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michael and sara

Novel By: saratancredi

Michael and Sara meet at a party.. View table of contents...


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Michael could see something was wrong, really wrong
so he followed her into the girl's room
It was vacated, the silence only disturbed by Sara's sobs
Her voice was strangled as,
she unlocked the door to the bathroom-stall she was in
"What are you doing here?"
He kneeled down next to her
He layed a hand on her shoulder gently
"I need to talk to you"
She closed her eyes, turning her face away from him
"I don't wanna talk to you"
He trailed his hand down her arm, he took her small hand in his
She tried to jerk her hand out of his, but he wouldn't let her
"Just go away"
He wiped the tears from her eyes, brushing her hair out of her face
"Sara, what's wrong?"
"I'm fine"
"Than why are you crying?"
"Just leave me alone, please"
He pulled her body onto his lap,
She tried to fight the warmth of his embrace
But her body leant into him automatically
His arm arms holding her close to him
"Last night. You never even gave me a chance to respond"
"I don't wanna hear it"
Her body leant into him further
"Why are you running away from me?
You have no idea what I'm gonna say"
She pulled her body away from his and got up
"There's nothing to run away from
There is nothing between us
There never was and there never will be"
He walked upto her pressing her up against the wall
"Are you sure about that?"
He kissed her full force, breaking any walls that she had put up
She started to cry softly, he pulled his mouth from hers
and cradled her in his arms
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry"
His name came out of her mouth in a muffled sob
He rubbed her back
"I wanna be with you Sara.
What you've done in the past, It doesn't change that
It doesn't change how inlove with you I am"
She cried harder, knowing she'd ruined everything they could've had together
But his arms were still around her, holding her so tight,
His lips brushing her hair, and she couldn't move, couldn't tear herself away from him
couldn't tell him what she'd done, so she tightened her arms around him.

After a half hour of standing there, with their arms around eachother
Michael broke the silence
She looked up at him, suddenly affraid that he knew what she'd done
"Are we okay?"
He was affraid that she didn't wanna be with him
"I don't know, are we?"
He kissed her passionately, softly sucking on her tongue, driving her insane
Her arms wound around his neck
She whispered in his ear
"I'm so inlove with you"
His arms tightened around her waist
He kissed her again, it was a slow kiss, passionate one that was meant to last
She breathed deeply when he released her mouth
"What was that for?"
He rubbed her cheek
"Do I need a reason to kiss you?"
Her chest was still heaving from the passion he'd shown her
"Definitely not"
She heard a moan escape his throat as her tongue dipped into his mouth.
She felt his growing erection pressing against her thigh
She wanted to feel him inside of her, erasing any traces of Derek
But she couldn't, she couldn't turn what they had into the same thing she had with Derek
Michael was different, Michael cared, held her when she cried
So she pulled away from him
"I have to go"
Her head was down, hair in front of her face
He brushed the locks from her face, her eyes were vulnerable,
He noticed they were even more sad than usual
His voice was soft
"We can take this as slow as you want, there's no rush"
She layed her head on his shoulder, and felt his arms snake around her
He held her, tight but gentle, the way he touched her
It wasn't greedy and lustful like she was used to
It was just to make her feel better, just to be closer to her
It wasn't about getting into her pants as fast as possible
"I don't wanna rush into anything right now
I'm trying to get my life back on track and I don't wanna lose myself again"
"I just want to be with you, talk to you, hold you"
She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close
"I have to go Sara"
He knew she thought he was rejecting her
"It's just, Ieft class to go to the bathroom an hour ago
So I think I should be heading back"
He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and gave her a small gentle kiss,
before leaving the bathroom

Sitting on the toiletseat
She pulled the leftover bottle of morphine out of her pocket
staring at the drug, she thought of Michael, the way his lips felt against hers,
the way he would hold her in his arms, and she put it back in her pocket,
she had made her choice, Michael Scofield


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