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Six WIndow Panes

Novel By: Riley

A novel about love, true love, and everything in between. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 16, 2008    Reads: 91    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

The world is awash with a golden-blue light, the first beginnings of a new day. One person is outside throwing clothes ungently onto the clothesline, in a manner that suggests annoyance. Even though the day is new, for this person it is not. It's been long, even in the few hours she's been awake. Her name is Bethany L'Aim, and this is Los Angeles, California. The smog hovers over the city at this hour, heavy and daunting. She'd had her boyfriend Broskiven build the clothesline especially for her out in the backyard of the new house they'd recently gotten, with two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms, but really, how could you have half of a bathroom? If it worked, it was certainly a whole one.

While throwing things over the clothesline, she's holding her spare hand on her stomach, which is extended with a child. Eight and a half months pregnant, and still running around the house cleaning and what not. Broski didn't like it at all, which is why she did it while he was off teaching people how to exercise. They'd gotten into a fight the previous night, and she was still shaken up from it, due to how close he'd come to hitting her. It wasn't necessarily her fault that she couldn't exactly have sex with him. It was both their faults, and the fact that she'd decided to keep the baby, whom she was naming Avery. Originally she'd wanted to name the little boy Broskiven Le'Vaire Jr., but Broski had gone off on a long rant about how much he'd been teased during his school days.

Bethany couldn't wait to become a mother, truth be told. After her abortion during her marriage to Travis. It had been a short, and rather unromantic marriage, in her opinion. Despite this however, she'd still sent him letters, and received one or two every now and then. Even though she had a computer and a cell phone, letters were always more personal, she liked certain people's handwriting. Especially Broski's, such as when he left her a note that he'd be at work late, or something like that. He rarely woke her in the mornings now, considering the fact that she was on an early maternity leave from the hospital in southern Los Angeles. Recently however, there were rumors that it might be shutting down due to lack of profits, and she might be out of a job for a while. Luckily Broski's job as a personal trainer paid well, due to the fact that he had a couple of celebrity clients, and some who were just plain old rich.

Finally done tossing the clothes onto the line, the blond haired woman began her way into the back door to the house, but was stopped by a familiar little critter by the door. "Oh, Tigger. Got out again, hm?" She cooed towards the tiny tabby kitten that Broski had adopted before Beth had made her entrance into his life. Apparently he'd come only a few days before she had, and she found it rather interesting that somebody so masculine as Broski, would have a tiny kitten as a pet.

Picking up the kitten with one hand, she opened the back door with the other, and then gently put the kitten down onto the carpeted floor.



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