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The Ellington Brothers COMPLETE

Novel By: sawriter

According to a prophecy Serena will have to choose between becoming a vampire or a witch on her eighteenth birthday. As a witch she'll be able to extinct all vampires...and just the idea of this makes vampires her worst enemies. She's still not safe when nothing happens on her eighteenth birthday. was the prophecy wrong?

Chapter 1 & 2 – Main character Serena meets Tristan
Chapter 2 – she tells him about a dream she had after he saw a family crest picture.
Chapter 3 – the ex-boyfriend Clarke comes back
Chapter 4, 5 & 6 – she wakes up Tristan’s vampire brother Luther
Chapter 6 & 7 – Tristan is thanking her for waking up his brother Luther. And she hears about a vampire named Neo that staked Luther.
Chapter 8 – Tristan tells her about when he and his brother were born. She meets a vampire Olivia (that’s in love with Tristan). His brother, Luther, tells this vampire that Serena is much more to Tristan than just a friend (in front of Serena). Serena and Tristan hold hand for the first time.
Chapter 9 – Olivia spitefully makes sure that Serena sees Tristan as a vampire (there are two girls in the room when Serena walks in and she can clearly see that he’s been drinking their blood). After talking with her friend Marie (a human) Serena goes back to Tristan saying that she can’t live without him.
Chapter 10 - Neo comes for a visit. A human army is needed because vampires believe there's a human in town that's a threat to the vampire race and these vampires are planning an attack on the humans in town. Serena finds out she's the threat -having a vampire and witch lineage.
Chapter 11&12 - Serena doesn't want to tell her friend, Marie, about her having to choose to be a vampire. But does it anyway. (Marie is interested in Neo and Serena doesn't want her friend to become a vampire just because she'll be one). Serena promises to become a vampire and not a witch. No more trouble (for now).
It's her birthday but the vampire and witch abilities don’t look as if it's activated.
Chapter 13 - Luther suggest they leave Serena alone in the woods. They'll pretend to want to kill her so that she has to defend herself. Hopefully her witch and vampire powers will be activated.
Chapter 14 - Serena wakes up in the woods where she meets a vampire that tries to kill her. This vampire disappears right after a black wolf appears. The wolf doesn't kill her but leads her back to town.
Chapter 15 - Clarke admits to Serena that he is the black wolf.
Chapter 16 - They hear about a secret birth register locked up in the museum.
Chapter 17 - Serena visits the museum.
Chapter 18 - Serena meets her biological dad Marko the vampire Chapter 19 - Serena becomes a full vampire View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 31, 2012    Reads: 113    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


I'm absent minded while a close friend, Marie, is talking to me. It's because of a handsome new student I saw early this morning between periods.

Marie clearly sounding agonized,

"Are you even listening to what I'm saying?"

I just look at her apologetically saying,

"I'm sorry, just something that's been occupying my mind. You said your twin brother's coming back?"

She looks at me and for a moment it looks as if she wants to ask me what could be occupying my mind but says normally,


And then again I see the guy so I make an excuse to get away because he's coming into our direction,

"I'll see you." I turn around and escape to next period as fast as I can.

I hold my breath in for almost too long when I see him coming into the same class. My eyes look at him even though I don't want to. His eyes are fixed on mine for a second too long and then he sits down at an empty seat next to me after the teacher introduced him as Tristan Ellington. So now I'm sitting between two guys. It's challenging for me to concentrate during class and exceptionally hard to not stare at Tristan. The bell rings and the guy sitting on the other side of me accidentaly shoves my handbook off my desk when he passes and it falls down in between my stool and Tristan's. Tristan picks it up before I can make the effort and puts it on the desk in front of me without saying anything and then walks out.

Marie, me and some other friends are sitting together in a group after school. I'm checking my cell phone for new messages when I hear someone say,

"Excuse me. The teacher said I should borrow your notes just to catch up." It's Tristan and I know he's talking to me when I look up and the rest of the group is looking at me, "It's in my locker."


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