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An Abode of Isolation

By: Shadows of Memories

Chapter 1, Anu, a newly married woman with a lot of new and sometimes strange people around, comes across dilemma, double thoughts and identity crisis. She tries to cope up facing the hards and worsts of her life…she runs behind so many unanswered queries that leave her curoious every moment. She fails and again she stands up, and then she gasps for a little fresh air. Will she be able to suceed? Or will she give up to trust her hopes and desires.

The Prelude

As Anu entered into the 1500 sq feet big apartment, it made her feel an absolute new interface to her new world. The colour of the mehendi on both of her hands is still very dark that implies how newly married she is. Almost everybody was starring at her as she was getting down from the car at the very entrance of the apartment. She took a gaze at the sky-touching monument that she would be residing at, with her husband. Her gorgeous red silk sari made her look like a princess. Up came she with her husband on the tenth floor by the elevator and walked till the corner of the blind end of its corridor. A full-bloom bonsai was kept so carefully at the left side of the mahogany door. She could see a shinning bronze name-plate on the door of the flat which says:

Mr. Anirban Mukherjee,

M.Tech (IIT), M.B.A. (IIM),

Senior Software Consultant.

“Oh my God! The alphabetical letters are more than the actual address...” thought Anu.

[My protagonist, Anamika has always been nick-named as Anu by her loved ones, without her due permission ever. It never let her relatives and herself as well to think over that why the name has been cut into such three syllables for other’s convenience. To introduce her to all my readers, she is a 21 years old woman who just got married with the 28 years old Anirban under social matrimony-processes.]


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