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Escape (Logan & Katie)

Novel By: skittlesrock

Katie and her little girl Nikki move to Cherrygrove, Texas to escape the over bearing confines of Dallas. When they arrive katie is greeted by a surprise that will change Nikki and her life forever. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 20, 2010    Reads: 87    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Escape. that was why Katie Isobel Brown had packed up her life and her daughter Nikki and moved to Cherrygrove, Texas. She'd left behind the safe confines of Dallas along with the huge support system of family to open a shop hundreds of miles from home. It'll only take a few hours, Katie reminded herself, to visit her family. She'd needed to leave, get out of the city and stand on her own two feet. She had relied on her family for too long now and she had Nikki to think of. She glanced over to the passenger seat where her beautiful three year old daughter was napping in her car seat.
Her mind drifted back four years, to Paris and the man who she had met there. The one that disappeared so quickly from her life without a word. He didn't even know he had a daughter. All Katie had known was is name,Logan, his age, she'd known his favorite food and that he couldn't stand opera and red wine and may other useless things but she had no idea where he came from, somewhere in Texas was all he'd told her. Snap out of it, Katie mentally thought to herself no matter what happened she would never regret it, he gave her Nikki. It was only four o'clock in the afternoon and Nikki would soon awaken so they could start their new lives.
Katie pulled up outside the only grocery store in Cherrygrove and decided to pick up a few things she needed. She reached over and woke her daughter, thinking how glad she was they had arrived.
"Come on sweetie" Katie said to her daughter as she lifted her from the car seat.
"Mama, sleep" Nikki mumbled, burrowing into Katie's neck.
"We're her Nik" she said knowing it would wake her up from her deep slumber.
"Yayy" Her daughters enthusiasm for a new place and new people outweighed her desire to sleep.
Katie grabbed her handbag and her daughters favorite toy.
"Let's go baby, we need to get some food before we go to the house" She told her daughter.
"Sweetie mama ?" Nikki pleaded, her eyes widening into a look of pure, innocent pleading.
"mmm ... maybe " Katie replied, grinning at her. She noticed the curious glances they got from the few people in the store but they'd get used to her she hoped. She needed this to work, Katie was going to make this work.
"Which one Nikki?" She signaled to the sweets.
"Pink please mama."
"Come on then hunny" Katie said as she grabbed the candy.
"Hi there" the shop attendant greeted them.
"I don't think I've seen you around here before."
"No, I'm Katie, this is my daughter Nikki, we just moved form Dallas."
"Hi there Nikki, I'm Haley" The girl smiled, she was quite young, younger than Katie's 23.
"Hiya. Look mommy - dog" Nikki squealed pointing outside to the huge black Labrador.
"I see it sweetie" Katie smiled at her little girl, "Come on".
"Thanks" she said to Haley.
"Bye Nikki" Haley waved to the adorable little black haired, green eyed child. She couldn't help but think she resembled someone.

10 minutes later and Katie was in trouble, there was an ominous amount of smoke snaking out from the hood of her ancient car. Shit, Katie thought to herself.
"Nikki, baby, we're gonna have to walk for a little while, the cars sick. We have to leave it here."
"All alone?" The stricken look on her daughters face made Katie want to smile at Nikki's feelings towards inanimate objects.
"Yeah, but we'll come back and get it soon."
"Make it all better?"
"Yes hunny"
15 minutes later Katie was carrying her.
"We're nearly there sweetie, do you think you could walk for a little while?"
"Can't. Up." Nikki pleaded, it took a further ten minutes for them to reach town and the grocery store was the closest building.
"Hi, again" Katie greeted Hailey who was still standing behind the counter.
"Are you okay?" Hailey asked noticing Katie's flushed face and Nikki buried in her arms.
"My car broke down, is there a mechanic around here?"
"Yepp, it's just down the road, MacDonald brothers own it"
"Okay, thank you" Katie said, smiling tiredly.
The mechanics was easy to find, the garage doors wide open and the eye catching red and blue sign that read "MacDonald Brothers". The only sign of anyone around were the oily boots sticking out of an ancient Mercedes.
"Excuse me" Katie attempted to gain the mechanics attention over the Guns n Roses blaring out of the radio. "EXCUSE ME".
When she still relieved no answer Katie reached over and pulled the cord for the radio out of the wall.
"What the ...?" Lucas pulled himself out from under the car, "Can I help you?" The girl was beautiful, long, flowing hair, and dark dark eyes. The child was just as striking as her mother, sea green eyes and hair as dark as coal like his brothers.
"My car broke down about twenty minutes out of town."
"Okay, I'll get a tow, I'll just get my brother" Lucas said and wandered off towards the office wondering what a woman like her and her child were doing this far out. She wasn't exactly usual for Cherrygrove. "Logan, there's a woman out here, needs a tow."
"Okay" as Logan looked up at the woman he felt a blow of shock, "Katie?"
"Hello Logan" She said coldly.
"Mama, up" Nikki said, drawing Logan's attention to the child that strongly resembled his mother and his mouth fell open, eyes questioning he stared at Katie who looked slightly guilty.


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