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Single Woman falls in love with a man, that she had met online.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

Rachel Anderson, Beautiful, Single, Attractive, Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Woman, She lives in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a town called Arcadia, Until She fell in love with a man named Joshua Mayfield, that She had met online. View table of contents...



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Rachel Anderson is about to meet the man of her dreams.

Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, Rachel Anderson was in the kitchen of her house in a shaded tree line neighborhood, washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, she looked out of her kitchen window, and saw a her next door neighbor's husband in the backyard working on a grill, when her next door neighbor came out of the back door, Rachel saw them talking to each-other, and kissing each-other, she sighed, she put the last plate up, She went out of the kitchen, turned her computer on, and got online, she got on a website called findLove.com, until she found that someone had sent her a letter.

"Dear Rachel, I've just got your letter, and I would have to say that I'm Impressed, I've really liked your hobbies, going for evening walks, taking warm showers, drinking hot chocolate, eating hot, buttery popcorn, I'm Joshua Mayfield, I would like to hear from you, soon, Sincerly, Joshua", Joshua Mayfield's Letter said to Rachel.

Rachel was surprised to hear from Joshua, she decided to write to him back, another hour later, Rachel and Joshua started chatting to each-other over findLove.com chat-room, They started planning on meeting with each-other, The Next Day, Rachel was excited about finally meeting Joshua, About an hour later Rachel was sitting in a park bench, she looked to the left and to the right, she looked at her watch, Until she saw Joshua, and He saw her.

"Hi, I didn't think that you would be so beautiful", Joshua said as he looked up and down at Rachel.

"Oh, Joshua", Rachel replied as she looked at him.

Joshua took Rachel by the hand, and they walked out of the park, Joshua put Rachel in his car, he got in the driver-seat of the car, and they drove off, another hour later, Joshua took Rachel to a restaurant, went out of the car, into the restaurant, they sat down in a booth.

"So, Joshua, are you married?", Rachel asked as she looked at Joshua.

"I've lost my wife in a car crash", Joshua answered as he looked at Rachel, while underneath the table Joshua's foot was moving up and down the back of Rachel's legs.

"Oh, I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sure your wife is in a better place, I've lost my husband in a car crash too", Rachel said as she felt Joshua's foot moving on the back of her leg.

"I'm sorry for your loss too", Joshua replied as he continued moving his foot on the back of her leg.

Joshua and Rachel left the resturant, he took her back home, Joshua drove his car in front of Rachel's house, and he stopped his car, by the sidewalk curb.

"Joshua, I had a wonderful time", Rachel said as she looked at him.

"Yeah, Me too", Joshua replied as he looked at her.

"Well, Good-night", Rachel said as she got out of Joshua's Car.

"Good-Night", Joshua replied as he watched her walked toward the front porch, and he drove off, as Rachel went inside her house.

The Next Morning, Rachel was thinking about Joshua, until She decided to see him, she went out of her house, locked the door behind her, She went down the front porch, walked toward her car, she got into her car, turned her car on with her car key, She pulled out of her drive-way, and drove off, About an hour later, Rachel made it to an Apartment Complex, She saw Joshua's car, in the parking lot, She pulled her car beside Joshua's car, she turned off her car, got her car key, put it in her purse, she got out of her car, left her purse in the car, she walked toward Joshua's apartment, she ringed the door-bell, and Joshua answered the door.

"Hi, Rachel, what are you doing here?", Joshua asked as he looked at her.

"I just want to see you", Rachel answered as she looked at him.

"Come In, Rachel", Joshua said as he stood out of the way.

"Thank you", Rachel replied as she walked in Joshua's apartment, he closed the door behind her and was looking at her bottom.

"You have a nice apartment", Rachel said as she looked around Joshua's Apartment.

"Thanks, Rachel, why don't we go to my bedroom?", Joshua asked as he looked at Rachel.

"Ok", Rachel answered as Joshua led her from the living room, to his bedroom, they went in the bedroom, Joshua closed the bedroom door behind them and locked it too, As Rachel sat down on the bed.

"This is a nice Bedroom, Joshua", Rachel said as she looked around Joshua's bedroom.

"Thanks, Rachel", Joshua replied as he sat down on the bed beside Rachel, Until she noticed a picture of Joshua's late wife on his dresser-drawer.

"Is that your wife?", Rachel asked as she pointed to the picture.

"Oh, Yes, she is", Joshua answered as he moved closer to her.

"She's beautiful", Rachel said unaware that Joshua was moving his hand up and down her back.

"Not half as beautiful as you, Rachel", Joshua replied as he slowly moved his other hand on Rachel's blonde hair.

"Joshua, Don't", Rachel said as she grabbed Joshua's wrist.

"No", Joshua replied as he gripped Rachel's hand.

"Joshua, let go of me, Please?", Rachel asked as she started to get scared.

"No, I'm not going to let go of you", Joshua answered as he grabbed Rachel and he moved her to the top of the bed, and was on top of her.

"Joshua, what are you doing?", Rachel asked as she started struggling.

"No, not until i get what I want", Joshua answered as he tightened his grip on Rachel's wrists.

"Joshua, get off of me, you're scaring me", Rachel said as she continued struggling.

"No, now just relax, you're going to love it", Joshua replied as he was about to rape Rachel, until she broke free from him.

"Help me, Somebody", Rachel called until Joshua grabbed her and covered her mouth her.

"Now, Now, Rachel, you're not going anywhere", Joshua said as he threw her back on the bed and started rapeing her.

Joshua put his hand over Rachel's mouth, he started kissing on her neck, while Rachel's started sobbing, as Joshua continued kissing on her body, after he was done, he let Rachel go, she started running out of the bedroom, and out of his apartment, she got into her car and she drove off to her house, she arrived at her house, she went into her house, went up-stairs, into the bathroom, she took a shower.

The Next Morning, Rachel was walking to her car after coming out of the local post office, she opened her car door and got into the driver-seat of her car, She was about to close her driver-side door, when a hand stopped it, Rachel looked and saw Joshua knelt down beside her.

"Hi, Rachel", Joshua said as a shocked Rachel looked at him.

"Joshua, what are you doing here?", Rachel asked as she started looking for some help.

"I just want to see you, Rachel", Joshua answered as he laid his hand on Rachel's leg.

"Joshua, leave me alone", Rachel said as she drove off, leaving Joshua behind.

Meanwhile Rachel arrived at her house, she pulled her car up on her drive-way, she went out of her car, inside her house, she locked the doors and windows, until her telephone ringed, She picked-up the phone, and it was her best friend, Vicki Simms.

"Hi, Rachel", Vicki said as Rachel was relieved that it wasn't Joshua.

"Hi, Vicki", Rachel replied as she started talking to her.

"Rachel, what's wrong?", Vicki asked not knowing that someone was sneaking toward her house.

"Oh, Nothing", Rachel answered trying not to tell her friend about what had happened to her.

"Rachel, i think something's wrong", Vicki said not knowing that someone was sneaking into her house.

"Ok, Vicki, i was raped by a man that i had just met online", Rachel replied until a stunned look was on Vicki's face.

"Oh No, Rachel Maybe you should call the police", Vicki said not knowing that someone was watching her.

"No, Vicki, i can't, because it'll be his word against mine", Rachel replied until they got off the phone.


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