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How To Be Mr Wrong

Novel By: Skye Beckett

Michael Parker, ultra rich, utterly gorgeous, funny and a total player needs to get rid of a BIG problem - his ex. No matter what he does, she doesn't seem like she's getting a hint....
Enter Delilah Adams, a simple girl struggling to work two jobs in order to pay off her college fees. An unwilling alliance forms between the two as Michael agrees to help her with her college fees if she gave him tips so he could get rid of the ex - so she can give him classes on How To Be Mr Wrong....
But there are other people in the act, determined to have Michael or Delilah for themselves. Can this unwilling alliance turn into something more?... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 1, 2012    Reads: 757    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

Helloooo, there! So sorry about the wait....i was really working out the plot :P So anyways, here is the first chapter, and i hope you like it!!! lots of love, skye :)

Have you ever considered killing someone, just because they annoy the LIFE out of you?

Well, I have.

I have really, honestly, seriously, considered murdering Gina Sinclair.

I pretended to listen to her droning voice, a headache slowly advancing its way into my skull. I ran a hand through my hair, frustrated. Gina stopped talking and leaned forward.

'Michael, you are just adorablewhen you play with your hair!' she said in a squeaky voice.

I almost gagged. Play with my hair? Ineverplay with my hair. Frustration mounting to new heights, I took a deep breath, trying to talk some sense into her. 'Look, Gina, wecan'tbe together because there is - '

'A lot to do about your career,' she finished for me. I inwardly cringed, wondering why I hadn't chosen a better lie. 'But I love you,' she made gooey eyes at me, leaning forward hoping I would kiss her, 'And I know you love me.'

'Yeaaaah,' I said, extracting my hand from her tight grip. I stood up, 'Yeah, I guess I do. Well, I got to go study. Tons to do.'

Her face crumpled up as she stood up and pecked my lip. Isomehow prevented the gag reflex. I watched apprehensively as she strutted off, making a point of swinging her butt.

I sighed, rubbing my forehead.

My friends had always warned me -Michael, it's cool that you bang so many chicks, but one of them is gonna come and BITE you in the ass!

And I never listened.

Gina Sinclair wasn't the first, and definetly wasn't the last girl I had used my charm on in arder to have a good time. But she was the ONLY one who had stuck with me as if she were glued on. She went around college, calling herself my girlfriend and my reputation had been on a ride to the gutter since. I had lost my standing with my friends who FOREVER mocked me for being herboyfriend, the smug look on my teacher's faces when they call me 'lovestruck'every time I fail to answer a question in class and most of all, I had lost all thewomen.

Andy Firth actually said I was like her brother. Ugh. She said that me and Gina made acute couple. I don't recall how I didn't kill mself after that one.

I walked quietly through the corridor, my hands stuffed in my pockets, trying to think of a solution. I grinned for the first time in hours as I saw my best friend George run up to me, his face flushed with excitement.

'So?' I asked him, smirking, 'Did you finally make out with Clara Simpson?'

George stopped in his tracks, his face blank. 'No. Why would you think I did?'

I rolled my eyes, 'Well, you look like you won a lottery. So, what's up?'

The excitment coloured his face again as he snickered, 'You know all the problems you've been having with that Gina chick?'

'Yeah?' I asked, feeling pathetic in life again.

'I have the solution.'

I stared at him.

George, my best buddy, was really rather my opposite in some ways. One of those ways was the way he treats people of the opposite gender. He tends to border onworshipwhile I..... well, I don't. So I was surprised when he came up to me with a plan on how to getrid of a woman.

'You know,' he continued, 'there is someone who could tell youexactlywhat to do to get Gina to dump you.'

I stared. I had never heard sweeter words in my life.

'Who?' I demanded, my eyes wide.

George explained his plan. At first I was a little apprehensive, but as he continued talking, I could see how it made sense. Life seemed better and better as I listened on and Gina Sinclair already seemed to be far, far away.

It was the perfect plan.

Turning on my heel, I went to find a girl I didn't even know was a part of this college till now.

I went to find Delilah Adams.


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