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Love is a Win

By: SakuraAngel

Page 1, This rainy day was the first day of school. Jennifer saw Daniel running, all soaked by rain. Only trying to help out, how does he reply?

I don't like his kind. The ones who would laugh at everything, funny or not. He fools around and never takes anything seriously. The first time we met was a rainy day back in 9th grade. It was the first day of school. I was walking to school when Daniel was jogging by. I recognized his face from around school. He was soaked, and he didn't have an umbrella. He started running and took shelter under a building. I felt bad for him! He was going to school all alone, soaking wet. I walked towards the building he was taking shelter at and pulled a handkerchief out of my backpack. "Here, you need this, right?" I asked.

He did was look up at me for a minute or two. He rapidly looked back down. He yanked the handkerchief out of my hand and ran off again. I stood there, confused. "Not even a thank you?!" Thought Jennifer. He was outrageously rude! I stood up and stomped off to school. When I arrived, he was no where in sight, and I wanted my handkerchief back. Only feeling mad, I stormed off to class.

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