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A Kiss is Everything

Novel By: Rosiejb

(Finished) A Kiss means a lot to Katie Ellis, the reason why is because she never had one. She pretty yes but she scared of love and knows that too many people get hurt from it all the time. So when her fake relationship with her gay best friend comes to an end she has to face all the guys hitting on her. She is confused about love and does not know what she wants. A kiss is everything to her let’s just hope the first one is with the right person. View table of contents...



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(A/N) okay so i starting writing yet another story i have two coming next year and now two in progress. i guess because i have four weeks off, one more week. i wrote a lot and it is away to take a break from my eassy's i am writing for school. So new year's eve last day of 2011, i wrote this and well i think this could be a story although i'm not sure anyway PLZ comment , vote and tell me what you think.

Anway hope you'll like this story

Love Love Love



Chapter One

If you look at me, you think I am a Slut. Well the truth is, I have never been kissed, well on the lips at least. I mean I have had love bits, and then the kiss on the cheek, but I have never had a kiss on my lips. That may sound a little weird, so guess you're wondering, well my best friend gave them to me, no I am not in love with him. His name is Ethan Lutzand we have been friends for years, another thing is he is gay so, if I did like him that would be just a little bit wrong. No one knows this, other than his older brother and me, he is trying to find a way to tell his parents, but he thinks they are going to kill him. So we pretend to date, so it stops guys feeling me up and hitting on me, and doesn't even put the idea that Ethan is gay. We said only until we find someone we really like, I like playing with people's minds it was always funny. So we have been fake dating about a year, well just under and I'm turning seventeen next week. I have waist length blond hair and grey eyes, I have perfect completion and I am 5ft 6in and always wear heels so bit taller.

I was in my room and the moment; I am getting ready for school. It was the first day back after New Year so my outfit had to be amazing. Well I decided to go with a red dress; it was tight and showed my curves off. It was also low cut and the back was lace, I was probably going to get told off, for wearing this outfit, but I never got told off. I have perfect grades and I don't do anything bad, but I am pretty and popular. After I was changed, I rushed out the house and into Ethan's car, which had pulled up.

"So are you ready to fool a lot of people." I smiled at him, what was really weird if he was straight I think I would consider dating him, for real. But I did have a lot of fun with him, that's why we are best friends. We went out and stuff which made it look like we were really dating and everything, although his brother seems to think I was bad news, and thought we should stop doing this ridiculous thing and be true to who we are.

"Totally." I smiled again and he smiled back, I kissed him on the cheek. Of course it meant nothing, he was not ready to come out and I have been trying to get him to, but I don't push too much. It was about ten minutes to school, and he parked in his normal space, when it came to us, well most people expected us to date. I wasn't a cheerleader, well not anymore, but I still prettiest girl in the school and Ethan was on the football team with his brother and I was a really good 'Girlfriend' and went to all the games. It was funny I mean we would be there at the after parties, and leave about two hours after it had started.

"So how's my girl." He held the door open; I knew people would watch us, like being under the microscope sometimes. So Katie Ellis and Ethan Lutz, cutest couple in the school, and we are not even a couple. I kissed him on the cheek and he was inches from my face.

"I think I am perfect thank you, know Ethan maybe this is your year to tell the world."

"Yep and I think you should shut up." He kissed me on the nose and I smiled at him, he had his hands on my waist. There was a cough behind us and I saw one our friends, Anna. She was browner than me in hair although it was still blond, it was a lot shorter and her eyes were a lot darker she was five feet four, and was wearing skinny jeans and a T-shirt.

"Hey Anna." I said smiling at her, but keeping my eyes on Ethan, it felt so natural pretending now that I was madly in love with him. I mean I do love him, but as a friend so saying I love you, was so true, just not in the way everybody thought it was. Also, people didn't ask about our relationship because we didn't want to tell.

"So how was your break?" I moved from Ethan, and knew his eyes were on me. I sat on the bonnet of the car and he places his arm around me.

"Didn't really do much, but New York was fun." I said smiling at Ethan. I then put my arms around Ethan's neck and kissed him on the cheek.

