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Single, Divorcee Mom, falls in love with a man that she had met online

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

Delia Anderson, Beautiful, Attractive, Auburn hair, blue eyed, Single, Divorcee woman, she works at a local bank, she lives in a suburban house with her 17-year-old son, Jonathan Anderson, and her 4-year-old son, Matthew Anderson, The Boy's father had walked-out on them when Jonathan was about 6, and Matthew was a baby, in a town called Rolla, Until something happened to them. View table of contents...



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Something is about to happen to a Single, Divorcee Mother and her two sons.

Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Rolla, at a suburban house, Delia Anderson was in her bedroom on the computer, when she found a dating website, she got on it, and saw some single guys, she set up her blog, in it she wrote that she was Single, and rising two sons on her own, she enjoys taking nice walks in the cool evening, going to parties, and eating ice cream at a local ice cream pallor, after Delia was done, she entered it in, she was surprise to see that some responded to her blog, she clicked on the name, and it was from a man named Kent, he wrote to her, and told her that he liked her blog, and he wanted to meet her in person, he told her where to meet him at, that evening, Delia was getting ready for her first meeting with Kent, when her oldest son, Jonathan came into her master bedroom.

"Mom, why are you dressing-up nice?", Jonathan asked.

"Because I'm going out for the night", Delia answered.

"Ok, Mom", Jonathan said.

"I'll be back at around 8:00, just be sure to give yourself and your little brother, dinner, homework, then to bed", Delia said.

"Ok, Mom", Jonathan replied.

Delia went out of the house, she got in her car and drove off, about an hour later, she arrived at a romantic restaurant, she saw Kent, he saw her.

"Wow, Delia, you're just so beautiful", Kent said.

"Oh, Thank You", Delia replied.

Kent and Delia Continued eating, they kept on looking at each-other.

"I better go to the bathroom", Delia said as she got up from her chair.

"Ok", Kent replied as Delia walked toward the restroom's.

While Delia was in the rest-room, Kent grabbed Delia's purse that she had left, he got her telephone bill, he put the purse back, until Delia came back to the table, they continued eating, Meanwhile Back At Delia's House, Jonathan found out that Delia's date was really, Kenneth Edward Bird, he decided not to tell her, until Delia came home.

"Hi, Mom, how was your date?", Jonathan asked.

"Oh, it was wonderful", Delia answered as she looked into her purse.

"Jonathan, have you seen the telephone bill?", Delia asked.

"No, Mom", Jonathan answered.

"Ok", Delia said.

Jonathan and Delia went up-stairs and went to bed, that same night at a hotel room, Kenneth Edward Bird was putting on his black gloves, he got a gun, he put it in his pocket, he grabbed Delia's telephone bill, and went out of the hotel room, The Next Morning, Jonathan and Matthew went off to school, while Delia was by herself in the house, she went out of her house, and was running her morning errands, while Kenneth Bird pulled his car in front of Delia's house, he went inside the house, about an hour later, Delia returned home, she went inside her house after driving her car on the drive-way of her house, she put her purse on the table beside the phone, and turned the answering machine on, she didn't have any messages, until Kenneth Bird sneaked-up behind her, he grabbed her, and covered her mouth up with his black gloved-hand, Until Delia started screaming and struggling.

"Don't scream or I'm going have to hurt you, do you understand, nod if you understand?", Kenneth Bird asked until a scared Delia slowly nodded her head.

"Good Girl, Now Come with me", Kenneth Bird said as he dragged Delia out of her house.

he took her toward his car, he forced her in the driver-seat of his car, while he sat on the floorboard of the car, he forced her to drive down the street away from her house.

"Don't do anything foolish or I'm going have to do this to you", Kenneth Bird said as he took out his gun, he put the side of his gun on the back of Delia's Leg, he slowly moved it up and down the back of her leg.

"Ok, I won't", Delia replied.

"Good Girl", Kenneth said.

Delia continued driving down the road, until she thought if she was ever going to see her two sons, Jonathan and Matthew again, Meanwhile Jonathan and Matthew were walking down the sidewalk from school.

"Jonathan, do you think that Mommy would like my picture that I made for her in Art Class for Mother's Day?", Matthew asked.

"Oh, I'm sure she will", Jonathan answered.

"Oh Boy", Matthew said.

