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I'm yours (a short novella)

Novel By: RLH

Prom time. Usually girls would jump for joy and create a countdown on their phones but I hated it. Not the even itself, no, rather it was the people who turned up, specifically him.

Now what happens when my mad-as-a-bag-of-frogs best friends convinces me to go along with a revenge plan? Perhaps the half baked ones are indeed the best. View table of contents...


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Oh I really didn't want to ruin the look of this by adding this authers note in but I noticed many things that need to be said...though feel free to skim read this or just skip it all together...'tis up to you :) So I've already given the points to my group and I hope you guys (pink group) don't hate me or be really dissappointed with your scores. It genuinely was so hard to score and that sucked 'cos I feel really guilty now but I knew what I was signing up form when I entered the competition.

Ok, that said, I can now go all happy and un-guilty (I had some chocolates). This part is random and un-necessary so just skip it :) So like I said, this is based off the song "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz and it sort of fits (I hope) and I put a few of the lines from the song into this so that's why some things don't make sense :/ but what I noticed mainly was that a psychologist would have a field day with this story -.- oh and I apologise for the overuse of English Terms so just ask me what things mean and I'll be glad to tell you what they mean in American terms. For now, though, please, I hope you enjoy my "Novella" and that you can get past the first part :)

Oh, and this is dedicated to RosieDork1 (a newbie on this site) because she made my fan number even :) ( gotta love even numbers)


~A very short novella~


They say that there are defining moments in our lives that change everything. Like we know that at that precise moment, something bad would follow. Like when you get a phone call at six in the morning saying that your brother has been rushed into hospital because he's having a heart attack. Yes, that would be a moment of fright but then you think. What really caused the heart attack? Then you really begin to back track back to the cause. Well he had lung cancer, but what from? Well he smoked a packet of cigarettes a day. Why? Because he got addicted to them. Why? Because his friends were all smoking in school. And that's when you realise that the moment he lit that cigarette was the definite moment his life changed. But he didn't know that in the future he would get cancer and possibly die, no, he lived in that second. He didn't think of the future when he gave in to the pressure, he was living in the present. Nobody ever thinks of the future when they live because why would you? You could be crossing the road and get run over. When you set foot off the pavement you didn't think to yourself that there could be a boy racer racing around the bend. Things happen and we hardly ever stop to think, we get caught up in the now that everything else seems to melt away.

Looking back, I could tell you the exact moment my life changed. I could tell you the weather outside, what was said to me and what lesson we were walking to. Looking back, I realise that there was no other choice for me. It all changed when my enemy muttered the words "Go to prom with me". Of course a feeling of horror overtook me briefly but it was for the wrong reason. Prom. Even the word made my lips curl and my stomach clench in hatred. I didn't mind wearing the dresses, not at all, but it was the people who would be there that made me not want to go. Specifically him; Will Hurst. My worst enemy and also the love of my life.

Yeah, you're probably thinking "what the hell?" or something similar but I did love him and I really wish I didn't. I don't even know how it happened. Sometime during the arguments he'd get in my face just long enough for me to see his true form. The way his eyes sparkled with mischief as he taunted me and the way his commanding brow would raise haughtily as if to dare me just added to the passion. What made me fall, though, was what he could have been if he let his guard down to the people around him. I knew of the social pressures of being a popular person but surely those pressures were put in place by his own self doubt and then enforced by the others in the clique. Normally in an English school we didn't really have noticeable cliques as such, not like the stereotyped American T.V shows, but more friendship groups. Everybody knew everybody in their year but there were only a few people who were different than the other ordinary people. And it just so happened to be the populars that stood out. They were the ones who were really athletic and pretty and who had loads of friends but also were known to be two faced whores who loved make up. I tried so hard to break away and stay away from them but fate wouldn't allow it. It made Will in need of a tutor in year eight by none other than me. It made him take my first kiss in year nine as a dare. And then in year ten it made me his primary target of bullying. Every day from then on he would find some way to humiliate me or have a huge argument but every time, without fail, I'd secretly love it. Don't get me wrong, I got him back for all his misdeeds but I loved the passion from our arguments. And through all that I somehow managed to conceal my emotions, to put up a blank mask of indifference every time he'd be nearby. It took a lot of energy to do but I refused to fall at his feet and fawn over his every action like so many did. It was sickening and that was just the right thing to get me to be able to pull off this magic act. Because in essence, that's exactly what it was.

