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The Story of us and Him

Novel By: Rosette

Summer Writing Contest Entry -- Paige Bow has loved Eddie for some time now. As childhood best friends she couldn't imagine her life with out him. But then someone moves back who is also from her childhood. Her heart cant love two men at once, can it? But soon she must choose before they both leave her life forever. But she only has the two months left in summer to figure out where her heart lies. View table of contents...


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Summer, is a time of magic, romance, cute guys, and tans, right? Well definitely not so far. I lay splayed out across my bed with the old patched covers. The sunlight streamed through the window and beckons me outside.

It's a month into summer and I still had no desire to do what every other teenage girl wants to do this summer. I had too much to worry about, and right now I had a break from my life. I slowly closed my eyes and let the sunlight from the window warm my face and turn the inside of my eyelids glow.

In my head I knew it wouldn't last. So I close my eyes and suck in the quiet. I hear raised voices from downstairs. I sigh and count down in my head. Three, two, one. A loud bang echoes through the old house shaking the windows and rattling the contents on my desk.

I sigh again and prop myself on my bed. Trying to get up, my muscles are tired and ache. But I stand anyway and leave my room to see who did it this time. I walk down the old hall with chipped paint and bare walls. The hall leads to the kitchen and there I find the two rascals.

They might be the most annoying little siblings in the world. But they were the cutest. I can't help but smile at the sight in front of me. Both smeared in chocolate. Two year old twins were such a pain. Yet I couldn't but help at laugh at their ashamed faces. Katie was the one to apologize first. She ran up to me and hugged my leg, because that was all that she could reach.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry." She looked up at me with huge blue eyes, her bottom lip trembling. Her chocolate covered face somehow made it cuter. Sorry was the only word she knew. While Kyle could for short clipped sentences, Katie somehow stayed behind.

Kyle not to be left behind ran to grab my other leg and looked up at me with the same blue eyes. "I'm sorrier." I look at both of their dark brown hair and giant blue eyes and wonder how anyone that cute could be related to me. While I had the blue eyes and dark brown hair, it just didn't work on me. While these two belonged on TV with their looks.

"What did you do?" I couldn't help but smile as I said the words.

Kyle, being the only one who could talk, answered, "Cookies." He said and smiled. This was funny in my head all of three seconds when I put it together. The cookies were in the cookie jar, and then the loud bang earlier.

Katie saw my horror stricken face and whispered again, "Sorry."

I shook them free of my leg and rushed over to the mess. Cookies lay broken and scattered on the ground. But the only thing that really mattered lay in pieces. It was Mom's favorite cookie jar.

I turn around slowly to them. They really did look sorry, so I pushed down my frustrations with the two and took in a big breath. "Go clean up and go to your rooms." They both scramble away getting away from the crime scene as fast as they could. I was crossing the room to look for the broom when the door bell rang.

I make a U turn and head for the front door. I open the door and a smile splits my face. "Eddie."

"The most wonderful thing just happened." He says and scoops me up into a giant bear hug. I smile at him and my heart flutters with joy of him being so close and touching me. It's not like he hasn't hugged me before. We had been friends since we were in third grade. But lately my heart did summersaults whenever he was near and I couldn't help but feel happy.

He put me down on the ground and I headed for the kitchen knowing he would follow.

"Remember Cassidy?" He said happily. I opened my mouth to express my dislike for that too beautiful girl. But he spoke before I could, "Well today, whoa, Paige. What happened here?" He asked eyeing the remains of a cookie jar.

"The terrible two." I respond sighing.

"This is horrible." He said looking sad.

"It's just a cookie jar." I say dryly. But on the inside I knew it wasn't just a cookie jar. It was my mom's cookie jar.

"It was your moms." He says, he turns his sad eyes to mine. I don't want him to see my cry and if this conversation went any further I just might.

"I know." I say looking down.

"You weren't planning on throwing away these delicious cookies were you?" He gasped. I looked at him and I could tell he was trying to get my mind off of what the cookie jar had meant to me. "Dude, five second rule." He says and scoops down to pick up half a cookie.

"They have been on the floor for at least four minutes now." I laugh sadly.

"Five minute rule." He says through a mouthful of cookie.

I laugh a pick up my own and take a bite.

"Really you can't blame the kids for wanting your cookies." He says as he bent over to pick up another.

"What can I say? It comes naturally." I say through a mouthful of cookie then flip my hair over my shoulder.

He laughs and then gets serious, "No seriously, is this a new recipe?" he asks.

I start laughing again and I have to swallow my mouthful of cookie before I can speak, "They're store bought you dummy." He looks at me then the cookie.

"My whole life is a lie!" he says shocked. I just laugh at him as he looks at me in his pretend shock.

Soon were both laughing and trying not to choke on cookies. When the laughter dies down he goes for anther cookie. I gasp and grab his arm. The contact makes my stomach flutter. "No, Eddie, you can't." He looks at me in confusion. I continue, "I has been six minutes and it was the five minute rule." I say, almost completely serious.

"Oh," He straightens up from his crouched position, "Of course." Its quiets for a second and I can see the corner of his mouth twitching. He was trying to stay serious. Of course that didn't last long. "Ten minute rule." He calls out and grabs another cookie off the floor.

"You're hopeless." I laugh and go grab the broom and the dustpan to clean up the mess.
When I return Eddie has his cool back, his tall figure leaning against the counter, with his dark hair threatening to fall into his dark green eyes. The eyes that were watching me.

"What?" I ask as my heart skips a beat at his gaze. He shakes his head and the hard look in his eyes lightens up to the nice friendly way again.