"God you are so cute together." I felt Ethan tense up, he hated being called cute, but it always made me laugh.

"Baby, you're so damn funny what is wrong with the word cute?"

"Just don't like it." He said, and kissed me on the cheek, I let out a little giggle and Anna rolled her eyes. I then heard another voice, I turned around to see our sort of friend Jake. He is a little rude sometimes and so we don't always get on.

"Aw I think I should just throw up now, I mean Katie he so gay why you with him." Ethan pulled his self away from me, he raised his arm to go into a punch, I blocked him and said.

"Ethan he is not worth it, please." I said and he looked at the ground and his arms dropped, but Jake said.

"Girlfriend smart for once." I felt my heart speed up and I looked at Ethan, still smiling at him. He raised his eyes brows and nodded he kicked Jake. Jake stood up and went for Ethan, but he was pulled back.

"Mr. Collins and Mr. Lutz to my office now. First day back and already fighting." He looked at me and then continued saying. "Funny how you always seem to be around when there is a fight."

"Um I guess I like watching fights." I said smiling at him. Okay this sound weird our vice principle is so hot, and every girl thought so. There is a bad thing he doesn't really like me, I am the only student he doesn't like, I just love winding him up and I was always fluttering my eyelashes. Anna rolled her eyes. "I mean you're telling me you never got in a fight." I smiled at him and he just stared and then said.

"You can come to Miss Ellis." I smiled at him and he and I walked with Ethan to the office, we sat down in front of the desk. "Right what happened, I mean you both have been in a lot of fights this past year and you never say why." I was looking right at the teacher, but his eyes were going between Ethan and Jake. I started playing with my hair and then said, in a rather daze voice.

"I am here, why, or did you just want to see me." Ethan laughs and I smiled at him and then fluttered my lashes again.

"Katie, you are going to stop causing trouble." I started to pout at him and then said.

"But is fun and I wanted to have fun." I knew when I said this; I must have sounded like a five year old, and is a total spoilt brat.

"There is more to life than fun." I felt a little hurt for some reason and I didn't really know what was happening. Then, he said in a demanding tone.

"So what happened?"

"He called me gay so I hit him." I looked at Ethan and he was staring out the window.

I was hoping that he was going to tell him that he was gay; I mean why else would he have done, what he did. I mean everyone saw it, I mean I tried to stop him. But I let him because Jake made me mad, he doesn't understand anything. I knew my mind was wondering, but I want Ethan to be happy and I didn't know how to, anymore. I then took a breath and said.

"You are going to say, I mean what's a better moment." He looked at me and I could see he was trying to progress. I could see he was seeing what the good things are and the bad, and whether he should say or not. I just looked at him and smiled, trying to encourage him. He took a deep breath looked right at Jake and say.

"You are right." He said in no more than a whisper, Jake just heard him, but was a little confused. I was still looking at Ethan and smiling. "The reason I punched you is that I am gay, and so I didn't know really what to say. So I punched you." There was this awkward silence in the air until Jake said.

"Um...Okay, but I mean you're dating one the hottest girls in school." It was clear he thought Ethan was kidding, but Jake had a little hope in his voice and so I knew he wanted him to gay, then he would have a chance to date me, well make out with me.

"I would like to go home." Ethan said, well he was more demanding it. The vice principle nodded and Ethan left the room.

(A/N) I like it when people correct my grammar and speling because who else am i going to inprove, also can you check out my two finished stories "The Twisted Ways Of Love" and "Because Of One Person I'm Scared Of Love" < this one i am working on a sequal because well it ended with a cliff hanger if you want me to tell you when it is up leave a comment on the last chapter. (Sorry i love being mean) I think it would be up in a few month because i would write it in a hoilday so be around easter or something. Also i haven't got much comments on my two short stories "Will I Get My Happily Ever After Or Is That For Fairytales." < okay i have one version on her and i have written another version which i will put up as soon as possible. My last one is "I Thought I Hated You, But I Seem To Still Love You" so maybe you could read them.

Love Love Love




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