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Love Of A HighSchool Type

Novel By: RoseOfPink

a highschool life, of a girl. about Love,Life,Studies. a bit Funny i think. :D View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 20, 2011    Reads: 84    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

CHAPTER ONE: The meeting and The memories

After I graduated the junior highschool. I am going to a new school for the Senior as freshmens. My bestfriend, Kie is coming with me too. I am so happy! I chose the school which have dorms. Happily, my parents approved. my school is called "Deisu high"....

*knock knock* "someoneis knocking at my door" i said. As i opened it.. "Lucy, we have something for you." my mom told me. "really?" I was shocked, cause they didnt gave me anything for the last 3 years, So i went downstairs. "Wow! a Laptop for me?" I exclaimed. "Thanks Mom and Dad!" I hugged them. *DingDong8 mom opened the door. "Mrs. Yamato, could Lucy, come with me for a walk?" Kie asked "well, i guess i can let her." mom said. "Lucy! change clothes, Kie is going out with you!" mom shouted. I went upstairs to change my pajamas. Wore my favorite Blue t-shirt and jeans. Put my rubber shoes. "I'm off!" I shouted. "Be careful!" dad relied. ad we walk along the shore of the sea. "Lucy. aren't you afraid of going to school tommorow?" kie asked. "Well, no. you see kie, we will meet new friends."I replied. "Are you scared?" I asked. "Actually, Lucy, Iam a little scared." she said. I can notice her down. "We can do it ! " i cheered her up. "Yeap! we can do this!" she shouted. We were both on Fire!

Then it was late, so we decided to go home. When kie was on her way, i went to my haouse like a few blocks away. Suddenly Three boys surrounded me. "Missy, you look lost! wanna come with us?!" one of them said "No, sorry.Iam not lost,Ishould be going." I replied. "Wait a second, what a nice skin you have there!" the second one said and toched my arm. I Slapped him right away. " You Pervert!" I shouted. "I dont wanna go with you! understand?!" I shouted again. "how could you slap me!" then he pushed me so hard that I lost balance and fell off the Ground. He was going to punch me, closer,closer. I closed my eyes and hope for a miracle. I heard a punch sound. I opened my eyes " I'm not hurt1 I am alive!" i said in my head idiotly. Then I looked for the one who was punched, It was a boy with a cute and shaggy hair style that his bangs clocely block his dark blue eyes. he was standing in front of me, trying to protect me, i think. "why do you hurt Girls that are powerless, fight like a man." He says " I cannot let you hurt her, you need to fight me fist!" he continued with determination. through his words, I remembered someone, a friend of mine, who rescued me, the way the boy did.. he became my Best friend, but then he needto leave. he gave me a locket with a picture of us in it as a remembrance. My best friend said the same words the boy said. I held the locket tightly in my hands.

One of them punched him, but ten he punched them all back. "Dont ever come back!" he shouted. Then he walked towards me. "You okay?' he asked. "yeah" i replied in a tiny voice. "Dont walk home this late ok?" he said. "sorry." I told him, then I stood up, but why am i on thr ground still? "You sprained your leg" he said. "here let me carry you." He said with a smile. He carried me like a newly wed couple. I couldn't speak a word, I became speechless. he really has cute eyes. i was staring at him. " Um, i think I'm going to be fine here" i said looking at my house's gate. "it was nothing." he smiled. But please have a diet, you were really heavy" he continued and laugh. "hmpf!" i said in my mind, I noticed he having a wound on his face, maybe it was the punch thing. "I am going now, Good night and take care." he said facing his way. " Wait! you have a wound in your face." I shouted. I ran quickly to him, and gave my Handkerchief. "Here, let me clean that" I said. " Thank you, well good night then" he said eith a cute smile. " Good night, keep the handkerchief" I replied smiling. I went home, went upstairs, on my bed. "wait! What was HIS name!!!!!" I shouted irritatingly.


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