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As it's supposed to be REWRITING IN PROGRESS :-)

Novel By: sawriter

Her brother's true love predicted to her trough three dreams in 1876 comes to pass in the year 2012 after she gets the silly idea to post a job for an au pair...
Oh, did I forget to mention that she an her brother are both vampires, the girl human? View table of contents...


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Chapter 2

I'm on my way to the party outside at the pool when I remember the trunk. The lobby is empty when I walk in. I'm touching the trunk when I hear Phyllis' voice so I make my way to where the party is. I don't know why but since I've seen it I just want to open it.

Amy gives me a beer before I sit down with a few of them. Not chatting much I drink slowly examining the guests. Why would Phyllis invite us here for a paid vacation as she calls it if she has so many friends? One particular guy smiles at me, he's standing with a few friends. I don't smile back but pretend as if I didn't see him smiling at me. Kirsten gets pulled up by a young guy who's just asked her to dance with him. I'm listening to a conversation between Kirsten and Phyllis avoiding the guy who's still watching me while he's busy talking with the guys with him. Phyllis sees the guy's staring at me so she walks up to him, "the invitation clearly said that you're not allowed to drink from any of my guests, Randy."

"What are you talking about?"

"I've seen how you've been looking at Guinevere. You better behave." She walks away from him. One of her vampire friends, Braden, follows her.

Phyllis is in the kitchen busy with something to eat for the humans when she sees Braden, "I wondered where you were."

"I saw you with Randy."

"It was a mistake inviting him."

"He'll be okay. Why are the humans here?"

"I needed some different company around me after the break-up."

Braden says nothing.

"You think it's a bad idea."

"What if one of them gets bitten."

Now she keeps quiet. She realizes bringing humans here was selfish but she can't just send them back home now.

"Gordon will be very much upset."

"I know."

"I've seen one of the girls having a close look at your trunk."

"Which one?"

"The one with the long brown hair."

"There's not really anything in there. Accept for a few pages." Phyllis is thinking now, "I totally forgot about that dreams." She goes to the trunk. Braden follows her.

Phyllis picks up the trunk and takes it to her bedroom where she puts it down on the bed and opens it up, "I had three dreams about a girl, a human girl. All of them in the year 1876." She looks at the pieces of paper, stained yellow because of their age, "I can't believe I forgot." She's sitting down on a chair close to her bedroom window. She silently reads all she's written down. Getting up from her chair and feeling as if she's gotten a new purpose she says to Braden who's been in the room the whole time waiting for her to tell him something, "I have to remember." Suddenly she sees a vision. She explains while she's seeing it, "I see a girl, my age, dressed in a dark green gown. She's got long brown hair but I can't see her face. "And then the vision is over, "Think how exciting it would be if he'd meet her."

Braden, "You don't even know how she looks like."

Braden just burst her bubble. All excitement disappears from Phyllis' face.

Everyone except me has got a huge hangover the next morning. I have a small breakfast with them and then I get ready for a jog. Quentin sees me going out, he says nothing. The fresh air feels just awesome. I follow a trail that goes into the forest. I stop jogging when I reach a river. A young guy approaches me, "Hi. I guess you're one of Phyllis' guests. I'm Braden."


It bothers Braden that I'm out here in the forest alone, "Phyllis knows you're here in the forest?"

"It's dangerous?"

"Can be."

I look at him, not sure if he's meaning he can be dangerous, "I have to get back."

Braden says nothing just stands there watching me jog away. I don't look like a thief to him so he's wondering why I'd be fascinated with the trunk. Seeing me running through the forest reminds him of a young girl a couple of centuries ago. People believed her to be a witch so she ran into the forest to escape. Her parents both had already been killed.

The rest of the day is very cold. So we all stay in house. Phyllis got us some DVD's to watch to keep us busy. It's dark when she says, "I know a great club we can go to." Kirstin, Amy and Nadine all says that they'll go. I say, "I think I'm going to sleep; if that's alright."

"Okay. Quentin is here if you should need anything."

I go to bed just after they left. I wake up a couple of hours later not knowing what could have woken me. I sit up in bed. Maybe I should go drink some water. I get up put my slippers on and walk to the kitchen.

I'm just about to walk through the doorway of the dark kitchen when I'm moved off my feet and swayed on to my back on the kitchen floor. It's a man but I can't see how he looks. "Who are you?"

I struggle to get free from his grip. I guess he knows a bit of karate or something.


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