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Single Woman Finds Loves with a Prison Convict.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

Delia Anderson, Beautiful, Attractive, Dark Auburn Hair, Blue Eyed, Single Woman, She lived in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a town called Arcadia, Until she found love with a Prison Convict named Michael Scott King, the fallowing chapter might have some sexual content that might not be good for small children. View table of contents...



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Delia Anderson was feeling lonely, she had seen all of her closet friends with someone, she wished she had someone to be with, she wished she had someone to share her umbrella with, she wished she had someone to talk to, Until she signed-up for a prison pen-pal program that she had heard about, she wrote her letter, and added a picture of herself too, she put it in the mail.

Chapter 1.

At a Prison On the Outskirts of Arcadia, a Prison Convict named Michael Scott King, was in his Prison cell, when he got a letter, he took the letter, opened it up, he started reading Delia's Letter to him, after he was done reading Delia's Letter, he saw the picture of herself, he smiled at her.

"She's so beautiful", Michael King said to himself as he slowly moved his finger on Delia's leg, he got up from his bed, and started writing Delia back.

The Next Morning, Delia got a letter from Michael King, she opened the letter and started reading his letter to her.

"Dear Delia, I've just got your letter and picture, I think you're just so beautiful, I would like to see you again, sincerly Michael King", Michael King's letter said.

After Delia got done reading his letter, she decided to see him, The Next Morning, Delia went to the prison, she got a visitorbadge, she went into the prison waiting visiting room, she saw some other people visiting, Suddenly she heard the door opened, Delia looked and saw Michael King coming In the prison waiting visiting room, he saw her, he started smiling at her.

"Hi, Delia, you're just so beautiful, I just never thought you'd be so beautiful", Michael King said as he walked toward her.

"Oh, Thank You, Mr. King", Delia replied blushing at Michael King.

"Delia, why don't you call me, Michael?", Michael King asked smiling his charming at her.

"Ok, Michael", Delia answered entranced by Michael King's smile as they sat down on the chair at the table.

"So, Michael, are you married?", Delia asked as she looked at him.

"Well, I was married, once, but She left me and she took the kids with her", Michael King answered as he looked at Delia.

"Oh, I see", Delia said as she saw Michael King's hand moving toward hers.

"How about you, Delia, are you married?", Michael King asked as his hand was inching further and further to her hand.

"My husband was killed in a car crash", Delia answered as Michael King's hand was moving closer to her hand.

"Oh, I'm sorry for your loss, but i'm sure your husband is in a better place", Michael King said as he put his hand on Delia's hand, until Delia smiled at him, he smiled at her.

"Oh, Thank You", Delia replied as she still blushed.

About an hour later, Time was up for them, they said good-bye to each-other, and left, Delia went back to her house, and Michael King went back to his prison cell, Every day, Delia and Michael would write letters to each-other, They would also have their visit's too, On that Day, Delia was visiting Michael, They were begining to fall in love with each-other.

"Delia, I have to tell you something?", Michael asked as he looked at Delia with his loving eyes.

"Oh, what is it, Michael", Delia answered as she looked at him with her loving eyes.

"Delia, I'm getting Paroled, and I love you so much", Michael replied while underneath the table, Michael's foot started moving up and down the back of Delia's leg.

"Oh, Michael, I'm so happy for you, and I love you too, so much", Delia said as she felt Michael's foot on the back of her leg.

About an hour later They went back to their seperate places again, The Next Morning, Michael got Paroled, he moved into Delia's House, that Morning, Michael saw Delia in the kitchen washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, he walked-up behind her, he slowly moved his hands on her arms, and put his chin on her shoulder.

"You're so beautiful, i'm so glad we got married, after i was paroled", Michael whispered in Delia's ear.

"Oh, Michael, stop that, I've something to tell you?", Delia asked as she started giggling.

"Oh, what is it", Michael answered.

"Well, I'm Pregnant", Delia replied.

"Oh, That's wonderful", Michael said.

After Delia was done, they went to the hospital, and found out She was having a Baby Boy, about a year later, Delia gave birth to a baby boy, and they've named him, Jared.


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