The day my life changed was just another one of those days. You know, the average ones when it's probably pouring it down with rain that seems endless.

Well today was the same. It was raining. Huge fat raindrops poured from a depressingly grey sky. Maybe that was an omen for later but I just ignored it thinking it was the bi-polar weather acting up again. Everybody filed through the gates, dashing straight for shelter. I couldn't tell who was who as everybody was wearing thick coats. I decided against wearing a coat because the rain would just soak through it and I'd end up being wet anyway. But being truthful, I knew it was because I loved the rain. I didn't care about catching a cold or getting frizzy hair, I just loved how it could change a landscape. I adored the warm, earthy smell that it made and I loved it most on a warm day like today was. My dad said it was like the earth was having a great big fart to clear the air and in a way I could see his reasoning. The best times was before a storm would hit and the air would be electrically charged and you could feel the humidity rising. As a child I loved counting between thunderclaps using "elephants" to judge whether it was heading towards us or not. It sounds sad but I was easily entertained as a child.

Obviously, though, I spent too much time admiring it and not watching where I was going as my foot sunk into a puddle. The converse immediately absorbed the rain all the way through to my toes. Ugh that would make my day so much more uncomfortable. Peeved off, I started to make my way outside also not noticing the shoe in front of me until the ground was all up in my face. I knew who it was without looking at his face. Glancing up I saw his smirk before I heard the laughter and mocking voices calling "She fell over, she fell over!" from some ancient advert.

I didn't care for the voices; all I cared for was getting away before I ended up kissing the life out of those soft lips. God I was turning into one of them which was something I hated. Desperately running inside to the common room I sought out my dirty minded best friend who would make me feel normal again.

In a morning we would meet up in the sixth form common room to escape the popular crowd. They never hung out in here because it wasn't cool enough for them so it was relatively safe to talk about them. For both of us we couldn't see what was so bad about this room. In other parts of school you would struggle to use the internet but in here you could go on pretty much whatever you wanted to, within reason of course. There was a vending machine filled with the fizzy drinks that were forbidden anywhere else and of course there was the huge windows lining the wall which easily allowed us to spy on the helpless year sevens with back packs they could easily fit into.

"'sup bitch" Was the greeting I received from my best friend that morning. I laughed at her attempt to sound like a white gangster whilst taking a seat opposite her. She peered over her OK! magazine to poke her tongue out at me before resuming her reading. She wasn't a gossip girl; she hated the magazines as much as I did but she enjoyed the headlines such as 'Gordon Ramsey's sex dwarf eaten by badger' which would allow us to just laugh at the crazy world. "You look very wet." She pointed out, a shrug was my half arsed answer as I took a bite out of the apple I'd brought as a substitute for breakfast. She put her magazine down on the coffee table and looked disapprovingly at my choice of food. "I never have understood your attitude towards breakfast and I don't think I want to but bring that thing" She pointed at my apple, "in front of my face again and I think I'll have to disown you". I just smiled back at her and took an extra slow bite from it just to tease her. And that's precisely when the universe decided to make my morning worse than it already was. Because at that moment, Will plonked himself down next to me. He flung an arm around my shoulders and winked obviously at me. "Sexy look, love. But you have juice running down your chin" He grinned. I wiped at it with the back of my hand before shrugging and resuming my breakfast. He continued to look at me solidly while I ate which felt really unnerving to say the least. If I were a Disney character then I'd say that it felt like he was looking into my soul. Obviously no such thing could happen as we lived in the real world where unicorns didn't exist. Even though I really wished they did. "I have a feeling that you won't leave so what do you want, William" I drew out his full name to annoy him and to let him know that I was in an irritable mood. Wow I should be an actress!