Just when Jonathan and Matthew were about a feet away from their house, they saw some police officers at their house, they walked over toward the yellow tape, they were about to go toward the house, when a Police officer stopped them.

"You boys have got to stay back", the police officer said.

"Is something wrong?", Jonathan asked.

"Something happened", The Police Officer answered.

"What happened?", Jonathan asked.

"We think that your mother might've been kidnapped", The Police Officer answered.

Jonathan wondered who could've done it, Meanwhile Delia was driving Kenneth Bird's car down the interstate, she was thinking of a chance to escape.

"Don't think about escaping, or else something will happen to your two children", Kenneth Bird said.

"Ok", Delia replied.

Delia kept on driving, She wondered if she'll ever see Jonathan and Matthew again. Meanwhile Back at Delia's House, Jonathan was talking to a Police Officer, the police officer told him that they're putting out an APB out on their mother, Jonathan hoped that the police would find their mother, he went up-stairs to his bedroom and closed the door behind him, he started thinking about their mother.

"where could Mom be?", Jonathan said to himself.

Meanwhile Delia was driving Kenneth Bird's car down the interstate, Until she decided to plea for her life.

"Look, I'll pull off the interstate, and you can let me go, I won't tell anybody, and I won't call the police", Delia said.

"That's not an option, Pull over, I've got to change the plates", Kenneth replied.

Until Delia pulled off at a rest stop, Kenneth forced her out of the car, he made her stand in front of the car, he switched the plates of another car next to theirs, he did the same to the back ones, Until Delia saw a couple walking toward them, She was about to say something, when Kenneth grabbed her, he put his arms around her, until Delia started to whimper.

"shhh, don't say anything, just hug me, just hug me", Kenneth whispered in Delia's ear.

Until the couple walked past them, and got into their car next to theirs, Kenneth waited till they were gone, he opened the trunk of the car.

"Get in the trunk", Kenneth said.

"What?", Delia asked.

"Get In The Trunk", Kenneth answered.

"No, Please, No", Delia said as she started sobbing.

Kenneth forced Delia in the trunk, he closed the trunk door, he walked to the driver-side, he got in to the driver-seat, he started to pull out of the rest area parking lot, Meanwhile Inside the trunk, Delia was looking around to see what she could find something to use, when she didn't find it, she started sobbing again, Meanwhile Back at Delia's House, Jonathan was upset that the police didn't find Delia, he decided not to tell his little brother, Matthew about it, Meanwhile Kenneth had just pulled-up to a gas station, he was pumping gas in the gas tank, after he was done putting the gas tank lid back on, he walked toward the gas station to pay for the gas, while inside the trunk, Delia was thinking of a plan to escape.

"Hello, Anybody, Somebody, Help Me, Help Me, I'm In The Trunk", Delia called.

But her cries for help was overlapped by a sound of a construction site, About an hour later, Kenneth came out of the gas station, he started walking toward his car, he put his hand on the trunk of the car, and slowly moved it, he got into the driver-seat, and drove off, Meanwhile Back at Delia's house, Jonathan was upset when the police had called off the search for his and Matthew's mother, the police have questioned their estranged father, but he had an alibi, he didn't have anything to do with her kidnapping.

"Where could mom be, I just can't believe that the police have given-up the search for her, I'm not going to give up, I know that she's still alive, and she's out-there, somewhere, and I don't even know who has her, or what he going to do to her, I just care about her so much, and I love her so much too, and I don't care about Incest, I'm falling in love with my own mom", Jonathan said to himself until his little brother Matthew came in the living room.

"Jonathan, has the police found Mommy yet?", Matthew asked until Jonathan decided to lie to him.

"They're still looking for her", Jonathan answered.

"Ok", Matthew said.

Jonathan breathed a sigh of relief, he decided to keep telling Matthew Lies until their mother is found, Meanwhile at a house in Lincoln, Nabraska, Delia was laying on a matteress, she was bound and gaged on the matteress, she was in a bedroom that had one window that was boarded-up, and a door, suddenly footsteps were coming from outside of the door, the doorknob started rattling, the door opened, Kenneth Bird came in the bedroom, he looked at Delia, he started walking toward her, Until Delia started whimpering.

"You're still so beautiful", Kenneth said as he started moving his hand on her leg, Until Delia started moving.

Kenneth left, after he was gone, Delia started crying.


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