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looking for love in all the wrong places.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

Debbie Wilson is a beautiful, attractive, married woman, she works as a registered nurse at a local hospital, She's married to her high school sweetheart Peter Wilson, They Live in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a City called Rolla. Until something happened to her.

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Sexual Content That Might Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...



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Debbie Wilson is living a happy life, Until her husband, Peter, wouldn't even have any time with her, Until She goes for her first night out.

Chapter 1.

Debbie Wilson was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, when her husband Peter came in the house, he ate his breakfast and started reading the newspaper, he didn't even noticed his wife.

"Peter, what do you want for Dinner Tonight?".

"I don't care".

Peter left for work, Until Debbie couldn't take it anymore, she went up-stairs, down the hallway, into the master bedroom, She changed her clothes, she wore a black bra, a blackshort-dress with a zipper in the back, she put her on her black high-heel shoes, She put on her black leather jacket, She took off her wedding ring from her finger, She grabbed her purse,she went out of the master bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, through the living room, she went out of the house, down the front porch, down the sidewalk, she went into her car, she drove off to a local bar, and sat down in a booth in the corner, While she was sitting in the booth in the corner, a handsome man was sitting at the bar, with two of his friends, until they saw her.

"I think she needs some company", The handsome man said.

He got up from his bar stool, he started walking toward Debbie, until Debbie saw him looking at her, he was smiling at her.

"Hi, I'm Dennis Floyd, may I sit here?", The man asked.

"Oh, Yes", Debbie answered.

"Thanks, so what's your name, Beautiful?", Dennis asked.

"I'm Debbie", Debbie answered.

"Nice to meet you, Debbie", Dennis said.

"Nice to meet you too, Dennis", Debbie replied.

Dennis looked at Debbie and was smiling at her, She smiled back at him. Debbie got up from the booth, she started walking toward the door, and Dennis fallowed right behind her.

"Debbie how about if you'll come to my house?".


Dennis took Debbie to his car, and they drove off, about an hour later, They've arrived at Dennis's house, and went inside his house. Debbie looked around his house.

"Wow, Dennis, you have a nice house".


Dennis closed the door behind him, and locked it.

"Dennis I better go home", Debbie said.

"Ok", Dennis replied.

Debbie started walking toward the door, She was shocked to find that it was locked.

"Dennis, will you unlock the door?", Debbie asked.

"No", Dennis answered.

"Dennis, I'm Serious, Open the door", Debbie said.

"And I said No", Dennis replied.

"If You don't open the door, I'll get on the phone and call the police".

Debbie was about to walk toward the phone, Dennis grabbed her, and put his arms around her, he started kissing her, he put her up against a wall, he slowly took off her black leather jacket, he slowly unzipped her black dress, and started moving his hand on her back, he took her to his bedroom, another hour later they've arrived at Dennis's bedroom, he took Debbie into his bedroom, he closed the door behind them, he slowly moved Debbie toward his bed, her eyes were closed, He carefully laid her on top of his bed, he slowly was on top of her, he started moving his hand on her brown hair, and he moved his finger on her face.

"you're so beautiful, so beautiful", Dennis whispered as he slowly lifted Debbie's black dress, he saw her stomache.

Dennis started moving his hand all over Debbie's stomache, he continued lifting Debbie's dress, and started moving his hand on her legs, and kissing them too.


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