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You & me, together.

Novel By: SmilingAppearances

Tags: Fiction

Ok for those who dont like fantasy or unatural, paranormal stuff....just ignore this storyXD because this kid, Jace, has a secret. One that can't get out, or else everything and everyone he loves will be put in danger.(: Enjoy... i think. (sorry, story isnt really developed i was just bored hahaha) View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 7, 2011    Reads: 108    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

The new kid, oh boy. His name is Jace. I'd seen him in a couple of my other classes and in the hallways. Typical new kid stuff I guess, except for the fact that this kid is like a movie star hottie. Seriously! I had actually seen Becky Weimar hit herself in the face with a kid's locker trying to follow Jace down the hallway just now.
I grin, trying to control my laughter, as I search my bag for my notebook. Meanwhile I hear Mr. Hernandez introduce Jace to the classroom. I have him in five of my classes. Joy. I don't hate him or anything but the girls stalking him are kind of getting annoying. They always interrupt the teacher and it seems to piss Jace off. Which I don't understand in any way actually….
Finally, I find my notebook. I place it on my lab table just in time to catch a glance of eyes staring me down. I stop and stare. The new kid. My table. My lab partner? Why is he staring at me that way? His eyes are a cold gray yet mixed with a blue that is just hypnotizing. I stare back. Unable to speak, unable to think.
"Alexys!" I blink and try to regain focus. My concentration focuses on Mr. Hernandez in the front of the classroom. Every single kid in the class staring at me.
"Uh…yes?" I blink once more.
"I assumed you'd have done fine with Mr. Pearson as your new lab partner. But I shall warn you, I seated him with you because I thought you were above getting googly eyed all over a boy, but if you are having problems I guess I'll move him…." Mr. Hernandez says.
"No, I'm sorry, I was distracted." I murmur, earning giggles from the girls in my class. "It won't happen again." I shift uncomfortably, away from my new lab partner.
"Very well, we shall begin class then!" Mr. Hernandez turns toward the chalkboard and begins his lecture. Meanwhile, I glue my eyes down to my notebook. In the corner of my eye, I can see him. Silky blonde hair covers his eyes but he sweeps it to the side to see every once in a while I'm sure. Sharp angular features in the face. His leather jacket hides away any physical features but he's way taller than me by far. Part of that makes my stomach turn.
"….Now I want you and your partners to come up with a project. Something pertaining to science I beg of you!" I hear Mr. Hernandez say. "My science team is having a competition and I cannot assign you a correct project but I do want my students doing projects. So today, you and your partners will discuss what you will prepare to do together over the next two weekends and come present your ideas to me for approval." Mr. Hernandez pauses and glances at me for a split second then says, "Begin!" Already understanding the message, I get up and follow him to his desk.
"Yes, Mr. Hernandez?"
"Ahh, Alexys, Look, I know you are a bright student, quiet and reserved but you are very smart. Mr. Pearson is new here and I would just like you to take a few minutes to try to get to know him a little better. He doesn't have many friends and I'm sure it would mean a lot to him to find a normal girl in this school who doesn't compete for the new kid's attention." He glances behind me and I follow his gaze. Back at my table Jace is talking to Jordan. A boy, shockingly, but then Jordan and Jace focus their attention on the table next to ours. There sits Katie and Miranda, fawning all over both of them of course. I turn back to Mr. Hernandez. "Just try to be a friend okay?"
"Mr. Hernandez, why don't you just seat him somewhere else then?" I ask nervously. I am NOT good at making friends. Hence why I have none!
"No, no, no, I'm sure you and Jace will make great lab buddies. Both of you are good in this subject. Just take it easy on him, okay? He's had a rough time in school in the past few years; maybe we can help him out a bit."
"Um, alright…." I mumble. Already feeling my face go white I make my way back to my stool. I fumble a little as I pull out my chair and nearly fall out of it as I sit but I still can't feel a thing.
Make a friend? How the heck do I do that? I've kept people out of my life for a reason and now I have to befriend some guy that a thousand other girls would rather do…..?
Slowly I inhale a deep breath.
