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Covered in scars and bathed in blood

Novel By: ShadowAngelxXx

This is about a girl for hire and she is apart of a group with 'special' abilities and so she dances round bathed in blood. As her story starts to bloosm my killing ratio starts to rise, but will this new job of her start to change her?? View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 20, 2013    Reads: 14    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1

Mass murder enrolled at a high school

I twirled dancing in the pool of blood shattered beneath my shoes, soaking my long black dress that scraped the wet floor. I twirled and twirled catching the wind on my face as I went faster and faster,my heart was pounding at an exciting rate and I have never felt so alive… until I heard a child voice slightly calling for help as his blood escaped from his body. I turned to see a young boy around six laying on he ground with wounds all around his body, his black hair was dyed red with the blood of my fellow villagers. His started to reach out to me as if asking for my help, so I slowly stepped towards the boy as he started to crawl to the open doors of freedom, my gaze sharpened in disgust and I placed one of my one inch black high heel on his right shoulder. I pushed my heel into his flesh and listened to the music that came out of his mouth in the forms of screams; I let out a faint smile and crushed his right shoulder blade. I then returned my foot by me side and watched as the boy squirmed to his slowly and agenizing death.

"Tsk. That was quick, oi boy are you still with us? Oi, oi!!" I shouted as I kicked his lifeless body around the room. I quickly stopped as I noticed my boss Owin was at the exit, I turned and swiftly put my hands behind my back and smiled "Hey Owin do you have a new job for me?" I asked sweetly, Owin gave me a blank look and examined the room. "You sure made a mess of this place, even 03 doesn't make that much of a mess. I'll just tell Alice to clean this up… anyways you need to go clean up and take the next plane to England." Owin said with a sligh sigh and pushed up his glasses. "England… why there?" I asked curious what my next job was, not like he'll tell me if hes not in a good mood. "You are on a protection job." Owin replied with a serious look as I blankly starred at him. "Really… you're kidding. I hate babysitting. Doe this person know who I am??? Because if this person doesn't it with be bothersome." I complained as I slowly stepped towards him. Making a trail of red footsteps. "Nope he doesn't and he is a very important client and he doesn't need to know what you do or that you're protecting him, it's Mr Snow's orders." Owin explained as I stood beside him. "Mister Snow!! Why would he want to protect a kid!!!" I shouted in rage, because he finally met someone to care about apart from me. Since I am the best hired killer I was always his favorite. "His son." Owin bluntly replied, I stood there for a moment of silence and tried to process the information… son. "A-alright I'll do it, however since it's a mission from Mister snow reduce the normal fees." I asked and Owin nodded in agreement.

~sorry about it being short and all but this is just to see if you like it or not.. if you do post comments and like it the more comments and likes the more chapters thanks


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