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My Sweet Misery

Novel By: sassy231

My name is Annabelle Cusie. My best friend is Samuel Jacobs, and Eli Young. My family is very rich, I’m known as a slut, but the thing is that I’m still a virgin. Its all In who you know, you see I know a lot of guys which makes me look like a whore but I’m not. I’m not even into the sex before marriage thing. I want to meet the right guy, fall in love, get married, then have sex. My family completely agrees with me. I’m a huge Christian, I orient my life around Jesus and how its going to affect me in the end. Trust me, though, I’m far from perfect, I lie all the time, I dishonor my parents, I covet other peoples happiness.
But I still have a good life, most people don’t have it as good as I do. I’m a natural dirty blonde with green eyes, yeah, green eyes, not blue. I have two little sisters, Abigail and Marie, Abigail is a tall 13 year old redhead with blue eyes. Marie however, has brown hair and light brown eyes. Marie gets her hair and eyes from our father, I get my blonde hair from my mother, where Abigail gets her blue eyes, but my green eyes is from my ancestors, thats where Abigail got her red hair. Abigail is a very good sister, she understands what I go through, because she fits in better with the guys. Her and I are always called whores and sluts daily, and its not by choice.
I close my diary and go to the bathroom that connects to my bedroom. I get in the shower, shave, wash my hair and get out. I dry myself off and wrap a towel around my body. I grab a pair of black skinny jeans, a red lace tank and a white see-through shirt with my etnies. I dry my hair, and decide to leave it straight. I put on some light make-up to highlight my eyes and lips and get dressed. I grab my wallet, stuff a couple twenties in it and grab my iPhone. I txt Samuel and my best girl friend Jessica out to the beach. I’ve made a resolution, to get a boyfriend this summer, but little did I know, a lot more was going to happen, over the next few years.

Copyright© Sassy231
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Chapter 1.

"Hey Anna!!" I hear Jessica yell through my open car window. I pull up to where she is standing.

"Hey,'' I say. She looks in through the car and looks at my outfit.

"I hope you brought a change of clothes," she says wrinkling her nose.

I laugh and nod, Jess smiles, "Get parked and changed and meet us at the boardwalk.

I nod and drive off and park, then find a ice-cream shop to change, I go inside and change in the restrooms. I am now wearing a blue bikini and my white see-through shirt but with a pair of denim shorts. I start to run through the shop, just to find myself on the floor, on my back. I hear a chuckle and I stand up to look right into a pair of sapphire blue eyes. I giggled slightly and blushed.

"Are you ok? That was a pretty hard fall," He asks.

"Yeah I'm fine," I say, still blushing.

"My name is Elliott, but you can call me Eli," Elliott says.

"I would prefer Elliott until I completely know you," I say.

"Ok, hey my shift is over maybe you want to hang out with me?" he asks.

"Sure but I have two friends waiting on me," I say.

"Cool where at?" he asks. "Boardwalk, are you coming are not? I ask.

"Sure, I'm in."

We walked down the boardwalk and I heard murmurs like: "Elliott, with her? Ugh."

I grimaced, but kept going, I knew that fighting was going to ever help. I started to blush hugely. It wasn't my fault that my ex best friend started rumors that I was a sl.t and a whoore, but I had to keep my head high. I never said yes to the hook ups, but I did become head cheerleader and my reputation soared, Jess was my only true friend though I had a bunch of fake ones, and Samuel stayed by my side. All of hi exs wanted him to leave me for them so he just dumped them. Now Samuel is a good looking guy, he has warm brown hair and soft green eyes. He was literally to die for, but he would always be my best friend, my partner in crime. I knew that he had a huge crush on me so I didn't let that show. Elliott was already really sweet though he heard all of the murmuring.

"Are you really a whoore?" He asked.

"No, a girl spread a rumor that Im a sl.t and a whoore," I whisper.

''Aww, I'm sorry dear, but I havent got your name," he says.


We hear a screech. Elliott turns around and so do I to see Marcey, the b.tchiest of the b.tch.

"Eli," she whined, "Why are you with this piece of trash?"

"Because she's my friend, and if you have a problem with it, we're over,'' Elliott says.

"Whatever, I want your sh.t out of my house, tonight, and you can find a home at the homeless shelter," She snarls.

I decide that Elliott doesn't deserve this.

"Well at least he wont be contracting any STD's from you," I say.

She narrows her eyes at me.

"And I know how you got pregnant from Sam Jean, the nerd," I say loudly and everybody turns around and starts to whisper.

Macey screeches again.

"Hey whoore, you might want to shut up before one guy takes it up as your mating call," I say devilously.

Macey stomps away, and I turn to see an astounded Elliott.

"How did you know those things?" he asked.

"Easy, its called being her ex bestie," I say.

He gives me this strange look and says,

"Anna, I might just like you,"

Anna's POV.

We walked down to the boardwalk, everybody talking about what I had said about Macey, and they were believing it. I smiled. I looked over at Elliott and he has a sad face.

"Whats wrong?" I ask.

"I'm homeless now," he murmurs.

I stop and yank on his arm to make him look at me.

"You have a place, my parents have a spare room in the basement," I say.

His face lit up.

"Thanks," he said sweeping me into a hug.

"You can let go now," I say.

"Oh, right" he says blushing.


Elliott's POV.

I finally got a room in her house. She was sweet, but she didn't know about my past, my misery, a sweet misery from girls.

Normally I would get them to hook up, then walk away, but with Anna it felt different, maybe I could change.

She was so perfect with her blonde hair and emerald eyes. I just hope I don't break her heart.

I mean, she was just so different from anything I had ever known. She was almost perfect.

She had a small crooked smile, and her tan skin, she was just so beautiful. I didn't want her to see that I would look over at her and just stare as we walked.


Anna's POV.

We finally got to Jess and Samuel, when suddenly Samuel's gaze hardened.

He obviously was jealous like he always is but, whatever.

We spent the whole day at the beach talking, Jess obviously like Elliott, but he hardly paid attention to her, it was all focused on me.

Jeeze what is this boy doing to me?


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