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As it's supposed to be REWRITING IN PROGRESS :-)

Novel By: sawriter

Her brother's true love predicted to her trough three dreams in 1876 comes to pass in the year 2012 after she gets the silly idea to post a job for an au pair...
Oh, did I forget to mention that she an her brother are both vampires, the girl human? View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

It's a heavy set bouncer standing in front of the club. A few people are already waiting in line and I have no hope that we'll get in. I think we're going to fall in line when Quentin keeps on walking towards the bouncer. I follow him not sure what he's about to pull. The bouncer gives one look at Quentin and then says we can go in. What a surprise! Maybe Quentin also likes to party.

Quentin asks something to someone sitting at the bar. The club is so noisy and over-crowded that I can't hear anything they're saying. And then Quentin signals me to follow him.

Everyone's surprised to see me there. I'm disappointed when I see that Gordon isn't with them. Amy puts a drink down in front of me, "Drink up. You have to catch up." I take the drink and sip. Kirsten and Nadine get up. Kirsten says, "You want to join us on the dance floor?" I finish the drink and then nod following them to the dance floor.

A guy that seems to know them well gives each of us a drink while we're on the dance floor. Why not? I do need to loosen up a bit. I drink it pretty fast and then give him my glass. He smiles, "Amy, who's your friend?"

Kirsten, "Guinevere this is Hugh." She's dancing now with Nadine so I join. Hugh invites himself.

I go sit down when the song is finished. Hugh takes a seat next to me, "I've never seen you here before."

"It's because I'm not from here."

The girls are back at the table. We're drinking another round of drinks.

I go to the bathroom alone.

I take the wrong turn on my way back to the others. I end up outside. I'm trying to think but I'm too stoned to know where to go to. I start to walk because it irritates me just to stand there and not to know where to go. I can hear from the music getting a bit softer that I've walked away from the club. I'm getting dizzy and things are spinning around me. The last person I see is the face of the bouncer; he's trying to keep me straight. Then everything becomes black.

I wake up in the bedroom I've been sleeping in. It's dark so it's not morning yet. I can hear Phyllis talking, "Someone spiked her drink, and not with an ordinary drug." They've left the bedroom door open.

"Any idea who? It couldn't have been Hugh." Gordon is annoyed.

"It could only be one of the girls. Who was the one getting the drinks?"

"Amy mostly."

"We have to keep an eye on her."

"Why not just send everyone home?" Phyllis is trying to see Gordon's reaction.

Amy spiking my drinks? Why would she do that? I'm trying to sit up.

I hear Gordon say, "You can't send Guinevere home."


I hear nothing more. It's too quiet now. Maybe what I thought I heard wasn't really what I heard. Phyllis comes into the bedroom a few moments later, "You hungry? I made you some soup."


She puts it next to the bed and then switches on the bed lamp. She wants to walk out when I say, "Phyllis, did someone spike my drink?"

Phyllis wants to deny it. But Gordon comes in stopping her from doing so, "Yes. We don't know who did it. You only took drinks from Amy?"

"Mostly from Amy. Also one from Hugh."

Gordon looks serious when he says to me, "Be careful from now on. I'm going to find someone to investigate everyone."

Phyllis interrupts, "I already have."

I'm surprised. She investigated us?

Phyllis explains to me, "I couldn't just give a job to anyone, could I?"

I say, "Guess not."

Phyllis "Nothing about any of the girls seemed strange to me. Amy did very well in school. She was a cheerleader, popular and on top of her class. Nadine was good in sports. And Kirsten is good with art." Phyllis looks at me, "You were all of those things."

Gordon, "Anything of the parents or family members?"

"Amy's dad lost a lot of money recently on a bad deal. Nadine's and Kirsten's parents are middle class."

"Just like mine- my foster parents I mean, middle class."

Gordon, "We've only told them that your stomach is upset because of the drinking. I'll see what I can find out."

I'm up the next day. The drug has worn out. I walk into the kitchen where everyone, except Phyllis and Gordon is eating breakfast.

Kirsten, "You okay now?"


I look at Amy. She doesn't look any different. What if they're wrong about her? She doesn't look like someone that would spike my drink. Why would she anyway? I have nothing that she'd want. Her parents probably still have more money than my foster parents.

I pour myself some coffee, "Who made this coffee? It smells delicious."

Nadine, "I did."

I want to drink the coffee when Phyllis comes in, "I think it's best if you stick with bottled water today." She gives me a bottled water, but not from the fridge. She brought it with her into the kitchen. She takes the cup from me and throws it out.

I can't say how much I crave that delicious smelling coffee!


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