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My Fake Lover

Novel By: RoseOfPink

Paris Maker - The nerd girl which is not so famous. Her age is 17. Her parents are very rich, and left her with a $100,000,000, but she never used it and kept it in the bank. She lost her parents in the age of 10. She never told anyone about her parents true wherebeings. She only says that they were abroad. :( She met a boy in a club which is a part of the WELL-KNOWN BOY BAND. will this change her life?

Nathan Youngston- The vocalist of the BOY BAND. He has a sad past, his GF which he loved, left him. starting that day, he became a playboy. When he met the band, it kinda help him forget his past, but that wasn't enough. He suddenly met a nerd girl. Will this change his heart?

SEE WHAT HAPPENS! More charcters THOUGH! xD View table of contents...



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My Fake Lover Chapter 1- The Embarrassing Accident

It's 2o'clock in the afternoon, I'm still walking this street, feeling the summer breeze…..

"Hey Paris!" Katie said. "Hi Katie!" I replied with a smile. Katie here is a friend of mine. She's like my sis, you know, a BEST FRIEND. So yeah, she's not just a friend, she's a BEST Friend of mine. She is so-called "POPULAR STAR" in our high school days. Unlike her, I had to wear glasses because of my poor eye sight, but I don't wear braces, I have a beautiful teeth. BTW, Katie has a boyfriend named Henry, lucky her. In the other hand, I am one of the NBSB or will I say No Boyfriend Since Birth. Ouch! That IS really hurting me, you know, to know my best friend has and I don't have any.

"Paris! Henry and I was thinking if you wanna go with us in the newly open club. Wanna come?" Katie smiled with great confidence and excitement. "hmm, what club?" I said in curiosity. "Nightshade Club!~" Katie sang with a high pitch, breaking my eardrums. "And what are we going to do there?" I said with my one eyebrow raise. "Henry said that a popular band is going to play there, the band is really quite well-known in the world. Their members are cute and handsome too." Katie explained with excitement. "hmm, you know BOY FISHING is not my stuff…. And this club thing is not my thing." I said lowering my head. "Come on! Just this night.. please?…." Katie said with those puppy and teary emerald eyes of hers. I couldn't resist that, She know my WEAKNESS.

The next thing I knew, I agreed to go to the club Katie was telling me. "OK! Yes! We'll pick you up exactly 7:30 pm! See ya!~" I remembered Katie singing those words, which makes my ear bleed every time. I lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling. I turned my head to look at the clock, it's exactly 5:00 pm already, becoz Katie had me waiting as she browse the shops to buy me a cute outfit. She just bought me a Pink top, a genie jeans which I really like, and a long-sleeved white sweater. So, I stood up and went to the shower to have a short nice warm water. As I got out of my shower, I looked at the clock, it was showing 5:30 pm. I only have 2 hours to prepare. First I did my nails, then my dress, then my makeup. BTW, the makeup is just light not like Lady gaga and Nikki Minaj's. After doing that I pony tailed my hair and clipped it. Wore my glasses and off I go. I left my house at 7:25 pm, am I fast or what? Heheheh.

It's really a cold night, the cold breeze hits my cheeks. I waited at the corner of a book shop, I mean my FAVORITE bookshop. I waited then a familiar car went in front of me. "Hey Paris! Are you coming or what?" I heard Katie said opening the door, leading to the back seat. "I think I'll choose the 'what'" I said with a smirk. "hahaha! VERY funny." Katie rolled her eyes. "You look cute in that outfit Paris!" Henry smiled. "I know, I bought that for her." Katie laughed. "HAHAHA! I know you bought me this, but you took me ages in waiting for you." I said with a little laugh. Henry did so too. "Did not!" Katie said back. "Did to!" I again chuckle. Henry and Katie burst out laughing and so did I.

We didn't notice that we already passed the Nightshade club, so we need to get a U-turn. We were driving safely, until a boy with his motorcycle came to our front. Henry, stopped as fast as he could, and luckily the boy was not hit. Henry stopped the car 3 inches away from the boy. BTW the boy seems in the age of 19, because of his height he looks like 21. Then the boy fell… and I think its FAKE! But Henry and Katie wants me to check him out. I stepped out of the car, felt the cold breeze. I stepped forward closer to the boy. Knelt down to the floor "Are you alright?" I said with a worried expression. The boy didn't answer, " I know it's fake, so stand up." I said rolling my eyes. But still, the boy didn't answer nor move, "Are you ok?" I asked again more worried. Maybe it's Real! It's not FAKE! OMG! Panic! Panic! Panic! "Call 911!!!" I said panicking. I can see Katie panicking while finding her phone in her purse. While Henry, helped her by opening her bag. "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!" I said panicking and worried. I rolled the boy to face me, I can see his face clearer, he looks cute though. His brown shaggy hair, I like his emerald eyes. Then the boy suddenly grinned. "I caught you there!" He grin, then laugh. AARRRRGGHHH! I'm so angry now! "NEVERMIND! I'll be the one who will KILL this boy!" I was angry. "Woah! Woah! Slow down, Popcorn, chill, your so hot headed you can pop out corns in a second!" He laughed. POPCORN?!!!!???? HE called ME POPCORN!!!! ARGGGHHH! I'm totally gonna kill him. "HMPF! Wish I'll never see you!" I shouted, and stood up. "Okay, But POPCORN, be sure you will not miss this face." He grinned. He called me POPCORN again….. argh! "Like I would!" I said kicking him in his stomach. "Ouch! You would, trust me!" he winked then laugh. Arrggghhh! I just walked fast into the car. "Let's go!" I said to Henry and Katie.

"BUT! Is he okay?" they both asked. "Yeah, he's fine he was just joking." I grinned.

We went inside the club. It was very crowded, It's weird that the room is still cold not hot. "Here we are!" Katie and Henry smiled. "Yay!" I said faking a smile. We sat in a corner, then, slow music played. "Wanna dance?" Henry asked Katie, while giving his hands to her. awwww, so sweet. "Okay!" Katie said smiling placing her hand on his. "Stay here, Paris! We'll just go dancing." Katie smiled to me, with a blush. They look so cute together, I said to myself. I called the waiter, "One red wine please!" I smiled. " coming right up!" he smiled back, and in a minute he came back with my wine. "Thanks!" I said. Then, the music kept playing, I was feeling lonely, when a hand was gently put over my shoulder. "Hey, Popcorn!" He said. POPCORN? NO!!! it's that stupid jerk! As I faced him, his emerald eyes saw me through, what's this feeling? "Wanna go dancing POPCORN?" He smirk. Like heck I would! "NEVER!" I said throwing him my wine that I ordered before at his face to his t-shirt. Ok? It's just like in the movie the COPY CAT thing. Ahahhahah! Good for him! "Hey! Why did you do that!" He sadly said irritated. "The band is here my friends!" The DJ said while stopping the music. "The vocalist/Guitarist of the band, Nathan Youngston!" the DJ announced and a SPOT LIGHT hit the boy, who called me popcorn. The crowed looked at me with shock, as they saw me with a glass, and the wine on his face. "HUH?" I was saying that with disbelief and embarrassment.


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