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One Last Breath

Novel By: Sarz Sixx

Sophie and Roman were dared on halloween to go to a haunted house, they got told to get a souvenir but when a ghost comes to kill them only one will survive.
who will make it out alive??

after two years since they went to the house would they finally be able to move on? or will the past catch up to them? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 23, 2011    Reads: 97    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Prologue ~ Two Years Ago

A high wall and Iron Gate protected the house that we were entering, there were only two of us, and we were scared senseless. Roman's face looked pale in the moonlight.

It was the night before Halloween and yesterday we were dared to come up to this house to see what would happen to us. Some people told us that the people that lived here had died because the guy's lover, whose name was kept a secret because she poisoned Chris's wife, Nicole, then shot Chris for going back to his wife. When the women came back to see the house she went to the second floor and fell off the railing, dying instantly when she hit the floor, some say she got pushed but no one knew.

I walked up to the house, holding Roman's hand tightly in mine; his was warm compared to mine, my hand was about to turn blue from the cold air of the night.

It had rained before we arrived at the house; the grass was wet and slippery. We got to the gate and found it had a rusted brass padlock on it, so we stood there wondering what we were going to do. I decided that we were going to come back with pliers to open the lock but when we turned the gates had opened up themselves. We didn't notice until the gates creaked open like an old cupboard door that needs to be oiled.

We turned around, slowly bracing ourselves of what would happen to us but nothing did. We started walking slowly up the steep hill to get to the driveway. I had to stop to take deep breath; Roman lifted me into his arms and carried me up the last part of the hill.

We finally reached the top, it took us ten minutes but we finally reached the door. After a five minute breather I checked the door to try and open it but nothing happened. It was locked and Roman had a better idea. He moved three steps back, took a deep breath, walked to the door and kicked it. The door snapped open breaking the lock and smashing into pieces. I walked to the door which is now in pieces and Roman stood beside me, he took my hand in his.

"Let's get this over and done with." He muttered under his breath and walked in with me following close behind. I reminded Roman we had to get a souvenir.

We split up; I went upstairs and he stayed on the ground floor. I heard sounds while walking up the stairs, the sound of wind and some sort of cry like someone in pain. I was so scared but not once did I hear Roman. I was starting to get worried but I would find him after I found something. I went to the first and only room where the door wasn't closed.

I walked all the way down the hall, the chill of the air made the hairs on my neck stand straight. I finally reached the room; there was nothing there, everything had sheets on it but the mirror. On the mirror I saw an old necklace; it was medium sized with a turquoise stone in the middle and a dark shade of blue on six little stones around it, three on either side of it.

I have to take it, I instantly thought to myself, it's the only souvenir and when I prove every one wrong at school I will keep it and wear it.

I walked up to the mirror and took the necklace. As soon as I did a fog started to come through the window, I didn't even notice was open that's the reason why it's so cold in here, I thought but I kept going to get the necklace.

Just as my finger started to touch the turquoise stone Roman came up behind me.

"We have to leave now Sophie."

"What? Why? Just let me get the necklace." I told him.

"Forget it. I stayed down stairs and the furniture started moving we have to leave... now." He replied.

I grabbed the necklace and started to make my way to Roman when a sheet that was covering a table snaked around my leg and made me fall over. It started dragging me to the window.

I heard a female voice saying, "You won't make it out alive!"

By that point I was screaming, Roman came and took my hand and started to pull which didn't help because the sheet still had me. His hand slipped and he fell backwards landing on his back.

"Roman!!" I cried. "Leave me here! Go without me! Run!"

He didn't listen to me; he came back and took my hand.

"I'll never let you go." He replied softly.

I was in tears; they were warm, running down my face.

"Roman, leave. Please." I Begged.

He still didn't listen to me.

"I never loved you." I said softly.

"What?" He said, confused.

"I NEVER LOVE YOU!!" I Screeched.

He released my hand in shock, just as another sheet wrapped around my stomach and started pulling me to a window.

He grabbed my hand and held it tightly.

"That's a lie, Sophie. I know you wouldn't play with my feelings like that." He looked into my eyes.

"Well I did. I'm sorry... just go."

He started crying and let go of my hand for good. His words before he let go hurt me the most.

"Sophie I never want to see you again. I hope you die after playing with my emotions and if you do survive I hope no one loves you again."

And with that he picked up the necklace and left my life forever. The sheets picked me up and took me to the window, they sat me on the ledge and a burst of wind pushed me out. My last thought running through my head was the worst part of the night isn't dying; it's that I lied to Roman and that he will never know that I loved him with all my heart.

A/N: heeey guys! umm i know theres another story out there with the same title but thats a short story of mine just under a different account i lost the password and this is my main one so dont be alarmed if two pop up also as i said before this was a short story i am now turning it into a novel but it may be completed later i am trying to work on this on and forever, mine so if you comment and give me feedback and annoy which feel free to it will encourage me to write chapter 1 :)

thankyou to those who read this if you could give me feedback that would be great :)sarah xx


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