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Il Mio Cosa

Novel By: sneeding

Buddy has just turned 16 and he is now apart of his father's "family".he has quickly become the youngest of "Cosa Nostra" (our Thing). Through the roarding twenties, he is introduced to the night life his father an brother experience every day of their lives and he also meets a couple of people on the way. View table of contents...


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Il Mio Cosa - Chapter 1 - Part 1

"Costa Nostra."

It lies apprehensively chipped onto the small wooden chest on the edge of my bed. It appears to be reasonably mundane. I'd seen it before. It'd found its self there in between the time I'd gone for breakfast and my evening baseball exercise... when my room could have been pronounced abandoned, and when I'd needled at my mother about how it got there, she bid me that she didn't know. I moderately drag a finger over the letters bumping over and into the wood.

A flutter flounces past me and I turn to see Anna Scott with this very distinctive carmine tie in her hand. It mimics my father's and Casca's. She beams, which is something she only does when she's happy and Anna-Scott pitches her head to look round everyone one of my features and maybe she's trying to look through me.

But, that is not what hinders my attention. But, the smile on her face is perhaps, the most beautiful thing to ever reach her visage. Because, she hardly ever smiles and it is fixed to me as of now.

Her long lashes glimmer as she helps the kindly silk fabric around my neck. Anna-Scott tethers the tie around my neck and crushes down a plica on my jacket.

She chirps to me that I look "nifty" while she graciously crushes a strand of curly hair back from decking down before my eyes.

Anna-Scott teases my ear and simpers pleased with herself. She draws me closer to her and cossets me with that smile before she hugs me. She scoffs as her face jabs into my shoulder.

"God Buddy, you're growing up so fast." Anna-Scott buffets against my shoulder. She pulls away from me and that smile finds her face again. "I love you Buddy, if you ever need anything, you know to ask me." She advices. And it feels a lot to me like I'm leaving forever but, I'm only tuning fifteen and her grip goes tighter.

Anna-Scott suggest to herself that I've clinched onto the idea and turns from me to heel her hands up to her hips and she wipes her hand onto the cerulean of her dress. And, we land back into her world so that she can talk about her own life.

She chalk-talks about Francisco's younger brother. Francisco is her fiancé and I forget how her lecture came to this "Fiasco" or "Freddie" kid. And, I don't even know if he's Francisco's brother or not. But, he will be the "best-man" in the wedding. And for some reason, she thinks this might apply to me also. And she thinks I care about the best man in her wedding.

Francisco likes to race horses and he's a gangster in Sicily who also has a father that's considerably important. And that may be one thing that does interest me.

She tells me that he has an ample abode on the seaside that they're going to live in.

She also wants me to bob up for holidays. And birthdays and weekends. "All of the time would be swell."

Me personally though. Casca, the eldest of us hasn't even been attracted to her wedding. She doesn't like him. She says "he's really narrow-minded".

I think he's droll and from time to time he sneaks me my father's terribly admirable cigars. And, he always has girls over and he's kind of blunt about things but I don't know why and, he never picks at me. I guess that's why we get along so much.

I caught wind of him shooting a guy in his eye and he dumped him into a creek all the way out in Massachusetts. But, every time I ask him, he says he's never been there. But, I envisage that there's something keen about him depriving someone of their existence because, when he says that he'll always protect me, I can believe him.

Anna-Scott cedes my room and I stand in the middle of the alcove with my hands sunk down deep into the abyssal pockets and I swish my jaw back in fourth. My mind stays affixed on Casca who hasn't returned from his brunch with Ruth, a girl from up the street.

But, Casca is a bit queer and his alacrity is a bit hard to have an opinion about. He frequented my grandmother's funeral in all white and he was awfully ossified. He caterwauled but, that was only because someone abraded his white loafers. And when he left, he took her wedding ring and decided he would use it one day. He's atypical but, he's lavishly nice to me so, I don't mind him.

As the wind improves, the papers strewed all over my carpet and I quickly bow to obtain them. I bundle them up against my chest in a ball of papers and as they lie in my hands, I scurry to the window where I slam it shut making it sound a click throughout my room. I stuff the sphere into my night stand and a number of scraps cut down to the ground. I scurry to pick them up and toss them inside of the drawer and I batter it shut.

My door unfastens just as I turn and Casca conducts in a giant wooden box. Holes patch the sides and he smiles up at me and pulls off his slate jacket.

"Okay Buddy, I really hope you like her." He intends and digs his hands inside. He pulls out a black Dane and smiles up at me as he softly pets her. "Happy birthday." I smile and I walk to him to pet the dog and he thinks to push me away and tells me I shouldn't ruin my costume. He tells me that everyone's waiting for me downstairs and as he tells me, I look to the box.

"Casca, what's in that box?" He scoffs to me and shoos the question away.

"Look, bring the box." He urges. "We just need to get downstairs because everyone's waiting for you." I bustle to grab the box and I pull it underneath my arm and I follow him and that Dane with my chest and he looks back at me and winks.