"Nothing, you're just cute holding a broom" He says breezily. Eddie was a flirt. If no girls were around he would flirt with a lamppost. It was something that came easily to him. He found it funny to make girls blush. Or make them feel awkward and mad in my case. But I decide to let it slide. I knew his flirting would never have any real meaning to him.

"So are you going to finish your story about Cassidy? Or will I have to beg?" I say as I start to sweep the broken cookies and cookie jar into a big pile.

"It would be entertaining to see you beg." He says thoughtfully. "But that would just be mean."

I walk over to him and put my hand on his chest, then look up at him through my lashes as if shy. "Oh please Eddie, my heart can't stand the suspense."

For a second he looks confused and dazed. Then he laughs and says, "Paige, you are a man killer."

I let out a very, un-man killer, snort. "Funny."

"I'm serious." He says looking straight in my eyes. I roll my eyes at his act.

"You going to make me beg again or are you going to tell me this story?"

He laughs "I guess I don't have a choice anymore." He looks at me thought fully for a second and then continues. "Well, earlier today, I was at the park with my Trevor and those guys playing basketball."

I nod at him from my position of sweeping on the floor to continue.

"And Cassidy was there." He pauses for a second then looks at me, "You remember Cassidy, right?"

"Yeah." I reply lamely. Who doesn't? She was the sweetest girl in all of town. She was nice to everyone and by far the most popular person. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. She was so nice to me, but she bugged me.

"Well when the boys went out for a break we started talking and," A smile brightened his face. "I did it."

I look at him confused for a second. Then it registered. Ever since I remembered Eddie has had a crush on Cassidy. But he never had the courage to ask her out. But he did it. My first reaction was sadness. I didn't know why, but a second later I convinced myself to be happy. He had done it!

"Eddie! You did it!" I said smiling, but my heart felt heavy. I slugged him in the shoulder. "You're the man!"

He laughed "I can't believe I thought it was going to be hard all those years. I'm a wimpy man."

"You just asked Cassidy Nelson out. The, Cassidy Nelson. You, are the man." I said happily. I felt like running away at the same time.

"You're the best Paige."

"Don't you forget it!" I laugh. "So when is your date?" I say wiggling my eyebrows.

"I'm picking her up at eight."

I look at the clock. Seven thirty, I hadn't realized it was getting so late. "You only have thirty minutes! Go get ready for her."

"But I should help you…" He starts

"Nope, I got this mess. Say hi to the terrible two before you go though. They would cry if they knew you were here and didn't take the time to say hi."

"Okay, are they in their rooms?" He asks.

"Nope, come on out guys and say bye to Eddie." As I say this two little kids spring up behind the counter and tackle Eddie into a hug.

Eddie laughs and hugs them back. "How's my favorite twins?" They both just look up at him and smile. They adore the guy. Sometimes I get jealous over how much they like him over me. But Eddie was like that. Everybody adored Eddie.

I watch Eddie talk and joke with Katie and Kyle, but I hear nothing. My mind is spinning to fast. I have known that I liked Eddie for a while now, but I always thought it as a silly little crush. But the way I wanted to strangle Cassidy right now and the way my heart felt like it had dropped into my stomach. I knew it was something I had no control over.

"That's enough guys, let the guy breathe." I laugh, but it sounded strained and forced to even my own ears. Eddie, knowing me for so long gave me a strange look. I pretended I didn't notice. "Im going to walk Eddie out, don't break anything," They both looked at me with innocent faces and nodded, the perfect little angels.

Eddie and I walked silently to the front door. I didn't know what to say. I felt as if a balloon in my chest that I had never known was there had just popped. I open the door for him and lead him outside. He stops and turns around two steps out of the door. Catching me by surprise, his closeness did nothing for my confused mind.

"Are you really okay Paige?" He asks reaching his hand out to me. I know I wouldn't be able to think straight if he touched me so I moved away. Hurt and confusion flashed in his eyes before he put a mask over his face. I hated this mask. He put it on whenever he had something to hide. But at the moment I had my own feelings that I wanted to hide. So I let the mask stay, even though I was one of the few people who could lift it.

"Just thinking about the cookie jar." I say lamely, when we both know that has nothing to do with it.

He scoffs, "I think it's something else." He stares into my eyes for a second like he is searching for something. I can't stand his gaze so I look away. "You know you can talk to me about anything right?" He says softly.

I look into his eyes again and conjure up a soft smile, "I know. Now go, you're going to be late."

He looks at me in that weird look I saw him giving me earlier. So I stare back promising myself not to wimp out this time. The sun was getting low in the sky and shown behind him, highlighting his tall figure. It lifted his cheekbones and made him look like an angel. For a second I worried that he was never here. That he was too good to be true. But then he touched my arm and whispered, "Bye Paige."

I watched him walk to his car and drive away. I felt like that bye, had little with him leaving. But also any chance of us, any chance of our any sparks. I wanted to cry.

You know you can tell me anything, right? The question repeated in my head several times. Should I tell him? Tell him I loved him, that my heart ached to see his face? I would sound crazy and know he has Cassidy. The girl that every guy wanted.

I felt numb as I walked back into the kitchen. There Katie and Kyle sat eating the cookies off the floor.

"Guys!" I gasp, "You don't eat things off the floor!"

Kyle looks up and smiles at me. "Ten minute rule." It had long since passed ten minutes. But since I still hadn't made dinner and I was to numb to think. We all sat down and had broken cookies off the floor for dinner. All the While my heart battling from within my inside.


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