"Go to prom with me" And that is why, kids, you should never eat when in the presence of Will. The chunk of apple I was chewing suddenly flew down my throat as I gasped in shock which then evoked a series of whooping coughs as I chocked. My eyes watered and I could barely make out Sammi laughing so hard that is was silent and she just sat there braying like a donkey. Will immediately jumped into action whacking my back as hard as possible to dislodge the piece of apple. Surprisingly it worked and I begrudgingly muttered a thank you as I shifted away from him my face turning red. Will noticed my movement and followed me. I moved again and he did the same. This went on until I fell off the chair at the end. And William, being the charmer he is, scooped me up into his lap and wrapped his arms around me. I clenched my jaw with the effort to calm my racing hear down.

"Now as much as I enjoy saving your life, I need an answer before classes start in ten minutes." Oh crap we missed tutor so now we'd be marked as truant. Well probably not since most people skipped that part of the day thinking that now we're in year eleven we were too badass to go to roll call. I groaned anyway. "I do need an answer now because it would be suicide to turn up to prom dateless. You know how these things are." Funny thing was, I didn't know how it went but surely that wasn't so bad...for someone like me. I shook my head but he wasn't going to take no for an answer as he leant back in the chair and dragged me with him. His muscular arms held me in place as he moved the hair from my neck and leant it. Very carefully, he moved his mouth to my ear. "I just saved your life and don't think that I don't know you're not supposed to be in here. Every day for a year you've sat in here, both of you, and I never told anybody. I think you owe me." His cool breath fanned my face as he spoke and it took all I had not sigh at his minty smell. What was happening to me? Yes it was true that we weren't supposed to be in here in a morning but it was to escape him and his clan of Barbies'. Sammi just went along with it for the thrill of possibly being caught. She was like that, she loved the thrill of the chase and doing risky things all in the name of living young. It got worse as we finished off our GCSE's a few weeks back.

"No, you can tell any teacher you like that we hang in here, I don't care but if you think I'd do that for you as a favour then who are you kidding? This is a much bigger dare than the one to kiss me years ago which I was actually shocked that you thought you could pull it off. Well I'm sick of it. So no, I will not accompany you." I let out in a huff before ripping his arms from my body and shifting next to Sammi. Will just looked as unfazed as he always did. While Sammi stuck her fist in the air and shouted "Girl power!" which made me smile. Though my smile immediately left my face as he leant over the table and grabbed my apple. He took a huge deliberate bite over where I'd bitted into it and ginned at me. "Just think about it" He smirked sauntering off. Again I suppressed a shudder and moan at that last act. It was like he knew just how to push my buttons and enjoyed every second of it. And if I was being totally honest with myself, then I'd say the same about myself.

Sammi looked at me proudly and wrapped me in a hug. "I knew I kept you around for a reason" She grinned excitably as we stood up to collect out bags.

"It was quite liberating" I nodded absentmindedly at some sixth formers entering the room. They looked unfazed and nodded back to me since we'd been doing this a year they got used to it and sometimes included us in a game of poker before school. It never involved money but it was really funny they way they were really childish and tried to cheat. But my thoughts soon took a more sinister tone as I begun to formulate a plan to get back at him for today alone. He'd already embarrassed me three times before first period had even begun and I felt that there was more to come. So that plan had to be huge. As if sensing my devious thoughts, Sammi grinned wickedly too. "So jess are you going to go to prom?"she looked at me expectantly as her eyes gleamed over. Every day she asked me the same question and every day I said no. I was hoping that today she'd forget to ask me but of course we had to walk past a huge poster displaying the event. "'cos if you want to get back at him then we'll have to gate crash prom dressed really beautifully to blow him out of the water and then ignore him all night" She clapped her hands together excitedly. I knew this would benefit her as much as it did me; she'd been trying to get me to go to prom for weeks now and each time I'd flat out refuse but today, I would agree. I knew it would probably end up with me embarrassing myself but I didn't care.


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