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Counting The Stars.

Novel By: shaniawebb

We had been Friends since we were 5 and im starting to develop feeling for her, She was the nicest girl i had ever talked to. I seemed to always get lost into her eyes when i looked into them, her voice was so soft, she was beatiful.

I want to be with her, but i think it will wreck everything. View table of contents...



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I heard a knock at my door, I walked to my door to find my best friend jess smiling then yelled happy birthday and instantly hugged me, she let go and game me a small bag, I looked at her, she said "open it!" so I did, inside the bag was a card and bracelet. I smiled back to jess; she said they're friendship bracelets. She was wearing a matching bracelet to the one in the bag, it was a surf bracelet, accept hers had a white dolphin on it and mine had a small turtle, I said thanks and invited he inside, she asked me if i was up for a game of COD so I took the offer and screamed hell yes, I told her I was lucky to have a friend like her, she laughed and yelled Die!! She was more into the game than me. That was a surprise, suddenly I heard a knock at the door to find bradie and Andy, Andy handed me a box and pushed past me seeing the unused Xbox remote on the chair, he's eyes glowed and he quickly got into the game. Bradie laughed and said happy birthday bro, I said thanks. We all got inside and went an sat sown, jess and Andy were
Playing Xbox and bradie and I were just talking about random stuff. Andy helped himself to my food. He brought out a pack of chicken chips and offered everyone some; his phone went off
so he went to another room to talk. He walked back in yelling at bradie saying that bradie left the shower going and bradie flooded out the bathroom. Andy and bradie instantly ran out the house and got in bradies car, they drove off flooring it. I and jess were just chilling; we started to talk about shoes. I have no idea how it started, but it just did. I guess being best friends we could
talk about anything and wouldn't care.
She brought up relationships. She looked like she was about to burst out with tears. I asked her what was wrong, she replied nothing, then why are you nearly crying I said, she said I don't want to talk about it, you can tell me anything jess, I stared into her eyes. She had tears running down her face. She started to explain that on Friday (2 days ago) she found out her boyfriend Alex had been cheating on her, at this stage tears were pouring out of her eyes, I looked back into her eyes, and I swear I could almost feel her pain. She was really hurt, I told her, there are plenty of guys out there, he's just not that one, and if he cheated obviously he is a dickhead. Because a girl as amazing as you comes once in a lifetime. When he realizes he gave up on you he will be crawling back on he's knees for you, and pay back is you can reject him. Jess stared into my eyes and smiled, I starred back, for about 1 minute i was lost in her eyes. I think she had the same thing going. We snapped out of it, I think we just had a moment i thought to myself. Could this mean... That we could
possibly be a perfect match, and destine for that to happen. She smiled at me. She rested her head on my shoulder like she always did, i was about to fall asleep, she was asleep, I thought to myself, what if we were a couple, that could wreck everything. I wouldn't want to take the risk. So I dozed off to sleep. (1 hour later) i woke up, it was 5pm, i woke jess up and asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner. She said sure, she got up and walked with me to the kitchen. I asked what she wanted to eat, she replied anything. I laughed and grabbed a recipe book out, she flipped through the pages until we found the perfect thing we both agreed on it was lasagna, we got the ingredients out and started cooking, she was being and idiot and imitation Gordon Ramsey, she started swearing and yelling, it was priceless. (10 minutes later) we had finished making the lasagna, we put it in the oven and walked back into the lounge room we were scrolling through channels, jess took the remote and put on SpongeBob; we were both 22 and still watched SpongeBob. I felt like a moron because i had seen like all the episodes, jess said that she had seen every episode. Since this episode
was old we put on channel v. A few hours later and the oven went off, our food was done. We walked up to get it out, jess grabbed a tea towel and opened the oven while I was setting up the table. Then suddenly I herd a scream, a scream someone would make as if they were hurt. I quickly turned around, jess had accidently touched the tray with half her hand. She quickly ran to the tap and turned the cold water on, a small amount of heat came off her hand when the cold water hit it. She kept her hand under the tap until she couldn't feel the burn. She gave me her hand to look at, it was red and there was a burn mark i told her there was a mark, she didn't care much about the marl though. She still was in a panic
Mode a bit, she told me she felt stupid, I said don't feel stupid it was an accident. I then pulled the tray out of the oven and served the food. Jess and I walked up to the table and started eating, we had finished dinner so we went back into the
Lounge room and sat on the couch, it was about 7pm now, i then asked jess if she would
Like to stay the night, she replied ok and smiled, there we sat on the couch flicking through channels, she said ' i wonder what ever happened to Andy and bradies bathroom and laughed. I also laughed and said they probably got in heaps of trouble for it though.
We finally found a show, big bang theory was on it wasn't the best but that was the best show on tv at the moment. We just were talking for a bit and jess was nearly falling asleep. She dozed off so i grabbed a blanket and put it over her, I had never thought I would develop feelings for her, and why at this time like thus exact time. I didn't want to say anything for now. So I walked up the stairs and grabbed a pillow and blanket and came down and slept down on the other couch.


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