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Love And Hate Together

Novel By: ShimmerShine

Lily David is an attractive girl of 17, who is starting her first year at High School. She has shining black hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes. But on her very first day, she comes face to face with none other than James Thomas.
Now, James Thomas is also 17, and has joined High School recently.He has got an arrogant and cocky attitude and he annoys the hell out of Lily.
They both hate each other at first sight and don't want to confess the feelings which the other stirs in them...
Now, will they be able to overcome their hatred for each other and accept their LOVE which is hiding behind that HATRED? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 28, 2013    Reads: 110    Comments: 5    Likes: 4   

"Come on, darling! wake up. You're already late."

Mrs. David said to her sleeping daughter while drawing the curtains from the window. But the girl only stirred at the voice and rolled over her side and fell asleep once again. Mrs. David looked at her daughter and frowned irritably , then she shook her so that she cried, startled and sat up rubbing her eyes.

She looked at her side-table, where an alarm clock stood and almost fell off the bed in surprise. It was twenty to eight and her school was at eight a.m. She hurried into the bathroom and after ten minutes, she was in the car with a toast in her hand, driving to her school.

Lily David was an attractive girl of 17 and it was her first day in High School. She had waist-length shining black hair, a smiling face and most astonishingly beautiful hazel eyes which caused a lot of problem for boys because they find themselves sinking in the depths of those pretty eyes. She had a lovely body and an attractive personality but she never took advantage of her beauty. She did not go out on dates much. She used to call them boring...

Lily entered the school and parked her car. She was quite nervous for the coming day. She got out of the car and started walking towards the building. She had her bag swung over her shoulder and a few books in her left arm.

She was now walking through a corridor full of girls and boys; some of them staring at her but she tried to ignore all those stares and turned a corner and collided with someone coming from the other side of the corner. Her books fell out of her arms and the on-coming person hit her on the shoulder.

"Ow! can't you see?" She said massaging her shoulder and squinting up at him.

"Woohoo! so its my fault, huh, ma'am? The boy said rudely. He had a deep scowl on his face and had ocean blue eyes, which seems to be flashing with anger at the moment.

"Of course, its yours!" She said wondering how rude and arrogant he was.

"Excuse me, it was you who wasn't looking in front of you" He said accusingly.

"Wow, what a person you are! Instead of saying you are sorry, you are blaming it on me" she said unable to control her anger at the boy.

"So what d'you think i'll apologize when it is clear that its not my fault" He said arrogantly making her temper rise even more.

"Well, you bumped into me, so its you who's got to say sorry" She said folding her arms and shooting daggers with her eyes at him.

When he didn't retort her, as she was expecting and started to smirk, clearly enjoying the way she was reacting. She said after losing her temper completely,

"Oh God! why am i wasting my time with such an illiterate..."

"Excuse me, what did you just call me? He asked with his own temper reaching boiling point.

But before she could say anything in return, another boy came and said to the boy,

"Hey James, we're waiting for you!" And then he noticed lily and James' facial expressions and said, "Wait, what's wrong"

so, this is it guys... my first chapter of this book... plz, give comments and share ur thoughts with me... i will greatly appreciate it... looking 4rwrd 2 read ur comments!!!


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