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Novel By: rosalieemo

Adrian Zimor is the last shifter alive over and overhe has fallen for the woman of his dreams...SHE JUST WON'T STOP DYING!!Finally he decides he has had enough he kidnaps her and vows to protect her forever soon he finds out that another very interesting man is after her. He would do almost anything to have herdaed in the midest of all this drama...What will Carissa do??!! View table of contents...



Submitted:Apr 19, 2010    Reads: 61    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Quartet 3- "Deserted Places." Robert Frost
And lonely as it is that loneliness,
Will be lonelier ere it will be less,
A blanker whiteness is benighted snow,
With no expression, nothing to express!!
Ch 1 "Kidnapped!!"
I sigh staring into the single bathroom mirror. Trying very hard to ignore Damien, he defiantly is not the person I would normally choose to spend my Saturday night with. Honestly, I just didn't want to spend another night alone in my apartment. When I return to our table, someone else is sitting with Damien. "Who's this?" I ask taking a seat, Damien with an exasperated sigh, stands. "Adrian," he says gesturing towards the boy, "Carissa." he says gesturing towards me in a similar way. "Pleased to meet you." Adrian says sweeping over my hand, and kissing it. I raise my eyebrows at him, and Damien chokes on a laugh. "Like wise," I say sarcasm seeping heavy in my voice. I know I look stunning, but I have nothing on Adrian,,, with his baby blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. There seems to be something strangely sexy, and unsolvable about him. Damien clears his throat, pulling me out of my assessment. "Do you two know each other?" he asks sounding a little hurt. "NO!!" Adrian and I say at the exact same time. I blush looking down. It may seem like I know him, but I am near positive, that I have never seen hymn before. "To weird," I whisper starting to get up, so that I can leave. Adrian stands up as well "What are you doing?" Damien complains, in his best high pitched girly voice. Adrian and I look at him, and then slowly we take our seats, at the exact same time! With an exasperated sigh, I stare at my lettuce, searching for patterns, studying each piece. Well there goes my fun Saturday night, turned to lame awkward silence. Damien is the first to give up, he stands and leaves. Abandoning me to sit alone with Adrian. "Well," I say standing to leave Adrian stands as well. "Let me walk you to your car?" he asks though it is more of a demand. I nod, heading for the parking lot. Before we even get halfway to my car, Adrian is grabbing my arm, and leading me around the back of the building. "What are you...?" I start to ask, but I look into his eyes. All I see is resentment, resentment at what he is about to do. "I'm sorry." he whispers, sliding his warm hand over my mouth as I try to scream. I feel the prick of a needle, before I truly realize what he is doing. The world begins to spin, my legs feel like led. They collapse out from under me. Only Adrian's strangely warm, and gentle arms keep me from falling to the pavement. Just before everything goes black, I hear Adrian whispering "Everything.Will.Be.Okay!"...


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