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Can I Have This Dance? (Part 2)

Novel By: Shanal D

This is a modern love story. Btw this is part 2, so if you haven't read part 1 do so ;)
This is a dance love story, it shows how dance brings people together and how love stories go ;) View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 7, 2012    Reads: 42    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

[I hear achuckle behind my back and I turn around to see it was Conor.....]


He looked me in my eyes and said hi while shaking my hand. I said hi back, he admitted he was sorry for what he did. I said it was fine, although inside me, I knew it wasn't.

He asked me if I was he's choreographer, I said no and told him I was his assistant choreographer.

He smiled and asked me to give him easy steps, I found out where this conversation was heading. He didn't want to say sorry; he had to; just so he got easy steps from me. I smiled back, hiding my anger in my eyes. Sure, I replied. He walked back to his crew leaving me with my anger boiling up inside me like a steaming kettle on the stove.

Kevin came to me and told me to come back tomorrow, for the first rehearsal with the crew. That night I was just thinking about how I could out-dance Conor . Nothing really came to mind, so I told myself to just do my best and I'll be fine. That's when I actually got some sleep.

I walked to the studio to find out I was 30 minutes early. Since there was no-one there, I thought it would've been a great time to stretchand get pumped up.

I walked into the middle of the studio, and put my phone's volume really high and started dancing. I do all sorts of dancing, hip hop, ballet, waltz and heaps more. You see my mother is a dancer, so I get it off her. She dances around the house and performs with such beautiful dresses. She is my teacher, mother and best friend.

I kept on dancing, swishing my hips to the beat; I had a feeling that I wasn't the only one in the studio. So I slowed down my dance and started turning in the direction I thought someone was watching me.

There was someone there! I looked right at him, and asked if he was lost or something. He replied with a no. If he wasn't lost then why was he here, 20 minutes early for rehearsal?

He started walking towards me; he started praising me about my dance and how well I did. But as closer and closer he got, he started talking about how better I could have done. I chuckled seeing how he turned his tables. Soon as he got nearer I found out that it wasConor.

I said,Conor if you think you can do better, show me. He took off his hoody and stood next to me. I turned the music up and he blew me off. The moves he was busting were amazing. Not that I didn't know them, just I didn't see anyone do them the way he did it. My jaw was beginning to fall open but I quickly had to act like I knew what he was doing when he saw me. My mind went bonkers while watching him dance. Suddenly I started thinking, how am I supposed to beat this guy? My music stopped, I can't believe he danced the whole 3 minutes song without a break. 1 thing I didn't get was why would he want easy steps, when he can do better?

He came up to me and said, "This is how it's done". Knowing that there is no way I could beat him, I blurt out, "Is that what you call dancing?" and walk off as his eyes trail on me.

In 10 minutes all the crew and Kevin arrive. They wonder what Corey and I were doing so early. We didn't waste any time in starting. Corey's song was put on, and Kevin and I started on the dance. We first showed it to them, so they knew what they were meant to do. Then we divided them into 2 groups and started our rehearsal. Thank god I didn't get Conor, because then I would have to teach him. -Which I don't want to do. - I hope Kevin is never away, because if he is then I by myself would have to tech all 11 people!

We had more talking going on than dancing, everyone was asking questions, and I had that moment when I was like who should I answer first. Kevin saw me struggling and came around to help me out. He answered their questions and got me off the hook. I sawConor laughing, geez how much I hate that guy.

We finished our first rehearsal and we were all packing up and leaving. Pictures flashed in my mind about how brilliant Conor danced. I couldn't believe it, how am I supposed to beat this guy?

"Bye, see you tomorrow" Came a voice from behind me. I turned around and saw Kevin walking out. "Bye" I replied. My breath was dancing up and down. If one day didthis to me, imagine what will happen to me when this is over! I don't know how Kevin handles them all. I reach into my bag for my water bottle, and sit on the seats to catch my breath again. "Want to have a dance off?" Comes Conor's voice from my right side. I turn my head to him slowly to show I'm tired. But I had to do this someday. So I get up, put my water bottle down and walk to the speakers. I scroll down my lists of songs while Conor walked up to me and whispers into my ear "Let's make this a bet." I turn around and tune my ears in "What kind of bet?" I ask. "Well in this dance off, whoever wins makes the loser do anything they want and the loser can't say no." I remember how good he dances and think about it for a minute. He sees me taking my time; he chuckles and says "We don't need to have this bet if you know you don't stand a chance against me." "Oh that's it, I'm done with you, let's get this thing over and done with. The bet is on." I say shaking his hands.

I turn the music up and Conor hits the dance floor. He starts dancing and dancing, in the middle he does this type of face which really pisses me off. I can't take his dance anymore; I spin towards him to push him out. I burst some of my original moves and see him checking me out. He squishes in and we end up today doing the rehearsal we practised today. I run out of breath, but I try not to stop. After a while I start coughing. I know it's time for me to stop, but then I don't want to do what Conor tells me to do. I see Conor puffing out of breath too. I finally give up and go to my water bottle. I sit down turning the opposite direction from Conor. I hear the music stop, Conor must have stopped it. I close my eyes and try to forget that I lost. I take a huge breath, and release it slowly saying that it's going to be ok.

I hear a cough coming from behind me, it wasn't a type of cough from running out of breath, it was a cough trying to get my attention. I opened my eyes and saw Conor.

I walk to my bag and start packing. "Ok…ok. Tell me what I have to do." I say while trying to avoid his eye sight. He seesme avoiding him. He gets closer to my ear. I try to stand still and look away with my eyes shut. "I….I want you to come on a date with me." I open my eyes and look at him. Did he just ask me out? What just happened? Is he joking around?

All these questions appear in my brain. I stand there confused for a while. I don't know what just happened. "Well I can't say no now can I?" I manage to get out. Conor smiles and says "Ok I'll pick you up tomorrow at 6 p.m. See you then" He gives me smile and walks out of the studio.

[To Be Continued]


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