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Cinderella's wearing Prada (On Hold)

Novel By: sawriter

Yes, it's another Cinderella story that includes the wicked stepmother and two stepsisters... but this time Cinderella's wearing Prada!
A summary from Cinderella's point of view....
Chapter 1 Gran dies leaving me with a message to never loose hope.
Chapter 2 An invitation to a Masked Ball
Capter 3 Meeting king Edmund
Chapter 4 Tea at the Castle
Chapter 5 Kicked out!
Chapter 6 Agreeing to get engaged.
Chapter 7 The media wants a love story.
Chapter 8 One of dad's letters to mom leaks out...
Chapter 9 Dad's Diary
Chapter 10 The secret comes out
Chapter 11 King Edmund has a new girlfriend.
Chapter 12 King Edmund's stubborness
Chapter 13 Welcomed back into the royal family
Chapter 14 Offering forgiveness to stepmother
Chapter 15 The Fundraiser party View table of contents...


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My eyes gets stuck on the engraved words NEVER LOOSE HOPE on gran'stomb stonetaking me back to one of our many conversations. The reason I chose this to be engraved on it...

'Please don't be upset.' Gran is putting down the bowl of spinach that she just dished up and then put some roast beef in her plate, 'The new cook seems to be able to cook.'

'Gran.' I'm trying to get her attention back to the current issue.

'Your step mother has the last say.'

'Really? How can you let her move back into the main house? And that two-'

'They're your step sisters Cinderella. And if it wasn't for your step mother's help we would be living on the street. It's not as if they'll be living with us in the cottage. The main house is far enough.'

'You know she only looks after us because she doesn't want people to see right through her. She's evil. You forget how she's been towards me?' Stepmother can be quite manipulative in getting her way with me.

Gran sounds tired, 'I have to know that you're okay. You know I'm pretty old.'

'So I have to suck up whatever she says. And those two-' I keep quiet because I don't want to upset granny further. I'm so upset I can explode!

After dinner just before she went to bed she lovingly said, 'I love you Cinderella. You know that. You must never lose hope. One day a prince or maybe even a king will come and rescue you.' She hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks.

That was the last conversation I had with gran. She died in her sleep that night.

Sophia, one of my stepsisters irritatingly remarks making me walk towards the car, 'Cinderella. Come on. I have an engagement to go to.'

I say once the I'm sitting on the back seat next to her and the driver started to drive, 'I'm sorry I took so long. I know you took a chance in bringing me here.' I've never completely trusted her. And she has been getting me in trouble by covering for her sister and blaming me for what her sister Berdine did. What favor will Sophia demand from me for this favor? I'd rather not ask now. I miss gran terribly and am determined to not lose hope. I will find a way out.

The driver is at my cottage in a record time. He used to be my driver but has been driving my two stepsisters since the moment he went to pick them up at the airport four days ago. I wanted to check the tombstone so I asked Sophia for a favor.

Sophia waits until I'm out of the car when she teasingly tells me, 'Cindy, I'll tell you when to return the favor.' and then to the driver, 'Please step on it Leo. I have to get to my appointment.'

I hate it when they spitefully call me Cindi! As if they're superior to me!


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