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Strength In Friends

By: ShowTizzie13

Chapter 1, Kaylee has been beaten for the last time. She left her abusive ex boyfriend and now is trying to get her life straightened out with the help of her best friend and her best friend\'s brother, who teaches her that she is stronger than what she allows herself to feel.


     Kaylee cringed when her boyfriend of two years raised his hand to strike her, again. She tried to hide behind her arms but failed when Brennan’s hand connected with her cheek, snapping her head to the side. Tears began to streamed down her face as she cradled her injured face, disbelief adorning her delicate features. She knew if she opened her mouth he would hit her again, so Kaylee just lowered her eyes to look at the floor and tried to leave the room where Brennan would hopefully pass out drunkenly.
     But to her dismay, he caught her by the shirt collar before she could successfully escape. He jerked her back to him violently, causing her to fall to her knees at his feet.
     “Do you like being on your knees, you cheating bitch? Does your little boyfriend love it when you’re on your knees for him?”
     Brennan raised his hand and slapped her again, this time on her other cheek. He reached to his belt, struggling to remove it. When he succeeded, Kaylee looked up in time to see him swing his arm down, belt in hand, striking the faux leather against her back. She cried out in pain and tried to crawl away on her hands and knees.
     “Where do you think you are going, stupid bitch?”
     He lunged for her, tackling her to the ground. By this time, his pants had fallen to his ankles and Kaylee could feel his hardening erection against her back. She shuddered because she knew what was coming next. Kaylee screamed and tried to crawl away but Brennan’s weight held her in place as he ran his hands up and down her sides. He flipped her over roughly and began ripping her shirt off. She pushed at his hands but he grabbed both of her wrists with one hand and held them above her head. Brennan laid sloppy kisses on her chest and Kaylee wiggled violently trying to break free.
     “Hold still damn it! I am going to make you feel so good you are going to forget about your boyfriend, Dean!”
     Kaylee screamed once more and Brennan had had it. He grabbed his belt from the ground next to them and bound her hands together and tied them to the leg of the couch, that they had gracelessly fallen next to. Kaylee kicked but couldn’t manage to hit anything important. Brennan kissed her mouth, jaw, chest and stomach, then sat up to gaze at her drunkenly as he rid her of her jeans and panties. Brennan grabbed his semi hard dick and began stroking it, trying to be sexy. Kaylee locked her knees together, hoping to discourage him or to at least hold out until he passed out. This effort, however, was futile. She discovered this quickly when Brennan lifted her bottom off of the ground and thrust roughly into her ass. Kaylee gasped at the horrible pain that tore through her body as Brennan pounded in and out of her ass, using no lubrication of any kind and not preparing Kaylee’s body for the violent invasion. Kaylee’s vision began to dim as the pain from the sadistic assault on her body began to pull her from consciousness. A few more sloppy thrusts and unconsciousness had taken her, tears falling constantly down her pain stricken face.
      When Kaylee came to, her entire body ached from the cruel attack. She sat up and realized that her hands were still bound to the couch. She looked around the room, finally spotting Brennan sprawled out on the floor near the television across the room. Kaylee’s bottom ached and she finally had to lay back down to alleviate some of the pain. The remnants of her top and her jeans and panties were strewn about next to her and she remembered that her cell phone was in her jeans pocket. She bit her lip to fight through the pain as she sat back up and reached with her feet for her jeans. She finally got them close enough to her that she laid back down, thankful for small miracles when she dug into her pockets with her mouth and pulled out her cell phone. Kaylee opened the device and dialed the one person she knew she could trust to get there before Brennan woke up and wanted to go for a round two.
     After three rings, Aleah picked up the phone and sounded angry.
     “Kaylee! What’s wrong?”
     Late night phone calls had become a regular thing these past six months.
     “Brennan came home drunk. I need you to come get me. He tied me up.”
     Kaylee choked on the tears that had been flowing since Aleah had answered the phone. Aleah and Kaylee had been best friends since they were 7 years old. Kaylee’s parents had died when she was an infant and she was bounced from home to home, courtesy of a terrible system. Finally, she came to live with a wonderful couple who couldn’t have children of their own when she had just turned 7. Aleah and her family had lived right next door to the couple her entire life and when Kaylee came to live with the Cannons, she was utterly ecstatic to have another girl to play with. Aleah’s brother Dean, who was 10, was disappointed that there was another girl instead of more boys. But over the years, he had begun to think of Kaylee as his little sister, one he would do anything for. The girls had grown up inseparable and when they turned 18, they left the comfort of their parents’ home to get an apartment of their own, just as Dean had done when he turned 18. They had lived together for a year and six months, during which time Kaylee had met and began seriously dating Brennan Carter.
     Kaylee began to reminisce about the Brennan she met in the bar that first night, making the tears fall harder. Kaylee had known that she was young, hell she was just barely 18 years old and she had already fallen head over heels with the handsome, courteous, gentlemanly businessman she had met while at a bar with Aleah and Dean one night. He wooed her, buying her drinks all night and when it came time for Dean to take the very drunk girls home, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and his number programmed in her cell phone.
     A few weeks went by and Kaylee was falling for Brennan. Aleah and Dean both warned her about getting involved too quickly but she ignored them. Every night, Kaylee was spending the night at Brennan’s condo, which she later came to find out was owned by his father who had no idea Brennan was squatting there. A year and six months later, Brennan had convinced Kaylee to move out of the apartment she shared with Aleah and move into his real home, which turned out to be a run down old house in the middle of nowhere. No neighbors within 5 miles. That was good, for Brennan at least, so when he came home drunk one night and punched Kaylee for not having sex with him, no one could hear her scream.
     Every time Brennan hit her, Kaylee always made an excuse for him. Despite their best efforts, Aleah and Dean could not make her leave Brennan. Only within the last few weeks had he begun to rape her. Today had been the worst and as she began to remember the horrible pain of it, sobs rocked her entire body, but she was sure to stay quiet enough to not wake Brennan.





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