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The Girl Who Cried Werewolf

Novel By: SecretVoice

(COMPLETED) - Skyler Ross is a beautiful 20 year old girl. She owns a bakery in the small town of Havenborough and lives happily with her dog, Paws. When a mysterious, deadly handsome guy moves nextdoor, people start disappearing; they're found days later shred to pieces. Some are calling it animal attacks...others "The Awakening of the Hounds". The population isn't the only thing changing...Skyler is too. When near that mysterious 'Seth Rogan', her skin tingles sensually. He awakens an unknown, dangerous side of her. Something is off about him. Who is he really and could he be linked to the escalating dead bodies? View table of contents...


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Amelia giggled as she was chased through the woods by her lover; her true lover, David- a human. She didn't change into her wolf form, for she need not. She felt happy in either; David loved them both equally. He grabbed her by the waist and swung her round before they both tumbled and rolled down the soft soil. He wiggled his toes, making sure he wasn't paralysed, and tickled Amelia. She playfully slapped his hand away, unable to take anymore of the painful pleasure. They lay down, staring up at the clear sky and counting how many leaves fell onto their faces. Amelia bit her lip, trying to find the courage to tell her lover the truth. He pulled her hand to his lips and kissed it. She smiled lovingly and stared into his beautiful green eyes.

"What's bugging you, beautiful?" he asked, worry noticable in his voice. She was about to deny it but then thought about the news, and gave him the 'so-so' head-shake. He waited, patiently, for her to speak.

"I'm pregnant," she announced. David froze, incapable of finding the right words. He stayed like that for a good few minutes, then blinked thrice.

"Oh my god!" he yelled. He flung up and marched back and forth, shaking his head all the while. He stared at Amelia and gawked. She couldn't help but laugh.

"This isn't funny!" he scolded, but he couldn't stay angry and his irritated expression quickly faded and was replaced with complete joy. "I'm...I'm so happy!"

"And it's ours," she sniffed, wiping happy tears from her eyes. He grinned and scooped her up, kissing her madly. Reality prodded his mind and he put her down gently and squeezed her hands.

"What about Malcom? God knows what he'll do if he finds out," reminded David. Malcom was Amelias' mate. The two werewolves were paired when Amelia turned 27, two hundred and ninety years go; her parents had forced her. They were granted all the luxuries anyone could ever dream of, for Amelia wasn't just any wolf - she was a Spiritbred; a rare, extremely powerful breed which were near impossible to reproduce. All packs prayed to stumble across one and would do anything to have them in their Palace. Amelia didn't love Malcom, but he did love her. He was an Alpha, which meant he was fucking strong and could snap David's neck or anyone else who got in his way. But David didn't care, he loved Amelia and would sacrifice everything to be with her.

Only now, there was a baby- or pup- in the picture. Malcom would most likely have the baby birthed, then kill it. David flinched at the thought and grabbed his hair, pulling it. Amelia lay a gentle hand on his shoulder and he pulled her closer, kissing her soft, flawless skin. He ran a finger down her smooth back and pressed his lips on her jawline. She sighed pleasurably and held him closer.

"How many weeks are you?" he asked softly, ruining the moment.


"Malcom hasn't sensed the change in your wolf?"

"I'm a Spiritbred, David, I can mask my hormones to a certain degree," she informed. He grinned and locked his lips to hers. She clutched his neck and pulled him closer, wanting more of him.

"I love you," he murmured inbetween kisses. He felt her smile and couldn't help but smirk.

"And I, you," she whispered.

"Let's get out of here. Just leave and never look back," he begged, looking into her eyes. They were filled with saddeness and glistened with tears.

"You know I would, if I could. But my Pack would crumble without their Alpha female," she whimpered, closing the space between them and resting her head on his chest.

"Then I'll stay with you," he declared, kissing her forehead. "Always."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, lover," she smiled and wrapped her arms around him. "You're mine, David Ross. Only mine."

6 months later

Malcom pounded the gound with his big, black paws. His thick, glossy fur added to his elegant look as he thundered through the woods, at 150 mph. His large, pink tongue stood out from all the black and his orange eyes gleamed under the moonlight. As he reached his destination, he sucked in his fur and stood up on his hind legs, taking his human form. Being as old as he was- three hundred and thirty-two-he had mastered the complete change which meant he could manifest clothes. Werewolves stopped aging after they mated, and he was joined with Amelia when he'd turned thirty.