"Are you okay?" I hear a voice ask. I turn my head slightly, feeling like a ton. Jordan's face stares back at me from across the table.
"Yes." I say quietly and look away again. Jordan is another guy all the girls think is cute. I always hear them talking about him in the locker room after P.E. Of course Jordan has the same silky hair just way more…blonde. His brown eyes are dark and mysterious to me as always. Other girls, as they've said, find them "cute and sexy". I do not see how they can think of them as "cute and sexy" at the same time but hey, whatever floats their boat.
"I'll see you after class dude." Jordan says, and leaves, sadly. Now it's just me and Jace. The new guy and the antisocial girl…. For the first five minutes Jace and I just sit there and say nothing. Slowly I reach for my notebook.
"Your hand is shaking." Jace states, sounding annoyed.
"Uh, yeah. What do you want to do the project on?" I squeak. Crap. What happened to becoming a friend first?!
"Um, I don't know. What would you want to do it on?" he says stiffly, not into it at all. He's asking me what I want?
"Uh, I- I don't know…." I stutter. "What would seem like fun, I guess…."
"Um, why don't we do something very simple…" he frowns. His face contorting with impatient effort. I swivel in my stool to face him.
"Like what?" I ask with lowered eyes, not really meeting his.
"Why don't we make something explode or something?" he says. "Like we can just get a lot of mentos and some two liter cokes and explain or demonstrate the reaction both of them have together."
"Where would we do this?" My eyes snap up in panic. There is no way this can happen at my place.
"Next class?" His eyes grow sharp as he looks at me like I'm a freak.
"Hernandez doesn't allow student operated experiments take place in his classroom. Despite the large majority of his classes that disagree with his teaching and experiment rules, he won't allow anyone to conduct their own experiment in his classroom except himself." I say quickly, my cheeks burning.
I glance at Jace through my bangs and his eyebrows come together but his eyes are wide. Typical look people get when they're classified as weird.
"Okay…?!" Jace says impatiently. He swivels himself to face the front of the classroom.
I sit there, stunned that I can actually talk that fast. Usually I stutter under the anxiety of actually talking to someone. I never have contact with anyone. Physical especially. I squirm a little in my seat, feeling the large bruise on my stomach from yesterday.
"Okay you know what, let's just do the research. We don't need to do the experiment because we both know that if you put both of the two together it explodes." He states, glancing at me through the corner of his eye.
"Hernandez requires proof that the lab partners go through with the experiment together or he deducts points."
Finally having taken enough of me, Jace glares at me.
Shadowed by his hair, his eyes seep right through my bangs and catch me off guard. His eyes blaze over with something dark and angry. A flash image of his face burns itself in the back of my mind and sends goose bumps all along my skin.
There's something wrong with this guy.
Fear stirs in me and nails me to the spot even though I feel like I should be running away from him. Chills run down my spine as I stay completely still knowing he is still looking at me. My heart feels like its pounding its way out of my chest. My blood boils beneath my skin.
What is wrong with this guy? Why is he so….terrifying? God, if you love me at all, please make him stop, whatever he's doing….
My breathing is quick and ragged when Jace finally just looks away. Shaking his head, he tears a paper out of my notebook and scribbles on it. I glance at the clock, hoping I can just go home and away from him. He is definitely not going to be a friend.
The bell rings, immediately I grab my notebook and binders, shoving it into my back pack. Right when I am about to brush past him as quickly as possible and run home, his arm snaps out in front of me. I flinch but manage to keep from screaming. In his hand is a piece of paper. Slowly I reach for it, my hand shaking noticeably but he doesn't point it out this time. Taking the paper, he stands, his chest right in front of my face. I can even smell him. My entire body goes rigid with his scent.
"Come after five." He says, his voice low. Grabbing his backpack off his chair, he walks to Jordan's table. I look down and read an address. All color drains from my face as I notice my street name and number only the last two digits are different. But he still lived close to me.... As if my father weren't enough for me to fear. I try to ignore it, but when I look up my eyes catch his as he walks out the door leaving me to fear itself.


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