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As it's supposed to be REWRITING IN PROGRESS :-)

Novel By: sawriter

Her brother's true love predicted to her trough three dreams in 1876 comes to pass in the year 2012 after she gets the silly idea to post a job for an au pair...
Oh, did I forget to mention that she an her brother are both vampires, the girl human? View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

Gordon realises that I can't say who I am if he's hand is on my mouth so he takes it off but doesn't lose his grip, "Who are you?"

"Guinevere. Phyllis knows I'm here. Who are you?"


"Mr Yates?"

He lets go of me so I get up. The kitchen still too dark to see clearly.

Cleary agitated, "Where is Phyllis?"

"Out with the other au pairs."

Only then he switches on the kitchen light his back turned towards me. He's taken out his cell phone and hasn't even looked at me yet, "I hope she has a good explanation." He turns around still not looking.

I'm shocked, I never expected Gordon Yates, Mr Yates, to look as good as he does. I say, "She's wealthy and bored, Mr Yates."

He didn't expect me to talk so direct and honest, so he looks up. He's enthralled by what he's seeing.

I say, "That was her reason to me. She posted an au pair job. I thought I was going to look after a child. I wanted to go back but her honest answer seemed good enough so I stayed. They're out at a club."


"Amy, Kirsten and Nadine; they applied for the same job. Phyllis says it's a paid vacation. But I'll go if it's a problem."

"No. It's okay." He has to admit that he's never seen a girl, vampire or human, looking as enchanting or as beautiful as me.

It feels strange standing in the kitchen with the owner of the house who didn't even know I was here.

"Any reason why you came to the kitchen?"

"Water. I wanted to get some water." I sound stupid to myself.

He opens his fridge and then hands me bottled water.

"Thanks, Mr Yates." I leave the kitchen.

I really struggle to sleep after seeing Gordon Yates. I've made up my mind that he's too good looking to be human.

Gordon soundlessly walked down the hall to his own bedroom wondering in which one I was sleeping. He showered, changed into fresh clothes and then disappeared through his bedroom window into the forest.

I mention to no one that I've met Mr Yates already when we're sitting down having breakfast. Phyllis just walked into the kitchen feeling a bit worried. She's just seen Gordon's car in the garage. He's back. She went to look for him in his room but he's not there.

A silence fills the kitchen when Gordon Yates walks in. Phyllis tries to sound casual clearly seeing what affect her brother has on the au pairs, "Brother, you're back. I was trying to get in contact with you."

Seeing her brother's smile confuses her, "I see we have guests."

"Yes, about that."

"It's okay." He looks at Amy, Kirsten, and Nadine. And then at me, "I already met one of your guests. Good morning Guinevere. Hope you slept well."

I hope I'm not blushing. I can't get a word out. All this silence can only mean that the other girls are just as awe-struck as me with Mr Yates' appearance.

Phyllis, "You're okay with this?"

Overfriendly he says, "Yeah."

All Phyllis can say is, "Okay."

The girls start to talk the moment Mr Yates leaves the kitchen. Kirsten goes on about the fun they had and how much Amy drank. Nadine can't stop to speak about a guy she met. I realize Phyllis isn't talking that much. I wonder if she's okay. Could it be because her brother is back?

Phyllis doesn't talk much because she's seen another vision.

I get up from the chair and am walking towards the dishwasher to put my empty plate inside when Amy speaks. I turn around to look at her, "You should have been there. "

Phyllis has just sipped snugged in whiskey from her cup when she looks up seeing me. Right in front of her is an image of the first dream she had. Even though she couldn't see the face as clear she knows it's a moment captured in her dream so many years ago."

It looks to me as if she's seen a ghost, "You okay?"

Phyllis can hardly get a word out, "Yeah. I think I had too much to drink last night. I'm going to lie down for a bit." She gets up and escapes to her bedroom taking the cup with her. She dials Braden's number, "Braden, the girl I dreamt about is in my house."


"She's Guinevere. I just saw an image that was in the first dream I had."

"Maybe you're mistaking."


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