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Just Skate.

Novel By: ShinySpoon

Sam Matthews always thought about skateboarding. It was her dream and life long goal to become a professional and become sponsored. Read as she falls in love, faces tragedy, creates memories of a lifetime with her friends, and fulfills her dreams she's since she was only a little girl. Dylan Clarke never expected it, she turned his world upside down, and she made it look so easy. View table of contents...



Submitted:May 5, 2011    Reads: 91    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Thu-thump Thu-thump. Thu-thump Thu-thump. Her golden blond hair trailed behind
her flowing through the wind as she skateboarded on her Girl skateboard deck.
Her black and white DC shoes clung to the deck like glue even when she jumped.
Adding next was her black skinny jeans with a studded belt and her Gray
Premonition t-shirt with black lettering. It said Premonition in all capitals at
the top of the shirt with underneath it saying, "Facing Destiny" Her black
backpack slung loosely on her back over her black and white plaid over shirt.
Finally, she wore a Girl hat that lay loosely crooked on her head, but not loose
enough to fall of when she skated. She held a smile on her face as she skated
towards the school grounds. Little did she know, her life would soon change for
the rest of her life. "Incoming!" she heard a call, and tailgrabbed into the
air. "Aw, damn it Sammy, you always dodge it." he pouted. Sam smiled at his
silly antics and sighed again while she got off from her board. She pointed with
her thumb behind her. "You're about to lose another board again Ethan." Ethan
was one of her closest friends. He was the same age as her and had blond hair
with brown eyes. He always seemed cheerful and goofed around. She looked back as
he chased after his board rolling towards an incoming bus which was about to run
it over. "No! Don't crush my baby!" he cried. Sam sighed again and said to
herself, "That's what he calls all of his boards." A hand suddenly grabbed her
hat swiftly from her head and ruffled her hair. "Sure does, but you need to stop wearing all of these hats or else you'll get hat hair." He smiled at her like a big brother would. "Fine, fine. I'll just have Abby take it for today or something." she muttered as she started walking towards the school when Ethan
popped up with his shredded skateboard in hand. He wrapped his arms around the two of them. "Jeesh, tomboys and their hats these days." He chuckled. "Who you calling a tomboy? Im everything in an average teenage girl." This time, both of the boys laughed. "Sam, an 'average teenage girl?' This is coming from
the girl who used to wander around the neighborhood looking for new places to
build forts and play with toy race cars rather than dolls." Andrew intervened.
They placed their skateboards in their locker then headed to their group of
friends they hung out with before class. "So? A lot of other girls did it
too." She said in her defense, but Ethan countered. "Yeah, you and Abby." He
laughed again. "Agh, whatever. You guys are just sexists!" She claimed
jokingly as she headed towards Abby to say hello. "Here." Sam spoke, placing
the hat on Abby's head messily. "Mr. Hair inspector over there said I'd get hat
hair if I kept on wearing hats so you can just take that one for a while." Sam gave a smile as she sat down against the wall, trying to make her hair look
somewhat normal again after Andrew 'disheveled' it. "There, it's finally all
fixed--" Ethan ran over and messed up her hair again before she could even
finish her sentence. "Ethan, you punk! Get back here you bastard!" "Oh,
you'll get over it. You're a tomboy, remember?" He laughed. She chased him throughout the lobby until she caught up with him and ruffled his hair.
"Gotcha!" She joined in the laughter. She couldn't help it. "nice one Sammy."
Abby gave her a high five and Ethan tried to regain his breath. "Damn it Sammy,
when'd you get that fast?" he inquired, still smiling. "Haha, you're just slow and out of shape. Looks like you've gained a few pounds Ethan! Watch out or else you'll get fat." she joked, also shortly out of breath. "Nuh uh! I've Just got huge muscles, thats all!"he argued playfully. "Sure, Ethan. Mhmm..If you say so. "Sam's voice dripped with sarcasm. She smiled and went to grab her bag knowing that the bell would ring any minute. Just as she placed it on her shoulders, the bell rang. "Better get going, we only have 5 minutes left until first period starts." Abby stated. "Right behind you." Sam commented as she, Abby, and Ethan headed to the same room. She looked at the lab table to her left and noticed books and
a bag with a skateboard in it in the usually vacant seat closest to her. She put
her stuff on she and Abby's lab table then sat down. "Abs, who sits there? Is
there someone new today?" She questioned. "Oh, thats right. You werent here