We hammer down the stairs and as we make it down to the living room where I need to be, I drop the chest and he puts the box on the ground. The children scurry forward to see the puppy and he slaps a couple of hands and calls for my mother. She hurries to him with a cake in her hands and she smiles to me and kisses my forehead then she pulls her attention to Casca who is down at the dog's level.

Her eyes catch the Dane and she smiles and sets the cake down and kneels down beside Casca.

"Mah, don't let these filthy children touch her." He grumbles and she laughs and lifts the puppy and walks it to a small little pillow that she'll probably make time to watch all day.

"Don't you two think you should be downstairs before your father throws a fit?"

"Mah, you know they never let me down there. I always help you." I laugh. "What do you need help with?"

"Buddy, let's go." Casca groans and he lifts from being below and he grabs my arm jerking me over to the double wooden doors.

I'd never been past them until now. And at this moment, my stomach turns because I really shouldn't be in here and Casca's always setting me up just like this. I pull my arm away and I freeze.

"Relax Buddy. Dad wants you to hurry and we're both late." He squirms forward and pulls me over.

I follow him down the stairs and he stands in the door way and I walk in and the musky smell of the men smacks me in my face. My eyes widen a fraction of their actual size as I stand there and all eyes are on me. I burry my hands deeper into those pockets letting this uneasy awkward feeling settle as my stomach turns.

"Buddy, how are you today?" My father asks and I can feel my cheeks rushing with blood.

"I'm doing g-good." I tell him but does that justify what I'm doing down here?

"I see you have the box I got you." He starts and he tells me to bring it to him. I bring my lips to find this fake smile and then it goes away and he roughs up my hair and gently brings his hand to my cheek. "Buddy, did you know that when you turn sixteen, you can join our family?" He asks me and he swivels the box into his direction. He pulls it open and smiles at it and he turns it to me. The box is empty and I plunge a hand inside of it.

I ask him what he means by "family" and he tells me that I'll have to follow Maurice around for a while. I turn to him and he grows painfully uneasy and rubs the thick choppy rubble on his chin. He smirks to me and then the smile leaves and he pulls forward to support himself on his knees.

"This box is for anything that's special to you." He roughs up my hair again and smiles and shoos me away and I sit next to Casca who pats my back. My father pulls a paper from his pocket and unfolds it and starts calling out names. They bring up cash and he counts it and gives them a share.

Then we talk about a Felix guy who will go to Sicily to go meet Francisco and deliver my father's blessing but, why can't he just send Cosca and I? I like Sicily and Cosca loves the girls there.

And my mother calls for me to come sing happy birthday taking me out of my misery. I lift and my father tells her that we can postpone the singing. She gets a little upset and comes downstairs and stares around the room. She fixes my hair a tad bit and she grabs my arm and pulls me to stand back up.

"I have twenty of children that belong to these men and Buddy usually helps me." She whines. He looks to me and I look to her and then back to him.

"Buddy is a man now." He tells her. I scratch my head and she scoffs.

"This boy, a man?" She lifts my arm and drops it. "Buddy's going to help me and then he's going to take Anna-Scott and me to find dresses like we planned." He peers at her. I blow my brains out in my mind and I turn to her.

"Buddy, go help your mother." Casca chuckles beside me and throws out a red handkerchief and I snatch it from him only to have him slap the back of my head. My mother glares at him and she pulls me back up the stairs quickly. She places me in front of the cake and eventually, I'm able to blow out the candles and slice out a huge slice for myself. A hand graces mine and I turn to see Manny standing there.

She's the daughter of Mark, I believe, and she has this beauty mark just above her puckered lips. She asks me if she can try the icing and I tell her that she can and she brings a finger to my cake and slides it over long ways and slowly pulls the icing to her tongue. I scoff and I look to her feet. Her socks catch my eye.

They're orange... bright orange.

I smile back to her and she blushes. I tell her that she should get a piece because the cake taste pretty suave and she does and we cut twenty other pieces.

She sits across from me and smiles over at me occasionally and I continue to eat the cake. There are a couple of things about her that throw me off completely and I scarf down the piece of cake so that I no longer have to pick apart her pink dress and her brown hair and the way that she smiles at me. The way she smiles at me is a bit odd.

Her cheeks go so pink and I don't know whether I should ask her if I'm making her nervous or not. She's pretty and I like the way her eyes look in the sun. We use to play together all of the time but she started to hate the dirt and I started to write and ever since then, we only joke around about things.

We never talk too much. I just like watching her play around with my mom when they make pastries together because she gets messy and it reminds me of the way I use to know her.

A hand finds my shoulder and I flitch turning to see Anna-Scott in her coat. She smiles at me and the glances to Manny then her eyes find me again and she beckons me to stand.

"Papa said you have to drive to Cello's." she lifts me and pulls me from the table.



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