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An Assassin's Love

Novel By: SkittlezMonsterr14

When 18 year old goes to her guy friend's house to swim, her simple visit turns into a matter of life or death after meeting her friend's brother, Samuel. Now they both have to go into hiding to protect themselves from a group of assassins. But, Samuel is hiding something. What is it? View table of contents...



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"I love you." I let those words echo in my head as he said them. But… no… He couldn't love me. It was too dangerous. For him, for me… It could even endanger our families.

He couldn't have a weakness anyone might spot. But that was too late. I already WAS his weakness. You can't un-love someone. It just wasn't possible.

But before you get the ending of my story, I'd like you to hear the beginning…



"Are you thirsty? I'm going to get some Gatorade. Do you want something?" I asked my best guy friend as I casually walked up the in ground pool's steps and onto the deck. He shook his head.


"Alright." I pushed open the sliding glass door and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a Gatorade out the fridge and walked to the counter.

Leaning back, I took a sip of my drink. Then, my cap dropped to the floor when I tried to grab it. I bent down to pick it up.

"Well, Rachel, it's nice to see you again."

Gasping, I bolted up and met the chocolate brown eyes of a dark haired man. His smile almost took my breath away.

I stuttered an "I- I'm…" but his smile only grew. Oh just great… Craig's brother, Samuel just decides to walk in the room while I'm standing against the counter in nothing but a black bikini. I felt a burning sensation on my cheeks. And now… I'm blushing! How could this get worse!?

He tilted his head to the side and said, "I think the words you're looking for are… 'Hello, Samuel. I know you and Craig need to have a talk. I was just leaving!'"

I knitted my eyebrows together and tried to make sense of what he had just said. "Leaving? I wasn't leaving! I was getting a drink!" He gave me a smile and stared at me.

Suddenly, I felt embarrassed under his gaze. I slowly inched toward the counter to grab my cover- up and pulled it on over my head.

"I'm… just gonna go…" He nodded.

"That would be best. I'll tell Craig you had to leave." I quickly walked to the front door and opened it to get to my car.

I looked back to see Samuel walking out the sliding glass door and quietly closing it behind him.

Instead of being a good girl and going to my car to leave, I tip toed toward the back yard fence.

Before I got there, I heard a gunshot and a man shout, "You bastard!" I gasped and slowly walked backwards.

Not watching where I was going, I stumbled over a small stump and fell backwards onto the hard ground. "Oww…" I whimpered and grabbed my ankle.

Suddenly, I saw Samuel thrust the gate open in a hurry and ran toward the front yard. He stopped in his tracks when his eyes set upon me. "Oh God… Just great." He whispered and scooped me up in his arms.

"What happened back there?!" I shouted. He clapped a hand over my mouth and shushed me.

When he removed his hand, he placed me in the passenger seat of his car. He quickly walked around to the driver's seat and climbed in, starting the ignition.

"What's going on?" I asked, worry washing over me. Craig wasn't with us. He wasn't here and he hadn't followed Samuel out. "Where's Craig!?"

I looked at Samuel and I watched as he cringed, hearing his brother's name. "What'd you do to him?" I whispered. I was scared now. I was pretty sure that gunshot had hit Craig but had Samuel done it?

"You were supposed to be gone!" he shouted, driving 50 miles an hour down a 35 mph road.

"What happened?!" I asked again.

"Rachel, please just wait to ask your questions. I'll answer them, I promise. But you didn't listen to me! I told you to leave!"

"You didn't exactly expect me to really leave, did you?!" He gave me an exasperated sigh and went quiet.

Thirty minutes later, he pulled over on the side of a deserted road and put the car into park.

"What are you doing?" I asked as he reached into the backseat. He came back up with a black piece of cloth.

"I'm blindfolding you." I started to freak out.

"What?! Why!?"

"Calm down. It's just so you won't see where the location is."

"Location?! What the fuck are you? An FBI agent?!" He shook his head at my un-calmness and climbed up to me. He slowly wrapped the cloth around my head and tied it in the back. When he settled back down in his seat, he brushed his hand across mine, making me shiver. He started the car again and drove off to God knows where.

I heard Samuel sigh and felt the car stop. Sam's door opened and then, next, mine and I was lifted into his arms.

I stayed quiet as he started to walk. A door was pushed open and I was set down. I felt Samuel's hands untie my blindfold and pull it away. I looked around.

"Wow. Simple. Where are we?"

"First of all, it's supposed to be simple. Second, I want you to wait in my room for a little." He put his hand on the small of my back and started to lead me up a long hallway.

We now stood in front of the third door on the left and he pulled out a set of keys, putting one into the lock.

Pushing the door open, he pushed me inside. "Wait here. I'll be back in ten minutes. DON'T leave, DON'T touch anything, and DON'T leave."

Before he closed the door, I said, "You already said that and… what was the third thing?!"

He opened the door again and replied, "Third, I can't let you know where we are yet. Hence the whole blindfold thing." He smirked and closed the door.

I heard the click of a lock and sighed plopping down on a bed, which I assumed was his. I bit my lip and decided to break some rules. Yes, I shouldn't do it and Samuel was a good guy but… oh well…

I walked over to the bedside table and pulled open the first drawer. Inside, I found a phone charger, and iPod charger, and miscellaneous items such as pens, paperclips, etc…

I opened the second drawer to reveal… nothing. 'Hah, great.' I thought and lay down on the bed, placing my head on the pillow. "Ow!" I exclaimed and brought my head up.

When I looked under the pillow, my eyes beheld a black pistol. I gasped and stood up. 'Oh my God, what the fuck?! I knew it… He had to have killed Craig.' I thought.

But, I don't even know if Craig is really dead. So, he was the one who shot Craig… but now the question is, did Craig die?

I didn't realize how much time had passed until I heard the lock click again and the door pushed open. I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I just stared at the gun lying on the bed. It was quiet and the only sound was my forced breathing and Samuel's calm breathing.

"Rachel…" he started but I cut him off.

Spinning around, I just let my questions pour out.

"Where is Craig? What happened back at that house? Why am I here? And who are you, really?" I growled my last question.

He cringed again at the mention of his brother.

"Rachel, Craig is dead. A man shot him when I went back to talk to him. You're here because you didn't listen to me and didn't leave when I told you to."

He took a slight pause, and then continued. "I am part of an elite group of assassins that work for the FBI. I'm the good kind, not the bad, which was who killed Craig." I looked at him bewildered.

"So… you're a secret agent/assassin?" He smiled and nodded. "I guess you could call it that."

"Craig is dead?" I asked, not really believing it. I slowly sat down on the bed and he sat down beside me. He placed his hand over mine. "Yes." His answer was a whisper.

"Oh my gosh…" I whispered. He stayed quiet. He let me lay my head on his shoulder and I cried.

After a couple minutes, I asked, "So that was you that yelled 'You bastard'?" He nodded.

"I had to leave fast before he could follow me. I was his target; not Craig. They sent a stupid, untrained assassin after me."

"I still can't believe this…" There was a moment of silence.

"It's getting late. I think I should get you something to eat then get you to bed." I nodded. "I'll go get you something to sleep in."

He left and came back minutes later with a pair of clothes. I went into the bathroom and changed.

When I came back out, Sam was lying on the small couch in the room. "You're not going to sleep in the bed?" I asked.

"No, I'm giving you the bed." He smiled. "Oh, how gentleman-like." I said sarcastically. We both laughed as I climbed into the bed and settled down.

We fell into an awkward silence and minutes later, I was fast asleep.

~~This is meh first chapter! Tell me what you think. The next part will be in Samuel's point of view. Please give me feedback!~~


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