when the teacher mentioned it. All I know is that he's a guy and he is pretty
good at skateboarding. One of my friends who's known him for a long time said
that this guy wants to join our club. --Oh, I think that's him. He's pretty cute,
eh?" Abby asked. "doesn't matter to me. But I'll be the judge to see how good
he is." Sam smiled at Abby confidently. If he was as good as people were saying
he was, then she wanted to see what he had first. "Then I take your
challenge." a sudden voice spoke. tauntingly "Ah! Eavesdropper!" Sam called.
"I wasn't eavesdropping, your big mouth was so loud that I couldn't think."
He spoke arrogantly. "Take that back you...you potato head!" she yelled back,
trying to come up with a decent comeback, obviously failing miserably.
"Sammy....his head doesn't even look like a potato." Abby commented. Sam couldn't help it. She had to admit. He really was gorgeous. She just couldn't
find anything wrong with him. "So? I called him a potato head cause he's an
arrogant, fat headed, eavesdropper." She claimed in defense. "Ooo, a lot of big insults there, I take it you're gonna watch me and my skills at the skate park after school then?" he teased. "Yeah, yeah. You're probably not as good
as they say though." she added skeptically. "We'll see about that." He replied. Once school was over, they headed to the skate park and got started. "alright, show us what you got." Sam stated. "right." Dylan clipped on his
helmet and rode down the half pipe. They watched as he laid down Tricks. "Wow
Sammy! He might be almost as good as you!" Abby commented. In reality, she was
just instigating Sam. It was fun to get her all riled up. "Bah, I can beat that.
I'll show him. Just watch me. She strapped on the helmet and pushed off towards
the half pipe on her skateboard. He was about to do a flip trick on his next
jump when Sam came up from behind him on her board and soared through the air.
She completed a full 360 Christ Air then landed on the pipe with a nose stall.
During her nose stall and he was coming closer to her, she smiled slyly and
whispered with their faces centimeters apart. "betcha' can't beat me Dylan." Her
hair flew forward by his face. He could smell the aroma of her hair. It smelt so
nice..such a soft and gentle scent. He couldn't quite place what it was. He'd
never felt so mesmerized in his life. His face felt so hot. He became so
entranced by her that he had forgotten to do his trick. He slid back down and up
towards the other side, still staring. He slid back down on his knees to the
center, never keeping his eyes off of her. He couldnt believe how beautiful she
looked to him at this moment. He stared into her eyes. She looked back at him
surprised. She didn't expect him to have that kind of expression. She was only
taunting him to try to do better than her. She skated back down to him and put
her hands on his shoulders. "Hey...Dylan..? Dylan, what's wrong?" she questioned
worriedly. "Hey...Are you alright?" She waved her hand in front of his face to
get his attention. "..huh...? Oh, Sam, It's you." she looked at him in
confusion. "well..ah..y-yeah Dylan. It's me. We were skating together when you
just zoned out. Are you feeling alright?" she placed her hand to his forehead.
Their faces were only inches apart. He jolted back with a giant blush across his
face. "Yeah! Of course I'm fine! You don't have to get so close!" "whatever...if
you say so." she scratched her head in confusion while she grabbed her board and
bag then walked to the others. "geez, I was only feeling his temperature, no
need to get all jumpy. I wonder what got into him all of a sudden." she mumbled
to herself. The whole crew watched the scene unfold knowingly. Abby sighed.
"really, Sammy, you're so clueless." she thought. Andrew analyzed Dylan
skeptically while Ethan glared at him. "That guy better not try anything on Sam
or I'll break his arm off." Ethan thought. Dylan quickly got to his feet and
with his board in arm, started walking out of the skate park. "Huh? Dylan..?"
Abby asked, confused. "Hey Dylan! You going home?!" she shouted to him, but he
didn't look back and only nodded. "um...okay! See you later then! We'll inform
you tomorrow whether you got in or not!" Abby turned to Sam with a mischievous
smile on her face. "So...Sammy, what happened back there to make Dylan all
fidgety?" Sam gave her a confused look. "I have no idea. You're asking the wrong
person. He just got all red faced all of a sudden. Strange guy." Sam replied
while putting on her backpack. Abby, Ethan, and Andrew all thought, "She's an
idiot. Completely clueless." instantly. Abby started laughing. "You're so slow
Sammy!" Abby ruffled Sam's hair and began walking out if the park with the
others. "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?! And wait up, don't leave me here!"
Sam called out.


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