He walked into his Palace and made way to the hospital section.

"How is she?" Malcom questioned another wolf, the doctor.

"Ready. Slightly early, but ready," he replied. Malcom nodded and pushed open the blinds, entering the room. Amelia layed on the bed, sweating and howling in pain. He glared at David, who was here before him. David didn't even flinch, and resumed his focus on his lover. Malcom had lost it when he'd found out Amelia had had an affair and was impregnated by a human. She'd made him swear he wouldn't hurt the pup, but Malcom wouldn't agree unless she also made a promise; to give up the newborn as soon as it had been birthed. He didn't want a half-ling in his pack. Amelia had agreed, only because David was to care for their pup.

"You're late," she hissed. Malcom chuckled and grasped her hand. His mate growled and crushed his fingers. The doctor walked in and pulled on some gloves. Two other wolves, in their human forms, entered and lowered Amelia onto a thick blanket on the floor.

"Alright, mistress, change," he ordered politely. Amelia grew her nails long and pushed out her full, lustrous white fur which brightened the whole room. The other wolves admired her as glowing titian eyes replaced her beautiful sapphire ones. David kneeled down and stroked her. Even lying down, Amelia, in her wolf form, was 4ft tall. The doctor and nurses prepared her, and after a good 6 hours, everything was ready.

"When you're ready, Mistress," the doctor murmured. Amelia began to push and ululated in pain. This went on for an hour or so, the screaming and constant swearing. David was kicked and Malcom, scratched across the face.

Finally, there was a sweet whimper and everyone clapped. The doctor carried the pup to Amelia as she changed into her human form, too exhausted to manifest clothing. The pup, too, shaped into a human child. A beautiful baby girl with lush brown curls and radiant peach skin took place of the tiny, gorgeous white and indigo blue wolf. David broke a tear and kissed his lover and daughter. Malcom let him have this moment.

"What will we call her?" asked David.

"Skyler, Skyler Digenet Ross," affirmed Amelia. A roar of cheers filled the whole palace and every wolf celebrated the Alpha female's newborn pup; Skyler.

9 months later

"Look at the way the moon behaves," sang Amelia to her beautiful daughter whom giggled in her crib, "Look at the way she paints a silver ribbon on the waves,"

Malcom knocked on the door and interrupted the lullaby. Skyler barked at the brooding man infront of her, shifting from and to her wolf form. He smiled unwillingly at her and looked back up to Amelia.

"It's been months, Lia, you made a promise," he complained. Amelia rolled her eyes and tickled her pup.

"One thing i've learned that I'll share with you," she smiled, "Nothing is too wonderful to be true..."

"Amelia!" he yelled, startling both the mother and cub, "It's time to get rid of the half-ling."

"Malcom, get the fuck out before I rip your throat out and feed it to Skyler," she hissed, revealing her long and sharp canines. He reluctantly backed away and slammed the door shut. Amelia picked up her now-crying baby and craddled her. Skyler let her eyelids droop down and fell into a light sleep. David quietly entered the room and kissed his lover and baby.

"It's time," he murmured, morosely. Amelia broke into tears and hugged Skyler, unwilling to let go. David pulled her into an embrace and whispered sweet things to her. Still, she cried and let her sorrow be known by howling fiercely, causing the whole palace to shake. Malcom rushed in and reached to comfort his mate. She bitterly pulled away from him and cuddled David. Malcom winced at the sight of the woman who'd stolen his heart being caressed by another man. David wistfully broke away and gently picked up Skyler, making Amelia weep more, louder than ever this time.

"Don't forget me," she whispered to her baby so low even another werewolf couldn't hear her.

"I'll always love you," David susurrated endearingly as he kissed Amelia warmly, deliberately. Malcom twitched in anger.

"And I'll always love you," she replied longingly. David slipped away with Skyler, never to be seen again. Malcom approached his mate and hugged her. Amelia stiffened and threw him off.

"I hope you know I'll forever hate you for this," she sneered tearfully, "Always."


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