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Roses Reborn

Novel By: silent1395

Sometimes, I wonder how things in the world would be if there were was more expression instead of aggression. I wondered if it was better to stay in a world where my paradise bloomed. View table of contents...



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I opened my eyes and felt the bright sun's rays and the heat of the day on my face. I didn't expect that I would see a great meadow before me. No, I had expected something else. I didn't know if I was living in reality or I was just wandering off in dream world again. Like hell I cared. I loved the view. Standing on top of a hill, I though that it was almost perfect with the green grass, the clear blue skies, the trees that swayed gently with the summer wind, and the part of the scenery I loved the most, the bursting colors that ensued from the flowers that scattered across the field.

I ran down the hill, feeling more carefree as I would ever be, laughing and smiling as the fresh air renewed me and gave me far more energy than sleep would have given me. For the first time, I had noticed that I was wearing a brown knee-length dress, which wasn't a usual kind of clothing I'd wear. But I was alone, so I didn't mind. As soon as I felt flat ground, I immediately began to look for what I thought was the most beautiful element of nature anyone created, the flowers.

For me, the flowers are the best part of nature. They give life to the eyes and the color of every scenery. It's like they contain something that just attracts you. Not in the scientific manner. What I mean is the kind of emotion that every petal and leaf would show you. I don't know when my love for them had sparked, but I knew that I have loved them ever since I was a child.

I carefully inspected each flower before my eyes, filled with wonder and amazement how each one could be such a special thing to cherish, when a flash of white caught my attention. It was a white carnation, with such purity that I felt almost emotional for that, yet I didn't expect that there would be more than just this carnation suddenly appearing before me. There followed a Plumeria, looking as pretty as a picture. Several more had followed in different colors, a swirling mass which had overwhelmed me. I suddenly felt that there was something odd about it. The sun began to shine more brightly than before, and I stumbled on the grass. I heard a voice calling my name, which I refused to acknowledge because I wanted to lose myself in paradise, yet it seeemed that the sound that echoed had done a great deal on the meadow. The flowers slowly disintegrated, the grass suddenly began to fade and the trees disappeared. The sun began to blind me, as if it was plummeting towards me. I shielded my eyes and hoped that it wouldn't be the end. I suddenly realized that the sound that came from nowhere was trying to wake me up.


"Get up Trina, you'll be late for school."

I opened my eyes and saw my mother's face loom over me, which I admit had given me a fright. I gave a startled sound and my mother smiled at the sight. Even while I was half-asleep, had an uncanny ability to display the most epic reactions the world has ever seen.

"All right, all right mom. I'm already up. I'll be downstairs in fifteen to twenty minutes tops," I replied to her.


I got up and dragged my still sleepy feet across the floor. I pushed my hair out of my face, trying to remember everything that had happened in my dream. I didn't really know why I thought of dreaming that. There were accounts that they predicted a future event, but I thought otherwise. It seemed impossible to even think of what was about to happen when you didn't have a clue of what WILL happen anyway. I dismissed it was probably some random mumbo jumbo and continued my perilous walk to the bathroom, which included a series of trips, slips and forgetting to bring my clothes and towel inside.

This was going to be a long day, yet I stil couldn't help but ponder what would possibly happen today. Sure, I couldn't deny the fact that there was several projects and reports to be submitted for the quarter, but I didn't feel like it had anything to do with academic matters. I kept thinking about it as I prepared for school.

I was not feeling myself that I almost tripped on the stairs because my younger brother tackled me out of nowhere.

"Oh God Dylan, YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!" I yelled.

"Is it my fault that you were staring blankly into space? I couldn't help myself. Your face looked epic enough," my brother replied between laughs.

"Touche' my friend, but next time you do that, I'll smack you down until the depths of hell."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever. Come on, we better get going. "

I skipped down the stairs, grabbed some toast and jam and plunked myself down on the dining chair as I tried to calm myself down over what could've been my near-to-state-of-ending-up-in-the-emergency-room experience. Staring at my brother beside me, I lightly hit him on the head as a sign of my annoyance and partial acceptance of his quiet apology. He looked up, grinned and gave me a fist bump as a sign that we were cool.

Taking a peek at my watch, I let out a yelp and stood up faster than you could have said the longest word on earth. I didn't know that I had twenty minutes to get to school. And to think that our first period was the subject with the worst teacher anyone could've ever met.

"We better go. Mom's probably going to take a while. You know how she is when she's preparing for an interview,"I told my brother.

"You're right."


"All right honey, take care now the both of you!" my mom said in reply.

Typical boring morning. It's just incredible how I live my life now.


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