower class family, his mother doing drugs when not on her shift at a dodgy café on the outskirts of town, and his father a chronic alcoholic. While Maddy wears converses, his scruffy trainers are handy downs that were handed down before they were given to him.

When Maddy falls pregnant with Davvid’s child, her parents, shocked that their perfect daughter would even consider keeping the child at 15 years old, force her to have an abortion, breaking her heart, and leading Davvid to ultimately break up with her. And to top it all off, Maddy is sent away to distant England, to live in a city that she has never even heard of.

But in her new school, Maddy finds that she is not Miss Popular anymore, with many of the other pupils picking on her.

Can Maddy and Davvid reignite their forbidden relationship from so far away, or will Maddy succumb to the troubles of foreign kids? Or is someone else around the corner?
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Live the Unexpected

Prologue - Winter Café


Anxious, I grip the coffee cup tighter in my frozen hands, watching as the beauty of snow forms outside of the window.

It's been frozen for over a week, and, to be honest, I'm growing slightly sick of it. I hate the winter with a passion, the only thing it's good for is the fact that it's much easier to make a fashion statement with all these extra items of clothing. I'm absolutely longing for a dip in my pool on a hot, summer's day.

Although, something tells me this summer could be very different to last.

Tired, I rub my eyes sleepily, before unlocking my phone to confirm what I already knew. He hasn't even texted me to tell me he would be late. He's never ever stood me up before. Where the hell is he?

Looking down at the floor, I see my Ugg boots are still covered with the sparkly, white flakes, and that my skinny jeans are almost drenched where they meet my shoes as the water melts. God, I must look awful.

I look at my reflection in the window and bite my lip, realising how winswept my hair is. See, this is why I hate winter. I should not be going round looking like this.

But I can't go home. Not until I've seen him.

Suddenly, a violent cough escapes from me, and I groan slightly to myself as I sip at the hot coffee in front of me to try and warm myself up. I seriously hate fucking winter!

The table vibrates, and I leep to unlock my iPhone like a cat with wool. My spirits lift even further as I realise it's from him. Thank God, I don't think I can bear to be in this café any loner.

Hon, I'm just driving in now, I can tell in an instant that the message was typed by his brother. I roll my eyes and laugh to myself as I imagine the pair of them in their little, blue car, driving along the icy roads, probably having an arguement right at this very moment.

Guys are all total idiots. But there's just one of them who's my total idiot.

Staring out of the window again, I watch as the car pulls into the parking lot, and I sit up straighter immediately. Although, I don't bother to make my hair look any neater, knowing he really won't care what I look like, unlike most other guys I've ever dated.

Not allowing my attention to be drawn away for even a second, I watch as he yells at Daniel, (his little brother, who is also a tiny bit of a player), and slams the car door shut. I can tell he's angry, and I bite my lip again, nearly drawing blood, hoping his mood improves. I still have absolutely no clue how he's going to take this...

Then he catches my eye, and his smile ignites immediately, and my hopes suddenly flare back. What the hell am I worried about? He's my idiotic Dav!

He walks quickly towards the starbucks, his scruffy jeans dampening even in the short time he is out there. I make a mental note to get him a scarf or something, knowing if he keeps going around in that holey T-shirt and those damned jeans he'll freeze to death.

Standing up, I rush toward him as he enters the café, embracing him in a deep hug, which he is quick and ready to return.

Tears stream down my face, almost burning my cheeks, as I feel hiscold skin against mine.

"What's wrong, babes?" he pushes me back slightly, holding me with both arms, looking me straight in the eyes.

"Oh, Dav..." I begin, but I don't finish, breaking out in more tears as he takes me in for a hug again.

My whisper is almost muffled by my hard sobs as I mutter into his ear, "I'm pregnant, Dav,"

"Shhh..." he tellls me, stroking my hair, letting me cry in his soft arms...



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