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Strength In Friends

Novel By: ShowTizzie13

Kaylee has been beaten for the last time. She left her abusive ex boyfriend and now is trying to get her life straightened out with the help of her best friend and her best friend's brother, who teaches her that she is stronger than what she allows herself to feel. View table of contents...


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Sorry it took so long to update this!! I was computer-less for a while. But I promise I won't take that long again =]
Aleah pulled up to the apartment that the girls had shared before Kaylee moved out. Neither girl had spoken since Kaylee spoke the words that sent chills down Aleah's spine. Aleah got out of the car and reached into the backseat to retrieve Kaylee's suitcase, then opened the passenger side door. Kaylee had stopped crying, and sat in the car staring forward.
"Come on Kay, you are safe now."
Kaylee looked up at her friend, eyes devoid of any emotion. She took Aleah's outstretched hand and lifted herself from the vehicle. The girls heard footsteps approaching and turned around to see Dean rushing toward them from the apartment building. He took one look at Kaylee and pulled her into a hug. Tears began rolling down Aleah's face, as she watched Dean holding Kaylee so gently as if she would break. Kaylee buried her face into Dean's shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him to her. Aleah called Dean before she left her apartment and told him what happened. He told her that he wanted to go with her to Brennan's and give him what he deserved but Aleah told him to just wait for them at her place until they got there.
Dean held Kaylee for what felt like an eternity before releasing her. He grabbed her hand and led the way up to the apartment, where he had kept himself busy with preparing Kaylee's old room for her return. Dean opened the door and ushered the girls in. Aleah opened her mouth like she was going to speak but closed it, thinking better of it. Instead, she took Kaylee's suitcase into her room, leaving Kaylee and Dean in the living room. He led Kaylee to the couch and sat down, pulling her down to sit next to him. Again, he pulled her into a hugand she wept into his shirt, neither one speaking a word. Aleah came back in and sat on the other side of Kaylee, resting her hand on Kaylee's leg, unsure of what else to do.
"It's okay, Kaylee. He will NEVER hurt you again. I am going to make damn sure of that." Dean spoke softly into Kaylee's hair, looking at his sister with fire in his eyes. Aleah knew that he blamed himself for letting Kaylee get hurt.
"Kaylee, honey, would you like to take a shower?" Aleah asked, knowing that if she had gotten raped she would want to wash away every memory of the man who did it to her.
Kaylee nodded against Dean's chest and Aleah left to get the shower ready for her. Kaylee lifted her head once Aleah had left and stared into Dean's eyes. A mixture of rage and hurt was apparent on his face and she hated herself for hurting her two best friends in the whole world.
"I am so sorry Dean. I-I thought he would change." Kaylee spoke softly, tears still running down her face.
"Don't be sorry for what he did. Nothing he did was your fault. You just have to move on now. Bren- He is in the past now. Don't you ever think what he did was your fault." Dean found himself unable to say the vile man's name.
Aleah re-entered the living room with a towel slung over her arm. Dean helped Kaylee up from the couch and Aleah came to her best friend's side and walked with her to the bathroom, where the shower had already began to steam up the room. After making sure that Kaylee would be alright, Aleah left the bathroom, leaving the door open just a crack in case Kaylee called, and walking into the living room to see her big brother pacing angrily.
"How could we let that happen to her, Aleah? We are supposed to be her best friends and we let him hurt her. I am going to kill the slimy mother fucker!"
Dean started toward the door to be stopped by Aleah's hand on his shoulder.
"She needs us. Hell, she needs you. Kill him later. Right now Kaylee has to be our main concern. You do not know how badly I wanted to slice off his dick when he was passed out just a few feet away from Kay when I found her. But she needs us; we cannot go out and do something stupid to alleviate some of our pain right now."
Dean saw the anger that burned in his little sister's eyes, knowing full well that if Kaylee hadn't been there, she wouldn't have stopped at castrating the stupid asshole. He smiled a little thinking of Aleah slowly torturing Brennan. The girl may be small, but he knew from growing up with her that you just do not fuck with her. The Wrath of Aleah, as he had named it when they were younger, was not something he took lightly.
"ALEAH! DEAN!" Kaylee's voice shattered the momentary silence between the siblings. They both ran to the bathroom to find Kaylee soaked under the constant stream of water of the shower, pointing at her opened cell phone on the floor. Aleah got into the shower to pull Kaylee into a hug while Dean reached down and picked up the offending device. On the screen was an opened text message from Brennan.
'I know where you are you cheating bitch! And if you think they can protect you, you are dead wrong. I will be seeing you, real soon.'
Anger boiled in Dean's veins. Aleah looked at him and shook her head, silently telling him to ignore his fury, for now. Instead, he grabbed the towel that Aleah had set on the counter and wrapped it around Kaylee as Aleah helped her out of the shower. He hugged Kaylee to him and ushered her out of the bathroom to her bedroom. He held her until Aleah had time to run to her own room, put on some dry clothes and come back to help Kaylee dress. He left the room while she did so, to give the girls some privacy. Dean headed back into the bathroom and grabbed the cell phone that he set on the counter when he grabbed the towel and began responding to Brennan's message.
'If you ever so much as touch a hair on her head, so help me God Ipromise you will regret every time you hurt her.'
He sent the message, hoping so badly that Brennan did come for Kaylee so he would have a real reason to break the little bastard's neck. The reply came quick and infuriated Dean even more, if it was even possible.
'We will seeā€¦'
Dean threw the phone on the floor, smashing it. He smiled, knowing that Kaylee wouldn't be hearing from Brennan again. He promised himself that he would replace the phone tomorrow, with a new number that only he and Aleah would know. Dean exited the bathroom and headed straight for Kaylee's room where Aleah was helping Kay get into bed. He placed a gentle hand on his little sister's shoulder and she kissed Kaylee on the forehead before leaving the room with him, leaving the door slightly ajar.
"I smashed Kaylee's phone so we are going to get her a new one." He almost sounded proud of himself. "I am also going to sleep on her floor tonight. And yes I know it sounds a little over the top but I don't want her to be alone."
Aleah almost looked like she wanted to object to him sleeping in Kaylee's room but something inDean's voice told her that no amount of arguing would deter him. She nodded and headed down the hall to her own bedroom, weary. Dean walked into the living room, grabbed a few pillows and a blanket then headed back to Kaylee's bedroom. He found her lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling, not even looking down at him when he entered her room.He began to make a bed for himself on the floor next to her bed, when Kaylee began to cry again. He stopped his preparations and moved to sit on the edge of her bed and gently wiped away her tears.
"Listen to me Kaylee." She continued to stare at the ceiling, tears falling from her beautiful eyes. "Look at me." She did. "He will never hurt you again. I am here to make sure of it." She looked grateful at his words but continued to cry. "Try and get some sleep sweetie. It has been a stressful night."
Kaylee flinched when she remembered exactly what had transpired that night. Dean hated that he couldn't erase what happened, but he would be dead before it ever happened again, of that he was damn sure. He didn't know exactly what had happened, he was not even sure Aleah did but Kaylee would tell them when she was ready, or not. It really didn't matter as long as she was no longer hurting. Kaylee turned away from Dean, not because she didn't want him there, she just didn't want him to see her cry anymore. Dean took the hint and continued with his bed making. When it was suitable, he laid down, knowing that he would not get much sleep, but just being near Kaylee made him feel better that she was not alone.
Not knowing what the future held killed him, but the fact that Kaylee was safe; never to be hurt again eased him into a temporary contentment that allowed him to drift into a fitful sleep.
Sorry again for the long wait, this one was long because you all deserved it for me making you wait. More to come soon J


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